Win Tickets To See The Midtown Men at St. Peter’s PAC

• December 4, 2012 • Comments (7)

In case you haven’t heard, The Midtown Men will be in Jersey City this weekend rocking St. Peter’s Performing Arts Center!  Come on out and listen to some great 60’s music, with a few Christmas favorites thrown in to get us all in the Holiday Spirit.  The only thing better than listening to  “All Alone On Christmas” on your iPod or the radio?  Hearing the MEN sing it live and in person, of course! 

In the spirit of the season, and in keeping with the charitable efforts already put forth by St. Peter’s (portions of ticket sales donated to NJ Hurricane Sandy relief, and discount tickets offered on Groupon) and The Midtown Men (all proceeds from 2012 downloads of “All Alone On Christmas” will go to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief,) The Midtown Club is offering two pair of tickets to Saturday night’s show! 

Share one of your favorite things about the holiday season (favorite song, holiday memory, etc.) and you will be eligible to win 2 tickets to see The Midtown Men at St. Peter’s PAC this Saturday night, December 8th at 8:00.  Be sure to share here on the Club site (comment) and on the Facebook page.  Good luck!

(Winning tickets will be available at Will Call and a photo ID must be presented at time of pick up.)

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7 comments on “Win Tickets To See The Midtown Men at St. Peter’s PAC

  1. Catherine on said:

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories! The winners have been notified via e-mail. Enjoy the show, ladies!!

  2. Catherine on said:

    When we were kids, we had to wait at the top of the stairs for everyone to get up before we could go down to see what Santa brought. There were 9 of us, so the stairs got pretty crowded, and the younger ones got very impatient with the older ones – imagine sleeping in till 6 on Christmas morning. Only when everyone was on the stairs, and not a minute before, we were allowed to wake up our parents. Daddy would go down to the living room to make sure Santa wasn’t still there. Many years he had to go in and push him up the chimney. Then he’d give the “all clear” and move out of the way!!

  3. Dina Chirico on said:

    One of my best holiday memories is my mother would always awake us in the morning with smells from the kitchen. She would make blueberry and chocolate chip muffins every Christmas morning. I enjoyed this tradition so much that now that I’m married and have children, we have this as our tradition now. Blessings!!

  4. Audrey on said:

    Without a doubt, one of my favorite holiday memories has been going to many of Daniel’s inspiring Christmas shows in the city with other OBC member fans and friends. I recall covering his show in 2007 for the Jersey Boys Blog and as I was finishing up, after much editing of the article, something happened with my computer and I lost the document and had to start from scratch. I can’t say that was one of my happier memories, but determination prevailed and I was able to share the experience of a beautiful performance. I’d LOVE to see ALL of The Midtown Men this Christmas season!

  5. sharon wardlow on said:

    Spending the day with my amazing grandkiddos, seeing the excitement as they open their gifts….it doesn’t get better!!

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