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People often ask me, “How many times have you seen The Midtown Men?”  And I answer, quite honestly, “I have no idea.”  I am so impressed by the people who know their exact number of shows, especially when that number is something like 44!  I guess I could sit down with pen and paper and try to make a chronological list, and I could probably come up with something close to the number of shows I’ve seen.  Maybe one day I will.  But for now, I just think of each show as a fabulous memory.  The wonderful people I’ve met, the beautiful venues I’ve visited, the friends and family that I have introduced into my TMM world, and the amazing music that I never grow tired of.

Ask me what my first show was, and I’ll tell you a story about my trip to Atlanta to see the Men before they had even named themselves The Midtown Men, when they began what would turn into a decade of touring together.  They were playing the Cobb Energy Center and my best friend and her daughter, my two daughters and I drove up from Florida and made a weekend out of it – which I do quite often.  We went to a huge water park, which the girls loved, and we stayed in an Embassy Suites where we held an impromptu after-show cocktail party!  And I met, for the first time in person, Carolyn Miller and her “crew”, who have come to mean so much to me over the years.  And best of all, we got to spend some time with Christian, Bobby, Daniel and Michael after the show.

It was wonderful to finally meet Carolyn in Atlanta!


My favorite show, you ask?  That is a bit more challenging.  It could be the NJPAC show, when the show was recorded live for PBS.  I organized a large fan gathering before the show and met so many people I had only known through email.  The audience was wild, and it was an amazing experience all the way around.

So many wonderful fans came out for the NJPAC show!

But as great as that show was, it was actually a very close second to the unparalleled concert at the Beacon Theatre.  There was so much excitement leading up to the show, such a phenomenal line-up, the crowd was in a frenzy, and the Men were on fire.  Oh, what a night, indeed!


Fans were treated to an amazing experience at the Beacon Theatre, and afterwards at the Beacon Hotel bar!


I really could go on and on – each show has a fun story; a happy memory.  You see, for me it’s not about the numbers.  It’s about the cities, the theaters, the friends old and new, the music, and the Men that makes each experience special to me.

How about you?  How many times have you seen the Men?  What was your first show?  Your favorite show?  Your best experience?   We want to hear it!  Leave as a comment here, or email me at (along with pictures if you have them) and I will post it.

My next show, along with my dear friend Carolyn, is at The RP Funding Center in Lakeland, FL.  I’m sure there will be some stories to tell!  Where is your next show?

ADDITION, 1/20/19

Thank you Carol S. for sending in your TMM story!

Every time I’ve seen TMM, they always put on a fantastic show! They aren’t around my area all that often, but it’s worth it when they are! I’ve seen them twice at the New York State Fair (which is where I discovered them), at the Forum in Binghamton NY, with the RPO at the prestigious Eastman theater in Rochester NY, drove to Schenectady NY see them, at the Proctor’s theater I believe, and lastly at Del Lago Casino in Waterloo. They’ve caused me to do a fair bit of driving! One of my favorite things they did was at Del Lago, when they performed the Beatles In My Life. Wish they’d come around more often! Attached is a pictures from the NYS Fair.  Carol

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Comments (12)

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  1. Debby Baker says:

    Our adventures with The Midtown Men began in September 2012. We saw “Jersey Boys” at the Fox Theater in Atlanta that August and loved it so much that we went back a few days later.
    Soon afterward, my husband, Dan, saw an ad that The Midtown Men, the “original stars of ‘Jersey Boys,’” were going to be appearing in a neighboring town, so we decided to get tickets. To say we were blown away would be the world’s biggest understatement.
    The guys were signing autographs and meeting fans after the show, so my husband persuaded me to stay and say hello. I was very nervous and a bit starstruck, but the guys were so genuine and kind that they immediately put me at ease.
    That’s all it took. We checked their schedule and purchased tickets for upcoming shows in the South. We’ve been doing that since 2012. We’ve traveled to Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Indiana for concerts. We’ll be seeing our 21st, 22nd and 23rd shows in April – three shows in 10 days in two states.
    Bobby asked me once why we kept coming back and I told him it was simple. “We love you guys, and we consider you friends. It’s fun to keep up with your friends, isn’t it?”
    Oddly enough, I think our favorite concert was the one that didn’t happen. We drove to Clemson, S.C., through a snowstorm for a concert in December 2017. We got there just in time to get a message from Christian that the show had been cancelled because of the weather. Knowing that we had just driven four hours in the snow, he invited us to meet them at their hotel bar for drinks with the band. That was a night we’ll never forget.
    We’ve had many wonderful memories with the MM over the years; like the time we couldn’t get seats together. Dan was on the front row and I was four rows back. The guys came on stage and Daniel saw Dan. He leaned over during the song and asked, “Where’s Debby?” And last summer when I was very ill in the hospital, Daniel sent me an IM to tell me he was thinking of us and wished me a quick recovery.
    From attending Christian’s Tony fundraiser in New York to discussing home renovations with Bobby, our times with the MM have truly become time spent with friends. Very, very talented friends.

  2. Chanda J says:

    I have been to several concerts and I can honestly say that TMM are the best. I first saw them in Augusta, GA in 2014 when one of my daughters bought me and her tickets. We have seen them 4 more times since then. We are looking forward to seeing them again this April in Florence, SC and North Myrtle Beach, SC.

  3. Cynthia Bambace says:

    I honestly do not remember when the MTM were not a part of my life. They are family. When you attend a performance, it is like a joyful homecoming each and every time. From the moment they walk on stage, your spirits are lifted and you are transported to an era where music was revered and lyrics told a story while earning their place in history. The honesty of that era mirrors who the MTM are as individuals. They are as humble, kind, warm, and sincere as the first time I ever met them at the Jersey Boys’ Stage Door. Daniel, Christian, Bobby, and Michael are unique and each possess immeasurable talent. As an ensemble, they are incomparable. I feel so blessed to have witnessed their journey and to have done so with some of the most wonderful people I have ever known. May the future bring them an abundance of happiness and much more well-deserved success!

  4. Carolyn Miller says:

    First of all, I cannot believe it’s been 10 years…congratulations guys! My first recollection of reading about the men forming a group was …it’s too good to be true! The chemistry these 4 had on the Broadway stage was something you never wanted to come to an end. The cast and the fans of Jersey Boys had become a family. As the original cast started leaving, there truly was a feeling of loss. So when the guys decided to form a group and expand on the music of an era I will always cherish…it was like a dream come true. And so the adventure began…

    I had an email and text relationship with Catherine up until this point and we finally got to meet at my first Midtown Men concert in Atlanta. We had quite a group, including my precious Mom…who went on to follow them any chance she could, up until God brought her home in 2015. The guys treated her like a queen and brought her such joy in her last years. She was even up for a car packed full of us taking a road trip from Atlanta to Alabama…she would go anywhere just to see them. She even went all the way down to Key West. As for my favorite show…I don’t think I have one. Although BB Kings in NY was pretty epic.

    I am so very thankful for the guys and all the great friends I have made through this wonderful adventure. Cannot wait till this Thursday in Lakeland.

    Best of Luck for another 10 years!

  5. Heather says:

    My first TMM show was in 2013, after being invited by a friend. I loved the show so much, I turned around a few weeks later and took my husband, friend, and in-laws to share in the fun. Since then, I have lost count of how many shows, showcases, special events, solo concerts, and after-hangs I have been to, but they all hold special memories. My love of Broadway explains my initial connection with TMM, their music, personalities, and theatricality sustains it, but what is really special about these guys is their ability to 1) create moments and memories within their shows, even beyond the incredible music and 2) connect with their audience and invite us to share in their experiences both on and off stage. I have loved so many things about following TMM, but the absolute best has been all the relationships that have grown out of the simple decision to see a show with a friend 6 years ago. My life is definitely richer for all the friendships that I have made, and I’m really thankful to be part of the TMM family! Christian, Daniel, Michael, and Bobby, congrats on 10 years and here’s to many more. I’m definitely here for it! 🙂

  6. Alyssa Goldman says:

    I first saw them in Louisville a couple years ago and LOVED the show! We sat from row center! My mom and I got to meet them afterwards and they noticed us from the stage. They were all so nice. It was such a great experience that when I heard they were coming back I had to see them again. I am seeing them again next month and I cannot wait. For me, being in my 20’s, and my mom who is in her 60’s, we both LOVE the music! It’s so great that so many people around the country are enjoying it. I will continue to see them every time they come back.

  7. Pamela Singer says:

    How to describe my feelings about the Midtown Men?? Words can hardly do them justice.Four uber talented guys, great 60s music, a great band; yes, but the Midtown Men are so much more than that. Michael, Bobby, Christian and Daniel are magical together, which is why seeing a Midtown Men concert is so spectacular. I love that the guys have unique personalities that come to light on stage. I love their obvious comraderie and natural rappor. I love their distinct voices individually and together. What do I love most of all about the Midtown Men? I love that these four special men are still the sweethearts I met 13 years ago at the start of Jersey Boys. I could not be more proud of, or happy for, their well deserved success. Bravo, guys. I love you all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Sharon S says:

    I have had the pleasure of seeing The Midtown Men perform many times. They have made me laugh and cry, sing and dance! I’ve been blessed to personally meet them and they always take time to make their fans feel loved. When my best friend Carolyn’s Mom, Mary, passed away, each of the Men reached out to Carolyn offering their condolences, as they had grown to love Mary – who was an avid fan. The next concert we attended without sweet Mary – the guys dedicated a song to her. That’s the loving, caring personalities of Christian, Bobby, Daniel and Michael. So much talent – so much love.

  9. SMeridith says:

    We have seen TMM 15 times and our 16th will be in Sarasota next weekend! They even graced our Wedding with a two hour performance and have agreed to do our 5th anniversary too!

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