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• February 11, 2018 • Comments (6)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, The Midtown Club is offering an autographed TMM baseball shirt to one (or more) lucky poets.  Simply comment below with your version of this standard love poem, and you could be a winner!

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

The Men may be visiting

a city near you!


(Our version is an obvious hint to check out the updated concert calendar for a show near you)


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Win Tickets to See The Midtown Men in Atlanta

• May 1, 2015 • Comments (1)

The Midtown Club is giving away two tickets to see The Midtown Men this weekend in Atlanta!


Share your favorite song from The Midtown Men’s playlist and your name will be entered into the contest.  (And if you want to share, but aren’t in the Atlanta area, that’s fun too.  Just mention that you aren’t able to attend the show.)  The winner will be announced Saturday afternoon.

Showtime is 7:00 pm Sunday, May 3rd.

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Win A Pair Of Tickets To See The Midtown Men

• February 10, 2015 • Comments (6)

Attention Jacksonville, Florida area Midtown Men fans – here’s your chance to win a pair of tickets to see The Midtown Men in concert at the gorgeous Florida Theatre! Simply comment here on the Club site as to WHY you want to see the show, and your name will be entered into a drawing for a pair of tickets for the February 25 concert.

Don’t despair if you do not win this time – there will be other opportunities to win either a pair of tickets or a very cool Midtown Men t-shirt! Stay tuned.


click here for ticket information

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Christmas Memories

• December 27, 2013 • Comments (6)

The Midtown Men share some fond Christmas memories

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and the joy that the Christmas season brings. And through all of the hustle and bustle, parties and merriment, I hope you will take the time to share fond memories, and make great memories for the future.

The Midtown Men have been gracious enough to share some fond Christmas memories of their own with their fans, and since everyone seems to love a good contest with the Men, we’ll make this another one. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which is which and whose is whose…have fun, and feel free to share some memories of your own!

“Watching holiday home movies back in the day and how it was the perfect opportunity to make fun of your family, including yourself. For instance watching my gullible face immersed in conversation with Santa Claus, (my grandpa) eyes wide open, jaw dropped and dumbstruck. Parents can be so darn mean!”

“My fond memory is living in Minnetonka Minnesota and coming downstairs around 5 am on Christmas morning. No one was awake and I began to sneak down the stairs before anyone in my family was awake to see what Santa had brought. As I tiptoed down the stairs I STOPPED! A shadow was cast on the wall from the fire in the fireplace, and I could hear someone moving around in the living room. It must be Santa! I did not look, I panicked and quickly ran back up the stairs back into my bedroom and sprang back under my covers and played like I was asleep. I prayed that Santa wouldn’t hear me. A little while later we were all awake, dressed, and celebrating Christmas morning. And all these years later, I am still certain, that the shadow on the wall was St. Nick.”

“My most treasured Christmas memories involve waiting at the top of the stairs with my brothers and sisters until my parents gave us permission to come downstairs and it would be a very noisy yearly processional to the tree!”

“Grandma making Tamales…it’s been a tradition for years.”

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Favorite Christmas Songs

• December 20, 2013 • Comments (8)

The Midtown Club asked you to share your favorite Christmas songs, and we received several great responses. Thanks for sharing!

We also asked you to guess which Midtown Man’s favorite Christmas song was ‘Silent Night.’ Most everyone guessed Daniel Reichard…interesting, but incorrect. The correct answer is…J. Robert Spencer.

See how you can do with the rest of the Men’s favorites:

‘You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch’
‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’
Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’

There’s a prize in it for anyone who gets this right!

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