The Midtown Men in Sioux City: “…bright, fresh and highly talented”

• May 20, 2012 • Comments (1)

“Midtown Men rock the country, too.”

“Fresh” is an adjective I’ve used to describe The Midtown Men’s sound many times.  It seems that Bruce Miller of the Sioux City Journal agrees.  Another glowing review for our Midtown Men! 

Article by Bruce Miller, Sioux City Journal

All those years on Broadway have paid off for The Midtown Men.

Michael Longoria leads the Midtown Men (Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer) at WinnaVega Saturday night

When storms caused the sound to go out at their WinneVegas concert Saturday night, the four carried on and “California Dreamin'” sounded better than ever. Their unique harmonies and “show must go on” mindset served them well until power was restored and they could continue their high-energy, all-moving, all-singing, all-retro performance.

Stars of the Broadway musical “Jersey Boys,” Michael Longoria, Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer were able to recreate the magic that has been packing theaters for more than a handful of years.

The show, though, wasn’t a ghost of “Jersey Boys.” It was the sequel fans have been looking for.

During the 90-minute-plus set, the four told about their lives on Broadway, detailed other shows they had been in and explained how this new incarnation emerged from noodling around backstage.

Eager to try their harmonies on other ’60s groups, they quickly found themselves singing Beatles, Mamas and Papas, Drifters and Motown songs. The result? A retro sound that spans much more than one band, one voice.

Saturday’s mix offered plenty of Four Seasons rivals. Hoff — who won a Tony for his work in “Jersey Boys” — led the Turtles’ “So Happy Together.” Reichard rocked the Beatles “Can’t Buy Me Love.” And Spencer gave new life to The Foundations’ “Build Me Up Buttercup.”

The surprise, though, was Longoria who sang Frankie Valli better than Frankie Valli. In song after song he was able to offer flourishes Valli never could. In the Broadway show, the four were held to a specific performance level. On their own, they’re able to kick it new style.

And that’s what makes Midtown Men more than just a cover band. This is a reimagining that should shine a new spotlight on old music.

The four danced throughout most of the songs, told cute stories and got their money’s worth from a seven-man band.

While it’s clear they got their start channeling The Four Seasons, it’s likely they’ll have a long life reviving others. They’re bright, fresh and highly talented.

Even better, they’ve got the kind of actor’s mentality that enables them to recreate themselves in song after song after song.

Saturday’s performance was ample proof.

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Comments (1)

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  1. Audrey says:

    Great review. He’s certainly describing what I’ve seen when sitting (or should I say dancing) in the audience many times!

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