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NEXT STOP: Tour the South with The Midtown Men

• April 7, 2019 • Comments (0)

JOIN THE MIDTOWN MEN as they visit four southern cities in five days!  The journey begins at the FMU Performing Arts Center in Florence, South Carolina.


Although perhaps best known for being the intersection of I-95 and I-20, Florence has a thriving economy and a little something for everyone.  You might want to start your day browsing the many antique stores and markets, followed by strawberry picking at Cottle Strawberry Farm or a picnic in Timrod Park – an 18 acre park complete with tennis courts, walking trails, playgrounds and more.


After an adventurous day like this, you might be looking for a cold beverage.  Why not drop in to Seminar Brewing, Florence’s first commercial Craft Brewery!  According to their website, they “have a passion for brewing exceptional beer and (are) proud to present it to you!”


And now, you are ready to dance and sing the night away with THE MIDTOWN MEN!  But better get to sleep early, because you have another big day tomorrow….as you head to Louisburg, NC.

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NEXT STOP: Clinton Township, MI

• January 26, 2013 • Comments (0)

After a hugely successful show in Easton, PA last night, The Midtown Men have moved on to Clinton Township, MI, the next stop on their “Full House” Tour.  (I just made that name up, but it certainly fits, doesn’t it?)



The Men will play two shows at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts – 8:00 tonight (Saturday, January 26) and 3:00 tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, January 27.)  [click here for ticket information]



Although it’s below freezing in Michigan today, we know the Men will heat up the Macomb this weekend!  And the Michigan weather aside, Midtown Man Daniel Reichard says he is “excited to be back in his college state!  Go Blue!”

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• October 13, 2012 • Comments (4)

The Midtown Men have been so busy this week, traveling from one beautiful venue to another, soaking up the local culture and spreading joy to fans, old and new.  But I truly believe that no town, in fact, no one person, has been anxiously awaiting THIS day more than the town of Utica, NY and fantastic fan extraordinaire Rosemary Caruso! 

Rosemary and "her boys" at the 2011 NY State Fair

Rosemary has been following Michael, Christian, Daniel and Bobby since the days of Jersey Boys, when she would make the trip from Utica to Manhattan to be thrilled by their amazing talents time and again.  And she’s not the only one!  She has a friend who actually arranged bus trips from Utica and Syracuse to see Jersey Boys.  And tonight’s show at the Stanley Theatre is not much different.  After years of traveling to The Big Apple and to the NY State Fair to see her beloved MEN, Rosemary and her friends finally have the opportunity to “host” them right in their own back yard.  And they have been hard at work for months spreading the word, helping to boost ticket sales, and make THIS STOP a memorable one for The Midtown Men.  Now that’s dedication!

It was pretty much a no-brainer where I should turn for information on Utica!  Rosemary was more than happy to share some of her favorite spots with The Midtown Men and their fans.  Here they are, in no particular order:

**  the Stanley Theaterhas a beautiful chandelier built right in Utica.  It is all stained glass, made by Meyda Tiffany.  It is said to be the biggest in the world.  So, if you can take your eyes off the stage long enough, don’t forget to look up!

**  Pumpernickel’s NY Deli was voted #1 lunch spot for three years running;

**  The Saranac Brewery is over 120 years old;

**  The Boilermaker Road Race;

**  Munson Williams Proctor Institute ;

**    The Turning Stone Casino;

**    Last but certainly not least, Café Canole Bistro and Pastry Shop – the home of the best Italian pastries!

Thank you so much Rosemary, not only for your insight into Utica, but for your unwavering, unbelievable devotion to OUR Midtown Men!

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NEXT STOP: Columbus, GA

• September 7, 2012 • Comments (0)

The Midtown Men will be in Columbus, Ga this weekend to help the River Center for the Performing Arts celebrate it’s 10th Anniversary! 


And the River Center certainly does know how to celebrate!  After what is sure to be a thrilling experience with The Midtown Men, the crowd will have the opportunity to prolong the experience with complimentary pink champagne, punch, and pink-and-yellow frosted petit fours in the lobby!

Guests are invited to commemorate this historic event by taking a picture in front of the huge birthday cake in the lobby!  And I invite fans to share their Midtown Men pics with others here on the fan site.  Just email them to tmmclub@comcast.net and I will post them in the “fan gallery.”

Some tickets are still available for Saturday night’s show and birthday bash.  Click here for more information.

Hmm…my 20th Anniversay is coming up…and my birthday for that matter…wonder if I can get The Midtown Men to help ME celebrate?!?

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Live Life to the Fullest With The Midtown Men

• July 20, 2012 • Comments (0)

One of the things that has always impressed me about The Midtown Men, besides their obvious talent, is the way they take full advantage of the opportunities presented them.  Whether it’s visiting the Surf Ballroom while  in Iowa, or having a “play day” at the go-kart tracks in Franklin, NC, the Men live life to the fullest.

And why not?  After all, life is to be lived!  So the next time you’re looking over the concert calendar, look past the venue and city name and consider how you, too, could take full advantage of the opportunities presented you.  The Men will be in some very exciting cities this year:  Houston, Texas,  Atlanta, Georgia, and Los Angeles, California to name just a few.  But you may be pleasantly surprised if you take a closer look at some of the lesser known cities.  

Did you know that the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota, Florida is just 15 minutes away from Siesta Key, dubbed the nations #1 beach by “Dr. Beach”?  And only one hour from Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, and two hours from Disney World! 

At a glance, Fort Collins,Colorado may not sound very exciting, but it’s actually only an hour outside of Denver!  Denver, Colorado in April – what a wonderful vacation opportunity that would make.

The Midtown Men’s next stop is Selbyville, Delaware, where they will share their fabulous 60s sound with a sold-out crowd at The Freeman Stage at Bayside.  Sounds like great fun – an outdoor summer concert on a Wednesday evening.  But how about extending that stay into the weekend?  There are so many fabulous places to visit within a two hour drive.

I will list a few of those “things to do” in the first installation of a new Midtown Club series titled “Next Stop”… stay tuned!

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