THE MIDTOWN MEN in concert … “nostalgic, high-energy event”

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“Jersey Boys” turn into “Midtown Men”

By Josh Rhoten

“(The) Midtown Men” is the happy accident after “Jersey Boys.”

At least that is the simple way to explain things, Daniel Reichard says.

Reichard, along with Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria and J. Robert Spencer were the four stars of the original cast of “Jersey Boys.” That is the hit Broadway musical which followed the formation of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

The show was popular and with it the guys were asked to sing off stage at venues that included the White House and morning and late-night TV shows.

With that experience, and a growing bond of friendship, Reichard said the foursome decided to put together their own show with their own spin.

“We had all done other work by this point, but we decided to get back together and make our own show around other songs from the ’60s that we had been practicing and working with between shows and performances,” he said.

That turned into “The Midtown Men.” It’s a one-of-a-kind musical revue that finds the group singing hits from Motown, Beatles and other ’60s groups with a band and brass section backing it.

With the singers dressed in Rat Pack suits, along with the cufflinks and other details that made gentlemen of the era stand out, every performance is a nostalgic, high-energy event.

Reichard said a large part of that is due to the music they sing.

“These songs are like comfort food,” he said. “People know them and have great memories for them. There is honesty to the words and a beauty in the hooks that now three generations of people have connected with.”

Reichard said the group does take some liberties with the music, but it is still close to the originals.

“We make them our own to some degree,” he said. “But our style is also very distinct. I like to think we put an old-fashioned vaudeville show on for people with these sets.”

In addition to the songs, the group spends time on stage talking about their experiences on Broadway and the road. Reichard calls it a “dish session” about backstage life.

The “Midtown Men” have done about 200 shows together on top of the thousands of performances of “Jersey Boys.” That means they are familiar with each other. Almost too familiar.

“We get on each others’ nerves sometimes, but it’s like we are brothers,” Reichard said. “I would actually say this has made our friendships stronger.”

Their performance on Feb. 8 in Cheyenne will be the first-ever stop in Wyoming. Reichard said they are looking forward to it.

“We have played a lot of places over these years, so it’s kind of exciting to get into uncharted territory again,” he said.

Click here to visit the Cheyenne Civic Center website for ticket information.

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