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Midtown Men Captivate in Alabama

• April 16, 2016 • Comments (1)

A concert review by TMM Superfan, Debby Baker

On April 9, The Midtown Men found a sweet home in Alabama for their first visit to Anniston.

Dan and Debby Baker with their favorite MEN in Tallahassee earlier this year.

From the first note of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” to the last note of “Bye Bye Baby,” the Men had the crowd in the palm of their hands.The minute MM hit the stage, the energy level went off the charts and stayed there. Michael jumped up and down with excitement, Christian grinned and waved at the crowd, Daniel made eye contact with fans and Bobby smoothly welcomed the audience. It was our 13th concert and it was like we were back with dear friends who just happen to be amazing artists.

The group kicked off the show with a medley of two songs from Jersey Boys – “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Sherry” – complete with choreography. It was a great way of reminding the audience of the MM’s Jersey Boys pedigree.The medley was followed by familiar performances of “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “Happy Together” and “Ain’t That Peculiar.” No matter how many times we hear them perform, the guys make each song sound special and fresh.

Between numbers, the group members introduced themselves and bantered with each other, just like brothers. Their camaraderie and obvious affection for each other add layers of fun to every performance. You never know what they will say or do.  One night, Bobby re-tied Daniel’s shoelaces – while Daniel was singing! I’m sure it took a herculean effort on Daniel’s part not to lose it.

It never ceases to amaze me how Daniel can perform “Cry for Me” night after night and still make it heart-wrenching and thrilling. When he drops down to that knee, you can actually hear people gasp.We were thrilled with new arrangements – especially “Daydream” by Christian. In fact, there were several musical tweaks that brought freshness to familiar songs. It was also nice to have the MM band spotlighted in many numbers. It’s a joy to watch those magnificent musicians during the show – they are obviously having fun.

Other recent additions include “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by Michael, “Galveston” by Bobby and “Got to Get You Into My Life” by Christian.

Later in the show, Michael absolutely slayed his rendition of the Righteous Brothers classic, “Unchained Melody,” leaving the crowd screaming at the end. I must admit this song isn’t a favorite of mine, perhaps because I heard it so much after it was featured in the movie Ghost, but Michael brought it to life in spell-binding fashion. He made me love that song again.In fact, Michael was delightful throughout the show, giving an extra spark to everything – interpreting his numbers beautifully, adding zest to the choreography and engaging the crowd.

In a break from tradition, there was no intermission. The guys took a break while the band performed its entertaining medley of 1960s TV show themes, and then returned for the second half of the show, beginning with the always-fun MM classic, “Get Ready.”That was followed by crowd favorites such as “Time of the Season,” “Vehicle” and “Groovin.”

Two relatively new songs, “For What It’s Worth” and “In My Life,” packed a real punch. Christian’s performance of “For What It’s Worth” brought back memories of the turbulent 1960s and sadly reinforced the fact that we face the same challenges today.  Bobby’s rendition of “In My Life” by the Beatles struck a deep chord as it expanded the listener’s understanding of how love of every kind enriches our lives. I get teary-eyed every time I hear this song now, thanks to Bobby.

Knowing just the right time to switch gears, the guys launched into a crowd favorite and one of the highlights of the show, “The Motown Medley.” Their choreography is always stellar, but it totally rocked in this compilation of “Ain’t Too Proud,” “I Want You Back,” “I Second That Emotion,” “My Girl,” “Just My Imagination” and “You’re All I Need to Get By.”  The minute the guys began those incredible dance moves, the crowd went crazy.

It was almost the end of the show, and still the MM were giving it their all – true trademarks of consummate entertainers.  The show came to a close with the audience on its feet and singing along to “Oh, What a Night,” clear evidence the MM had scored another triumph.

The Midtown Men genuinely love and appreciate every single one of their supporters, and they never fail to make sure they know it.  These guys quickly become more than favorite singers – they become friends.  As we were saying goodbye to Bobby, we told him we’d see them again in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in May – a six-hour drive one way for us. With a look of surprise on his face, he exclaimed, “Why?!?”“Because we love you guys,” we said, to which he replied, “But still – why!?”  That speaks volumes to the humbleness of these amazing performers. They do it for the love of the music and the opportunity to perform it together. The fact that they have fans who love and appreciate them is almost an extra perk for them.

We can’t say it enough – if The Midtown Men are appearing anywhere in your vicinity, don’t miss them. You can thank me later.

Debby And Dan Baker, LaGrange, Georgia

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Share and Win – It’s as Easy as That!

• December 3, 2015 • Comments (14)

The Holiday Season is upon us, and how better to kick off your holiday music listening than with The Midtown Men?!?

Simply tell us what your favorite holiday song is, and why, and you could win a Midtown Men “All Alone On Christmas” CD!  Included in the CD packaging is your very own Midtown Men ornament!

Click on “Comments” (under the title of this post) and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Be sure to leave your correct email address so we can get in touch with you – it will not be visible to others. We will draw random winners every few days between now and the end of the year.

Thanks for SHARING!

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Beacon Round-Up – Midtown Men Fans Are The Best!

• July 3, 2015 • Comments (1)

It goes without saying that the “night at the Beacon” (as many will fondly remember it) was a truly magical night – The Men so at home in New York City, the amazing special guests, the adoring audience…and for me, the very special added bonus of seeing so many cherished friends, some I have known for years, dating back to the early JB days, some coming to me through this website and TMM shows, and even a few newly made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime!

The Midtown Men are truly blessed with so many amazing fans all over the country. What a blast when a whole bunch of these fans converge! I feel so fortunate for the times I am able to join them – most recently for two once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (or would that be twice-in-a-lifetime? Anyway, you know what I mean) such as the NJPAC show filmed for PBS and the NYC homecoming show at the Beacon. Midtown Men fans are the absolute best! How wonderful to have a community of people who not only share our stories with each other, but who share a passion that few understand – a passion and love for these ridiculously talented, incredibly sweet, truly amazing men.

Thank you friends and fans for helping to feed the fire, stoke the flames, and spread the word of the Midtown Men experience. And thank you Christian, Michael, Daniel and Bobby for continuing to bring us all together!

Great time with friends after the show: fm L, Tricia, Courtney, Lulu, Audrey, Catherine and Doreen

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Comment For A Chance to Win A TMM Shirt

• February 9, 2015 • Comments (14)

Midtown Men fan Steve S. won this cool Midtown Men baseball tee through a contest here on the Club site. He recently attended a TMM show and took the shirt with him to have it autographed – doesn’t it look great?!

Steve posted this picture on his Facebook page and it sparked a lot of interest among his friends, many wanting to know where they might buy one for themselves. Unfortuntaly, they not for sale, but I would love to give a couple away! Just leave a comment here on this post and you could possibly win one of your very own – autograph not included. The winner will be announced on Thursday, February 12th.

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Fans and Friends Treated to an Amazing Experience with The Midtown Men

• January 13, 2015 • Comments (3)

The Midtown Men invited fans to join them in Midtown Manhattan last night for “an intimate concert/cocktail party celebrating the launch of our new ‘Live In Concert’ album and National Public Television Special.”  Midtown Club Fan Correspondent Heather Powell was thrilled to share the experience with those of us who were unable to attend.

Live In Concert/Launch Party

Sunday, January 11, 2015. Stage 48, NYC


We were invited to “Join the party in New York City” and what a party it was! Part concert, part cocktail party, filled with stars, (Stevie VanZandt, Tommy James, Kate Taylor, La La Brooks and cabaret legend Marilyn Maye), long-time fans, and personal friends of the Men. The venue was intimate, very unlike the larger concert halls and theaters where I had previously seen the Men perform. The energy was palpable from the moment I entered, people buzzing around greeting old friends and meeting new ones. Everyone had a heightened sense of excitement for the evening. But the energy of the pre-show, while crackling with anticipation, could not compare with the explosion that occurred when The Midtown Men ran out onto the stage and told us all to “Get Ready.”

The Midtown Men with special guest and friends, Stevie Van Zandt and Tommy James



You know, I think it’s fair to say that this is a group with consummate professionalism; every show they do is their “A-game.” They have performed at state fairs, small theaters, and the Kennedy Center, and they always treat their audience with the utmost respect. That said, they completely rocked the entire night. They were clearly in their element in Midtown Manhattan, surrounded by friends and friendly faces alike. I really enjoyed seeing them relax a bit and show their fun personalities even more than usual.




During two 30 min sets, they sang a good sampling of the favorites, such as “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Sherry,” “Ain’t That Peculiar,” and “Happy Together.” They also introduced us for the first time to TMM versions of “In My Life” by the Beatles, with a heartfelt introduction and vocals by Bobby, “Good Lovin’” (The Rascals), with Daniel in the lead and some rockin’ new choreography, and “For What It’s Worth” (Buffalo Springfield), with soulful vocals by Christian Hoff. Daniel brought the whole house down with “Cry for Me” without even splitting his pants (as pointed out by Christian afterwards).




My personal favorites from the night were, in no particular order:

1) Michael Longoria’s just completely ridiculous vocals in “Something’s Got a Hold on Me.” I think Etta James would be proud. And maybe a little jealous.

2) The genius arrangement and blending of the guys’ 4 unique vocals/styles in “My Eyes Adored You.”

3) Christian Hoff’s dancing. The man is just smooth.

4) Motown Medley. Enough said.


Another amazing part of the whole night was being able to meet and connect with other TMM fans. This group attracts some quality people, and it was my privilege to get to know a few of them last night. They were equally as excited to be there as I was, and some had comments of their own:

Tricia: “What an amazing night, the room was electric, the guys were on fire, great way to start the new year!”

Pam S.: “It was a thrill to see the guys having as much fun as we were. Also loved the new material, especially ‘In My Life’ and ‘For What It’s Worth.’”

Pam G.: “The audience’s reaction to Daniel Reichard’s ‘Cry For Me’ was epic…the standing ovation was almost deafening!”




Finally, at the end of the evening, the guys were gracious enough to talk with the fans, take pictures, and just generally revel in all the merriment that they helped to create. Making sincere connections with their audience has always been a talent of all four of them and tonight was no different.



It was a really special night, and a great way to launch into 2015 with TMM. Other fans across the country who are reading this already know what I am talking about. And those who have not seen a show yet, get to one ASAP. You won’t regret it.

A huge thank you to Heather for your awesome contribution to the Club. Fans, if you want to share your experience from last night’s festivities, post your comments here and email your photos to tmmclub@comcast.net

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The Midtown Men: Live In Concert – Fan’s Perspective

• December 14, 2014 • Comments (2)

Written by Fan Correspondents Norene and John Howard:

What a thrill to have THE MIDTOWN MEN in our home this past weekend. Well, okay, appear on our television.  Saturday, November 29th at 7:00pm there was a halt in all activities here on the east coast as many of us prepared to view the premier television broadcast of The MIDTOWN MEN’S National Concert Tour on PBS. John & I set the lights low, lit a cozy fire and cranked up the volume on our Bose in preparation for the concert.  While having seen The Men perform live 27 times, I have to admit my heart was pounding a bit just prior to the bewitching hour; yes it was in anticipation of seeing The Midtown Men on television, but more to the point it was being excited and thrilled for them to showcase their talent to a whole new audience.

The Midtown Men perform at the taping of their first public television special, The Midtown Men: In Concert. Photo credit: Kat Villacorta/NJTV

Filmed May 28th, 2014 at the beautiful venue of NJPAC in Newark, NJ, one may say we have been waiting for six months to see this project come to television, but they would be wrong.   I venture to say all of the longtime loyal supporters of The Midtown Men have been waiting since attending their first concert – most of us as long as four years.  Up until this time all we had were amateur YouTube snippets to give us a visual remembrance.  Alas, when we make our donation to our local PBS station we will have a full length professional copy of this event and we can relive the great moments in between attending another performance.

We were so very fortunate to have attended the taping of this performance along with many long time Midtown Men fans. It was a great social evening to share our passion with others of the same mindset.  The PBS broadcast was superb!!!! It captured the energy, the voices and choreography of this multi-talented foursome to a “T”.  An added bonus of this broadcast was having the opportunity to view their performance from many vantage points beyond the seats we held.  These men are consummate entertainers; for those of us who were in attendance we witnessed the cameras  in their faces (at times it seemed like less than only a foot away); I swear they could see J. Robert’s tonsils – they were that close.  In addition to the airing of the Live Performance at NJPAC, watching the PBS Fundraiser, we were treated to interviews with The Men to learn more about their journey, to experience their sense of humor and given another opportunity to hear them sing.

Photo credit: Kat Villacorte/NJTV

As I view THE MIDTOWN MEN’S Facebook page, I see that more and more PBS stations are picking up their show.  We are so excited for them in that a whole new audience is being created for them.  As most of us know they are not only extremely talented in what they do but they are always so kind, generous with their time and appreciative of their fans.  I often wonder how many photographs they have taken with fans – they must be in The Guinness Book of World Records.

Not only do we send our CONGRATULATIONS AND OUR WISHES FOR MUCH MORE CONTINUED SUCCESS  to you – Michael, Christian, Daniel and J. Robert, we THANK YOU  for producing this DVD and CD for all of us to enjoy whenever we want.

In closing this would not be complete without acknowledging the FABULOUS seven member band that accompany THE MIDTOWN MEN performance after performance.  These men are truly talented in their own right and are certainly the best complement to The Midtown Men.

Can’t wait to receive our DVD and CD.

THANK YOU Michael, Christian, Daniel and J.Robert – YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Norene & John

PS Through my “magic mirror” I could see Audrey, Frank, Doreen, Anthony, Barbara, Pat, Bob, Tricia, Andie and Catherine in the audience…what fun!

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Singing and Dancing Sold Out Crowd In Atlantic City

• November 10, 2014 • Comments (0)

And the crowd goes wild….The sold out crowd at the Golden Nugget Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, that is, when The Midtown Men took the stage Saturday night.  According the The Men, their fans, old and new, were “singing along, dancing in the aisles and rallying us to new heights.

If you were part of that crowd and you have pictures to share, please email them to tmmclub@comcast.net and I will post them here.  Also, please leave a comment here and tell us what you loved about the show!

To start things off, Steve M. shared his experience with me, along with a few great shots – thank you Steve!

Last night’s performance by The Midtown Men was electrifying and enjoyed by a sold out crowd in the Main Venue at the Golden Nugget. My new personal favorite song and choreography is the Men’s interpretation of ‘Be My Baby’.  Michael takes the song to a whole new level.

Sitting in the same row as us, second row, just a few seats to our right was the one and only Sir Tommy DeVito himself. I did have an opportunity to meet him and shake his hand after the show. He seemed to enjoy the concert and rose to his feet during the final 2 songs.  Also sitting in between Tommy and ourselves was another original four season star, Joe Long, who succeeded Nick Massi when he quit the band.

The Golden Nugget was a great venue and we randomly ran into the guys and various band members in the casinos and restaurants and bars.  Meeting up with other TMM friends is always fun, as well as making new ones.  And of course, the banter with the boys after the show is the dessert of the evening.

THE Tommy DeVito


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The Midtown Men Thrill in Augusta

• May 15, 2014 • Comments (3)

Debby and Dan Baker made their sixth out-of-town trip to see their Midtown Men – this time in Augusta, Georgia.  They hadn’t realized before the show that it was the Men’s first time in Augusta.  They were so thrilled afterwards to hear  how much people loved the show and want the guys to come back!

Debby says that other than their magnificent talent,  it is (The Men’s) appreciation for their fans that makes them so special.  “They make each and every one of us feel special.  And that is a gift.”  And that is just one of the gifts that keeps us ALL coming back, time after time.

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