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Beacon Round-Up – Midtown Men Fans Are The Best!

• July 3, 2015 • Comments (1)

It goes without saying that the “night at the Beacon” (as many will fondly remember it) was a truly magical night – The Men so at home in New York City, the amazing special guests, the adoring audience…and for me, the very special added bonus of seeing so many cherished friends, some I have known for years, dating back to the early JB days, some coming to me through this website and TMM shows, and even a few newly made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime!

The Midtown Men are truly blessed with so many amazing fans all over the country. What a blast when a whole bunch of these fans converge! I feel so fortunate for the times I am able to join them – most recently for two once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (or would that be twice-in-a-lifetime? Anyway, you know what I mean) such as the NJPAC show filmed for PBS and the NYC homecoming show at the Beacon. Midtown Men fans are the absolute best! How wonderful to have a community of people who not only share our stories with each other, but who share a passion that few understand – a passion and love for these ridiculously talented, incredibly sweet, truly amazing men.

Thank you friends and fans for helping to feed the fire, stoke the flames, and spread the word of the Midtown Men experience. And thank you Christian, Michael, Daniel and Bobby for continuing to bring us all together!

Great time with friends after the show: fm L, Tricia, Courtney, Lulu, Audrey, Catherine and Doreen

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The Midtown Men Love Their STREET CREW

• October 23, 2014 • Comments (2)

The Midtown Club Street Crew is made up of people who love The Midtown Men and want to help spread the word of shows in their areas.  They get pleasure from knowing that they are helping, in their own small way, to introduce these four fabulous guys to new fans and to expand the circle of love.  And the love they receive from Michael, Christian, Daniel and Bobby after the show is just an added bonus!

Robyn and her mom with the Men in Gettysburg


Doreen enjoys some repeat love in Morristown

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The Midtown Men In Morristown Tonight

• October 18, 2014 • Comments (0)

It is sure to be a raucous crowd at the Mayo Performing Arts Center tonight, with many long-time, die-hard fans in attendance!


Huge thanks to Audrey Rockman and Doreen Capasso for their repeat Street Crew duty!


Audrey catches shoppers coming and going

A great gift idea!

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The Midtown Club Street Crew Rocks!

• December 11, 2013 • Comments (1)

The Midtown Club Street Crew was out in full force for last week’s New Brunswick and Greenvale shows.  Thank you Audrey and Fran for your awesome work!


Audrey and friends Linda and Dina share some love with the Men after the show in New Brunswick

Fran and her dad chat with the guys after the Greenvale show

If The Midtown Men are coming to your area and you would like to join the Street Crew, send me an email and let me know – tmmclub@comcast.net.

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Oh What A Weekend In Jacksonville

• October 24, 2013 • Comments (4)

Kudos to the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra for choosing The Midtown Men to open their 2013-2014 Pops Series this past weekend at the beautiful Jacoby Symphony Hall.  The Men were greeted with enthusiasm from a packed house both Friday and Saturday nights, and they did not disappoint!  From the opening notes of “Let’s Hang On” to the closing of  “Bye Bye Baby,” Michael, Christian, Daniel and Bobby entertained with their wit,  cool dance moves, infectious charm and most definitely their beautiful harmonies.  Combine this with the  smooth sound of Michael Krajewski’s orchestra, and sixties music never sounded so good!

Fans of all ages, from young…

Meg, Carley, Sam and Jenna loved the view from the front row!


to young at heart;

My mom LOVES the Men and was thrilled to see them for her fourth time, and this time they came to her!

from new fans…

Dana M. thought The Midtown Men was a great way to introduce her daughter Katie to the arts.

to Midtown Men die hards;

Debby and Dan made the trip from LaGrange, GA to see the Men for the fourth time this year!


people came from near

Sam and Jenna would have traveled much farther than the 5 miles they drove to see this show again!


and far

Elizabeth and her mom Judy came up from Melbourne (no Bobby, not Australia) to see The Men for the first time.

to see their beloved Midtown Men!

Caroline drove up from Orlando and was thrilled to be front and center for this amazing show.

If you have pictures from the Jacksonville shows that you would like to share, please email them to tmmclub@comcast.net.

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More Fan Pics from 2012

• January 9, 2013 • Comments (1)

I have received a few more 2012 Fan Pictures to share … keep them coming!

Thank you to Sandra P. for her great pictures from the Houston Symphony and Bass Hall:

TMM on stage with the Houston Symphony

TMM and Sandra at the Houston Symphony

TMM on stage at Bass Hall

The Midtown Men took time to chat and take a picture with Sandra and four students from the “B Sharp” program in Fort Worth.  Sandra explained that ‘B Sharp’ is a charitable organization that provides students from schools-in-need with musical instruments and pays the salaries of the teachers who train them. She said “The kids were so impressed with the Men, one little boy said afterwards, ‘This is the best day of my life…’  How awesome to have that kind of impact!”  How awesome indeed!

Midtown Men at Bass Hall with B Sharp students

Thank you to Caroline R. for her great pic of herself with The Men:

Caroline and The Men

And thank you once again to Barbara G. for her fun picture of Bobby Spencer signing her STREET CREW picture in Naples last month:

The Midtown Men Love Their STREET CREW

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• October 13, 2012 • Comments (4)

The Midtown Men have been so busy this week, traveling from one beautiful venue to another, soaking up the local culture and spreading joy to fans, old and new.  But I truly believe that no town, in fact, no one person, has been anxiously awaiting THIS day more than the town of Utica, NY and fantastic fan extraordinaire Rosemary Caruso! 

Rosemary and "her boys" at the 2011 NY State Fair

Rosemary has been following Michael, Christian, Daniel and Bobby since the days of Jersey Boys, when she would make the trip from Utica to Manhattan to be thrilled by their amazing talents time and again.  And she’s not the only one!  She has a friend who actually arranged bus trips from Utica and Syracuse to see Jersey Boys.  And tonight’s show at the Stanley Theatre is not much different.  After years of traveling to The Big Apple and to the NY State Fair to see her beloved MEN, Rosemary and her friends finally have the opportunity to “host” them right in their own back yard.  And they have been hard at work for months spreading the word, helping to boost ticket sales, and make THIS STOP a memorable one for The Midtown Men.  Now that’s dedication!

It was pretty much a no-brainer where I should turn for information on Utica!  Rosemary was more than happy to share some of her favorite spots with The Midtown Men and their fans.  Here they are, in no particular order:

**  the Stanley Theaterhas a beautiful chandelier built right in Utica.  It is all stained glass, made by Meyda Tiffany.  It is said to be the biggest in the world.  So, if you can take your eyes off the stage long enough, don’t forget to look up!

**  Pumpernickel’s NY Deli was voted #1 lunch spot for three years running;

**  The Saranac Brewery is over 120 years old;

**  The Boilermaker Road Race;

**  Munson Williams Proctor Institute ;

**    The Turning Stone Casino;

**    Last but certainly not least, Café Canole Bistro and Pastry Shop – the home of the best Italian pastries!

Thank you so much Rosemary, not only for your insight into Utica, but for your unwavering, unbelievable devotion to OUR Midtown Men!

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OH WHAT A WEEKEND for The Midtown Men

• August 21, 2012 • Comments (0)

The Midtown Men officially kicked off their 2012-2013 concert tour at the Paramount Theatre in legendary Asbury Park, NJ on Saturday night, August 18. And from the reaction of first-timer Matt Philbin, who won tickets from The Midtown Club, the show was a huge success: “The Paramount Theatre was packed and people were dancing in the aisles. If there’s a concert coming to your town, don’t miss out!”

Greetings from Asbury Park

Saturday night’s show was the climax of a few very exciting days for The Men, beginning on Thursday morning with a hugely successful appearance on Good Morning America.  Their Facebook page was ablaze with comments from across the country by people who were blown away by their performance. It was such fun to read the reactions of “new” fans experiencing The Men (and their entire band) for the first time.

(The Midtown Men performing California Dreamin’ -which was not their featured song- on GMA)

But the fun didn’t stop there. On Friday morning, Christian, Daniel, Michael and Bobby visited the set of Good Day New York (view clip below), where, although the medley they performed was the same as GMA, the vibe was quite different. As expected, The Men were clad – very sharply – in amazing HUGO BOSS suits, which did not go unnoticed by the anchors!  And without the distraction of a live audience, you were able to focus more on these four handsome men and their amazing harmonies. Another home-run performance.

How could it possibly get any better than two stellar performances? I don’t know how they do it, but their third appearance in two days was, to me, the best of all. On Friday afternoon, NY Live welcomed The Midtown Men into the studio for a terrific interview. It was fun to hear all four men chatting comfortably with the three hosts, and Bobby Spencer was his crazy, funny self and kept the ladies highly entertained. Add to this yet another fabulous suit and an amazing a capella rendition of “Dawn”, and you have an unforgettable Midtown Men experience.

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One Fan’s Thoughts On The Year Past And The Year Ahead

• January 11, 2012 • Comments (0)

Norene Howard submitted this comment on the December 31st “Happy New Year” post. It struck such a familiar chord with me, as I believe it will with many fans, that I wanted to be sure it was enjoyed by all. Thank you, Norene, for your kind words and continued support of The Midtown CLUB and for your and John’s unwaivering dedication to The Midtown Men.



I want to express a special thank you to you for all the time and effort you devote to making The Midtown Club site available for all of us to enjoy. It is undoubtedly a laborious task – a labor of love. Your work is very much appreciated.

Thanks to Christian for sharing his thoughts, memories and photos of the past year. We, just a mere two of thousands of fans, look forward to another fruitful season.

John and I have been very fortunate to have seen The Midtown Men 8 times this year. Thank goodness we are no longer fans of flying for it would be very difficult not to attend so many more. I must confess, however, that scheduling to see them has become a “job”…. a good job, that is. With all the shows we planned on attending, I found it best to set up a file to keep track of where and when we were going, seat assignments, driving directions, area parking and hotel accommodations. As soon as their concerts were posted I was either on-line or on the phone to get our orchestra seats; several times we became members of the theater as to be one of the first patrons to reserve our tickets. That being said it was all worth it.

I know we all agree that TMM have chosen a fantastic selection of 1960’s songs to perform. The songs are all enhanced by their arrangement, their harmony and choreography. The icing on the cake is that Michael, Christian, Daniel, and J. Robert CAN and DO let their personalities show through. On several occasions we have witnessed how they are all so quick witted to respond to what is occurring with their audience; they are truly funny.
We are so thankful to TMM for sharing their amazing talents and their generous spirit with all of us. From the multitude of postings to their Facebook page one can see how they are drawing in so many new fans with each concert. I hope they enjoy seeing all of our familiar faces in the audience and know that we are all there to support them and that they make us feel part of their “family”.

Norene and John Howard
Followers of the Arts… Fine Art

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Let’s Get The Midtown Men On The Radio!

• September 27, 2011 • Comments (7)

In The Midtown Club’s first Fan Q&A, Carolyn asked a great question:    “Now that the CD is available, is  there a chance we will be able to hear any of the songs on the radio?”

The Men responded with:  “Having a song from one of our albums on the radio will be amazing…Is there a particular track from The Midtown Men: Sixties Hits you’re all diggin’?  Tell us and absolutely tell your favorite station, deejay and music editor.”

Let’s do it – let’s get The Men on the air!  Tell us which song YOU think we should campaign for, and why.  If anyone knows the ins and outs of getting a song played on the air, let’s hear from you as well.  If we all work together, we can get this done! 

**click on “Comments” under the title of this post to add your comment.  If you’d like to reply to someone else’s comment, click “Reply” in their comment ‘box’.  It’s easy and fun…I’ve already gotten it started

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