Win Tickets To See The Midtown Men In Shippensburg, PA

• September 12, 2012 • Comments (2)

Would you like to see The Midtown Men at the Luhrs Center in Shippensburg, PA this Friday night?  Tell us WHY, and  you’ll be eligible to win a pair of tickets from The Midtown CLUB!


(Could it be because you love great music?  Or because you can’t resist a man clad in Hugo BOSS?  Because you think they’re so darned handsome?  Or you just don’t have anything better to do?  Anything goes!)

The Midtown Men, L to R: J. Robert Spencer, Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard


Just remember to share your answer as a comment on the CLUB site as well as on Facebook!


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Comments (2)

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  1. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity – I attended with 2 sister-in-laws – my husband played golf yesterday and was too late off the course.
    The guys couldn’t have been any more awesome, on stage and then meeting them afterwards. Christian jumped right up and gave me a big hug – and they kept telling us “thank you.” Really, they were thanking us ??? No No No, we were thanking them – for the tickets but mainly for sharing their time and talents with us !
    The band was great, you could feel the Love they all had for each other on that stage. Loved the trumpet player – and he’s a Penna guy too !
    I will definitely be seeing them again in December in Bloomsburg. They have such amazing talents, I really can’t pick a favorite guy or a favorite song. Daniel was “on fire” last night, Bobby has such a magnetic personality, which I noticed way back when they started making the publicity rounds for Jersey Boys, Christian’s vocals (and dancing) were a true delight, and Michael really brought “IT” all together. They are the total package…and I again want to thank you

  2. Carol says:

    I’d LOVE to attend the show in Shippensburg because… 1) I love you guys. 2) my husband would love you guys. 3) I’m only an hour away. 4) it would be lots more fun than the HS football game. 5) I’ll bring a case of cold Lager from
    my hometown of Pottsville …and I Love You Guys

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