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Fan Shares from JB 10th Anniversary

• November 22, 2015 • Comments (2)

There were so many fantastic memories from the Nov 6th -8th JB Anniversary weekend!  Here are some great photo shares from some who were there.


A huge Thank You goes out to Audrey Rockman, who organized a group of 60+ tickets for Friday night’s show.  Audrey, you rock!

Audrey (center) and some of her Jersey Girls


Lulu Thompson took a little bit of the party back to the room with her!  (And no, she did not steal them, my hand to God!)


Thank you Peter and Jean Albini for sharing these great pictures!

"Peter and Chris"

"Jean and Bobby"

Have something to share?  email pics and thoughts to tmmclub@comcast.net!

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Street Crew Members Share Their Experience

• September 29, 2013 • Comments (2)

Midtown Men Super Fans Norene and John have been following these guys since Jersey Boys, and they never miss an opportunity to spread the word about TMM concerts.  They recently volunteered to Street Crew for today’s West Point, NY show and would like to share their Street Crew experience with us.


FINALLY!!!!!!  After seeing Michael, Christian, Daniel and J. Robert perform 21 times in Jersey Boys and now our 20th time to see The Midtown Men on Sunday, September 29th at Eisenhower Hall at West Point, NY we were able to be THE MIDTOWN MEN’S STREET CREW for our area.  We are lucky to live in a town that has a main street and took full advantage of that.  With The Midtown Men Posters and a roll of tape in hand John and I made our way through town, which is just a short distance from West Point. We proudly displayed TMM announcements in local windows of our Insurance Agent, Italian restaurant, Italian Specialty Market, Wine Store, Barber shop (yes, like in Mayberry), Hairdresser and of course in our car windows.

Our unofficial announcement began soon after we learned that TMM would be performing at Eisenhower Hall.  We want others to experience the amazing talent of The Midtown Men that we have come to know over the past several years, so emails were sent, along with their website address and their promotional video, to friends, business associates and local businesses with whom we deal.  EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THE MIDTOWN MEN CONCERTS!!!!!!, but only after we have secured our upfront seats.

Having just seen their amazing talent, energy and wit in Tarrytown, NY this past Thursday, we are sooooo hyped for another dose of THE MIDTOWN MEN!!!!!!!

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A Midtown Men Fan Is Born

• September 28, 2013 • Comments (1)

In response to a recent post here on the Club site, “SHARE YOUR FAN PICS”, Mendy MacDonald sent in her favorite pictures, along with her Midtown Men story.

Mendy first experienced The Midtown Men when she attended a Thanksgiving Doctors Fundraiser at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach.  Mendy was at the front of the stage, enjoying the show and taking pictures, when the audience crowded the dance floor.  She was thrilled to get a picture with the Men after the show, and a FAN was born!

When the men came to Costa Mesa to play with the Pacific Symphony in June, you had better believe that Mendy was in the audience.  And you’d better also believe that she was in line after the show to greet “Her Midtown Men.”  In Mendy’s words, “They are awesome!”

Now, if you’re anything like me, when you see an announcement of a Private Event concert on the Men’s calendar, you groan and think “but what about the fans?”  Well, after hearing Mendy’s story, I think you’ll agree that those Private events are just as important as public concerts, as they introduce the Men to people like Mendy who might otherwise never have the pleasure of  The Midtown Men experience.  And what a shame that would be!

The Midtown Men take the stage at a Private Event in Newport Beach





The Island Hotel crowd is on its feet!

And a FAN is born!

Mendy greets the MEN after a show in Costa Mesa, CA.

Mendy and her Midtown Men

Thank you so much, Mendy, for sharing your Fan Experience! If anyone else would like to share, please email your pics and/or story to tmmclub@comcast.net.

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Share and WIN!

• May 25, 2013 • Comments (21)

(TMM Facebook friends, be sure to click through to the Club site to leave your comment.)

Share your favorite Midtown Men moment, and The Midtown Club will send you an exclusive Club key chain!

Just leave a comment on this post with your favorite TMM moment – could be a favorite song, a TV moment, a picture…whatever it is, share it with the other fans!  If you have a favorite picture you would like to share, email it to tmmclub@comcast.net and I will post it here.


UPDATE:  5/25/13  3:40 pm

Patricia's favorite Midtown Men moment.











UPDATE:  6/6/13 10:16 pm


This past February, The Midtown Men played a show in Daytona Beach, FL.  Finally, a show close enough to share with my friends and family!  I gathered a group and we headed down from Jacksonville to make a night of it – three of my sisters, a sister-in-law, three girlfriends, my parents, my father’s brother and sister, her husband and even her grandson and his girlfriend.


We ranged in age from 19 to 80+, and we all had a blast!  Everyone loved the show, and especially loved chatting with The Men afterward.  We closed down the hotel bar sharing memories of the night and of our lives together.  And at breakfast, I remember my aunt saying “I’m so glad we did this, we never get a chance to be together like this.”


We had a little technical difficulty with one of our "photographers." This must have been taken about the time one of the MEN asked "Whose idea was it to let the drunk chick take the picture?"


I’ll always remember her saying that, and remember how good I felt about getting us all together.  I’ll always remember, because that was the last “good” weekend my dad had.  He got sick that very weekend and was in and out of the hospital for two  months.  He is now, as Hospice calls it, “on his journey.”

I don’t dwell on what is to come, but on what has been.  And I will always be thankful for that weekend, for The Midtown Men, who bring so much joy into so many lives, who brought such joy to us that weekend, and who gave me a memory to last a lifetime.


UPDATE:  6/16/13

My father passed away on June 8th.  His life was full of love and laughter, and he will always be remembered for his love of family and his unwavering faith.  He was proud of the work I do for The Midtown Men, and  always eager to hear TMM news.  He was looking forward to October 18 and 19, when we will introduce The Men to Jacksonville, and although he won’t be there in person, I know he will be there in spirit.


“Don Barton, creator of cult classic ‘Zaat,’ dies at 83”

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More Fan Pics from 2012

• January 9, 2013 • Comments (1)

I have received a few more 2012 Fan Pictures to share … keep them coming!

Thank you to Sandra P. for her great pictures from the Houston Symphony and Bass Hall:

TMM on stage with the Houston Symphony

TMM and Sandra at the Houston Symphony

TMM on stage at Bass Hall

The Midtown Men took time to chat and take a picture with Sandra and four students from the “B Sharp” program in Fort Worth.  Sandra explained that ‘B Sharp’ is a charitable organization that provides students from schools-in-need with musical instruments and pays the salaries of the teachers who train them. She said “The kids were so impressed with the Men, one little boy said afterwards, ‘This is the best day of my life…’  How awesome to have that kind of impact!”  How awesome indeed!

Midtown Men at Bass Hall with B Sharp students

Thank you to Caroline R. for her great pic of herself with The Men:

Caroline and The Men

And thank you once again to Barbara G. for her fun picture of Bobby Spencer signing her STREET CREW picture in Naples last month:

The Midtown Men Love Their STREET CREW

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Fan Pics From NY State Fair

• September 24, 2012 • Comments (3)

The Midtown Men “superfan” Rosemary Caruso shared these great pictures from the 2012 New York State Fair.  Enjoy! 

I edited the slideshow to add more great pictures from Carol Techman – keep ’em coming, fans!

Thank you Rosemary and Carol! If anyone else has pictures to share, please email them to tmmclub@comcast.net.

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