Yuletide Carols, Sung By The Fire…

• December 18, 2013 • Comments (5)

Most everyone has a favorite “yuletide carol” … whether it be a song that brings back a fond Christmas memory or a newer holiday hit that just makes you want to sing along (insert “All Alone On Christmas.”)

Since I was a child, my favorite Christmas song has always been “The Little Drummer Boy.”  A small child, so humble and poor, offering his gift of music to the newborn King.  Such a beautiful message for us all.

What is your favorite holiday song?
Anyone who shares will have a chance to win The Midtown Men’s “All Alone On Christmas” CD.

And just for fun, guess which Midtown Man’s favorite Christmas song is “Silent Night.”

I found this incredible version of Little Drummer boy on youtube.  Hope you enjoy!

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Comments (5)

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  1. Carol says:

    PS: along with 12 Days of Christmas, All Alone on Christmas is an all time favorite! Two totally different types of songs, both done incredibly well!

  2. Carol says:

    Wonderful video! My traditional favorite would be O Holy Night. The song that sticks most in my memory is White Christmas. My father was in WWII, stationed in a warm weather climate, and never liked the song. So I always associate it with his memory when I hear it, which makes it a fond song for me. Strange how things work. Current favorite Christmas song: 12 Days of Christmas from Straight No Chaser (another fantastic a cappella group). For some reason, I would associate Silent Night with Daniel also.

  3. Heidi Sisco says:

    O Holy Night – it fills me with the spirit of Christmas. I always tear up when we sing it.

    My guess on which MM loves Silent Night – Christian Hoff.

  4. jane says:

    well now..my guess is
    the Irish-German Catholic from
    Cleveland Ohio….Yep!
    Daniel Reichard

  5. Dee Hancock says:

    My all time favorite is Santa Clause is coming to town…I sang it to my children every Christmas eve when they were little…now they sing it to theirs!
    And Daniel for the Silent Night guess…

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