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Merry Christmas, TMM Style

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Christmas Memories

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The Midtown Men share some fond Christmas memories

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and the joy that the Christmas season brings. And through all of the hustle and bustle, parties and merriment, I hope you will take the time to share fond memories, and make great memories for the future.

The Midtown Men have been gracious enough to share some fond Christmas memories of their own with their fans, and since everyone seems to love a good contest with the Men, we’ll make this another one. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which is which and whose is whose…have fun, and feel free to share some memories of your own!

“Watching holiday home movies back in the day and how it was the perfect opportunity to make fun of your family, including yourself. For instance watching my gullible face immersed in conversation with Santa Claus, (my grandpa) eyes wide open, jaw dropped and dumbstruck. Parents can be so darn mean!”

“My fond memory is living in Minnetonka Minnesota and coming downstairs around 5 am on Christmas morning. No one was awake and I began to sneak down the stairs before anyone in my family was awake to see what Santa had brought. As I tiptoed down the stairs I STOPPED! A shadow was cast on the wall from the fire in the fireplace, and I could hear someone moving around in the living room. It must be Santa! I did not look, I panicked and quickly ran back up the stairs back into my bedroom and sprang back under my covers and played like I was asleep. I prayed that Santa wouldn’t hear me. A little while later we were all awake, dressed, and celebrating Christmas morning. And all these years later, I am still certain, that the shadow on the wall was St. Nick.”

“My most treasured Christmas memories involve waiting at the top of the stairs with my brothers and sisters until my parents gave us permission to come downstairs and it would be a very noisy yearly processional to the tree!”

“Grandma making Tamales…it’s been a tradition for years.”

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Get Into The Christmas Spirit With Daniel Reichard

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Click here for tickets.

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“It’s Christmas…Again”

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Daniel Reichard’s 54 Below Holiday Shows Will Benefit the Actors Fund

By Adam Hetrick21, Playbill.com, Nov 2013

Original Jersey Boys cast member Daniel Reichard will perform two December benefit concerts at 54 Below.

Reichard’s It’s Christmas… Again will be offered Dec. 10 at 9 PM and Dec. 19 at 9:30 PM. All proceeds from the concerts will be donated to the Actors Fund.

Featuring musical direction by Adam Souza (Wicked), the evenings of song promise “to be both sweetly nostalgic and lightheartedly irreverent.” Expect classic holiday hits along with treasured favorites from the Great American Songbook.

“My holiday show has become a self-imposed December tradition,” Reichard said in a statement. “Growing up the eighth of nine children, I require more attention at Christmas. In all seriousness, the most satisfying aspect of the holiday show is that every year, I choose a different charitable organization to support with 100 percent of my proceeds. This year, I am honored to be supporting The Actors Fund.”

There is a $30-$40 cover charge and a $25 food and beverage minimum. 54 Below is located at 254 W. 54th Street. For more information and tickets, visit 54Below.

NY1′s Roma Torre describes this show as “An instant rush of holiday spirit – Reichard reclaims the pure magic of Christmas!”

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Save The Dates

• November 5, 2013 • Comments (2)

Planning a trip to the Big Apple this holiday season?  Here are a few dates for you to keep in mind when booking that trip!




Friday, December 6thThe Midtown Men will be playing a “Holiday Hits” show outside of NYC at the Tilles Center in Greenvale.  Click here for more info.







Tuesday, December 10th and Thursday, December 19th – Daniel Reichard will bring his annual Christmas show to 54 Below. Click here for tickets.

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“All Alone On Christmas” – So Much Joy and Goodness

• December 20, 2012 • Comments (0)

This fantastic review of “All Alone On Christmas” on the myfizzypop blog is so much fun – a MUST READ!  Thank you Paul!

11 days til Christmas: The Midtown Men ~ All Alone on Christmas

Posted by Paul on December 14, 2012

There is so much joy and goodness wrapped in today’s festive song choice that I’m positively percolating at the seasonal charm of it all!  There are 2 lots of background you need to be aware of – most importantly of course are The Midtown Men themselves. The four fellas who make up this sixties music loving group are original stars from the massive stage smash “Jersey Boys” – Christian, Michael, Daniel and J.Robert were busy earning accolades when the show first hit Broadway when they decided they loved what they were doing so much that they wanted it to continue. Lucky for us that meant keeping the whole gang together to continue their loving tribute to the sounds that shaped pop music today in the form of the Midtown Men. They have a sparkling album of music out already (see iTunes) delving into the catalogues of The Beach Boys, Mamas & Papas, The Turtles, the Four Seasons (of course) & many more. Their voices are utterly irresistable, the harmonies delicious and the delivery passionate, enthusiastic and vibrant. Plus! As their website proudly proclaims, they are all dressed rather nattily in suits from Hugo Boss so you know they are devastatingly debonair!


But what does this all have to do with Christmas I hear you ask (yes even you at the back. I have very good hearing, though crap eyesight!) Well, the blokes have only gone and recorded the amazing Stevie van Zandt penned All Alone On Christmas (which you may well remember featuring prominently – and sung by Darlene Love – in Home Alone 2 and Love, Actually). The original is a rousing, horn infused romp that pays tribute to both the Spector sound of the sixties as well as Darlene’s own Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). The joyous, uplifting instrumental takes the sting out of the lyrics which detail a couple no longer together & the sounds of the season making the split oh so much harder. Weep. The Midtown Men put their own definitive spin on the track with a jingle-bell soundtracked intro that puts out their emotive please that, of course, no one ought to be alone on Christmas. It then launches into a percussive, chime laden, horn saturated backing that acts as the perfect picture frame for their story telling – and oh boy, those voices bring the lyrics into vibrant, vivid focus. Their layered harmonies give the track a heavenly, sumptuous textured feel while individually they ably inject a real pathos, wistfulness yet sense of optimism into the proceedings. It’s these nuanced performances that are both powerful individually & together that make the track such a magnificent success. Their marriage of downbeat lyrics and upbeat instrumental ultimately inspire hope that wherever you are, whoever you are with, people will find a way to share the joy at Christmas. Gorgeous.

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“All Alone On Christmas” A Winner In More Ways Than One

• December 1, 2012 • Comments (1)

I can’t think of anything better to get us in the holiday spirit than listening to our favorite men singing a Christmas song!  And for me, exploring the background of the song makes it doubly exciting. 

What a thrill it must have been for Christian, Daniel, Michael and Bobby to work with legendary rock icon “Little Stevie” Van Zandt!  For more years than I care to admit, I have been mesmerized by his performances on stage with Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band.  And who can deny his fabulous portrayal of Silvio on the Sopranos – epic!  But as I am doing research on the background of “Stevie” and “All Alone On Christmas”, I am learning so much about the man that he is. 

Having school-aged children, and having fought for years the tremendous cuts in public education – most especially in the arts,  Steven’s work with Little Kids Rock is near and dear to my heart.

  (“…music, and the Arts in general, [in public schools]are not a luxury!”  Steven Van Zandt

How thrilling that, as a direct result of working with Mr. Van Zandt, The Midtown Men had the privilege of joining the Little Kids Rock 10th Anniversary celebration, where Steven Van Zandt was honored with the Big Man of the Year Award. 

The following video shows the pure joy of that event for all involved, including The Midtown Men. 

Click here to view a terrific interview with Steven before the show.

Whether you download “All Alone On Christmas” (remember, all proceeds from downloads in 2012 will go to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief) or purchase the CD (complete with a Midtown Men ornament)you are sure to be put into a Midtown Holiday frame of mind.

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The Midtown Men Spreading Holiday Cheer

• November 16, 2012 • Comments (2)




In case you haven’t heard the news, The Midtown Men recently released their first ever Christmas single, “All Alone On Christmas.”


It should come as no surprise that the song AND the release stay true to The Midtown Men style – over the top and classy!  For this is no ordinary Christmas song, no this is a song originally written by “Little” Steven Van Zandt (of E-Street Band fame) which was recently given a new arrangement specifically for The Midtown Men. Not only did Van Zandt create the new arrangement and produce the single, he also plays guitar on the track with musicians from the E Street Band.  That in itself is exciting enough, but add to this Christian, Bobby, Daniel and Michael’s beautiful harmonies, and you’ve got a true winner!

Christian, Michael, Steven, Bobby and Daniel in the studio

And this is no ordinary “release”, either.  No, this digital release of “All Alone On Christmas” offers an opportunity for us all to get involved and “give back”, as The Men have pledged all their 2012 download proceeds to the Red Cross to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.  Obviously a win-win.

Download your copy now from itunes or cdbaby – and spread the Holiday Cheer!

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Daniel And Guests Give Audiences A Christmas Treat

• December 14, 2011 • Comments (2)

Norene and John Howard, longtime fans and supporters of The Midtown Men,  have made Daniel Reichard’s annual Christmas concert their holiday “kick-off”.  This year, John has shared their experience with The Midtown Club.

Thank you, John and Norene, for your continued support of The Midtown CLUB, and our MEN!

Paul Louis Lessard, Beth Kuhn, Daniel Reichard and Emily Bottorff, photo from BroadwayWorld


What has become for us an annual event and marks the beginning of the Christmas season is Daniel Reichard’s annual Christmas concert. As with his prior shows Daniel always centers the evening on a theme. This year he chose Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. It opened with Daniel himself entering hunched over and wearily creeping on stage as the crotchety old Ebenezer Scrooge who soon broke into Cabaret’s “Money, Money”.

True to form and ever present were Daniel’s distinctive and powerful voice, his Broadway presence and delightful humor as he took the audience through Ebenezer’s metamorphosis with song and dance. Dressed as the ghost of Christmas present, Daniel attired in a green velvet fur trimmed robe, beard and garland, gave a rousing rendition of “I Like Life”.

This evening included many favorite Christmas songs together with some well known non-Christmas songs (John Denver’s “Country Roads”) and for us, some never before heard ones. The audience was even treated to the Hawaiian themed “Mele Kalikmaka” (featured in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) as supporting cast members Emily Bottorff, Beth Kuhn and Paul Louis Lessard sang and danced the hula in simulated Hawaiian grass skirts and coconut “you know what” attire.

Surprise guest, Donna Vivino (currently Wicked’s Elphaba), performed “Winter Wonderland” and joined Daniel in a duet of “What Can You Do With A Man”.

The recognition of audience members and fellow performers, Michael Longoria and J. Robert Spencer, gave Daniel the brief opportunity to promote their highly successful national tour of The Midtown Men.

With never a dull moment this year’s Daniel Reichard’s Christmas Concert was as always, a truly spirited, uplifting, energetic and a thoroughly entertaining event.

The only way to expand the enjoyment of his concerts would be to make all his Christmas Concerts available for sale on CD and DVD (Are you listening Daniel?)

In his continued generous spirit and the spirit of Christmas his concert was a benefit for Chemo Comfort.

John Howard

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The Midtown Men Will Help Bloomingdale’s Unveil Their Holiday Window Display

• November 6, 2011 • Comments (3)

With the holidays just around the corner, window shopping takes on a whole new meaning in the month of November as Manhattan’s most celebrated department stores unveil their annual Holiday Windows. 

Just like putting cookies out for Santa, stuffing stockings, and, for some, seeing a movie and eating Chinese food, the Bloomingdale’s holiday-themed window display is a Christmas tradition.  And the store does it up big, combining the unveiling of the year’s display with performances by legendary recording artists such as Tony Bennett in 2008, Harry Connick, Jr. in 2009, John Legend in 2010 …

and in 2011 …  The Midtown Men. 

That’s right, Christian Hoff announced on his Facebook page that this year, he and The Midtown Men  “follow the fresh tracks of Tony Bennett, Harry Connick and John Legend, as we ring in the Holidays, “New York City Style” at the 2011 Bloomingdale’s Holiday Window Launch on November 16th.”

Congratulations Christian, Michael, Daniel and Bobby.  This is exciting news, indeed! You’ve worked so  hard and made so many people happy this year — it’s only fitting that you should have the spotlight in MIDTOWN Manhattan this holiday season.

Here’s a clip of last years event to get you in the spirit:

Bloomingdale’s Holiday Windows: MyFoxNY.com

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