The CLUB is Searching For…

• April 16, 2012 • Comments (0)

… a few good ANSWERS:


Have you seen the latest contest  (60s Music Trivia Quiz, with a few Midtown Men trivia questions thrown in for fun?) The first person to answer all the questions correctly will win a Midtown Men TOTE BAG!  The next three people with correct answers will win a CLUB keychain or sticker! 

Just e-mail your answers to me here at

… and a few good MEMBERS:


We’re looking for Street Crew members for upcoming shows.  Visit the STREET CREW page to see what it’s all about.  Then take a look at the calendar and let me know if you can help out at a show near you.   

STREET CREW member Taylor in Fayetville


As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged!  Let’s keep spreading the love!

Thank you for your continued support of The Midtown MEN and The CLUB!

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