Are The Midtown Men playing a concert in a city near you?  If so, then join The Midtown CLUB “STREET CREW”, and help spread the Midtown Love.  Each CREW member will receive a STREET PACK, which will include flyers, STREET CREW stickers and an exclusive Midtown CLUB key chain.

STREET CREW member Audrey found a unique way to spread the word



All we ask in return is that you help spread the word – tell all your friends, put up flyers around town,  and if you have a Facebook page, share The Men on Facebook.



The Midtown Men LOVE their STREET CREW Members!  So in addition to the STREET PACK, you will receive a STREET CREW photo, which will identify you as a TEAM MEMBER when you go to have it autographed after the show.



STREET CREW member Taylor in Fayetville

And we would love to share pictures of your hard work (fliers around town) and your visit with the MEN after the show.  So feel free to send pictures for the site to

Join the STREET CREW now, and help spread The Midtown Men love.

Just leave a comment here and I’ll contact you by e-mail.  Come back to this page to share your CREW experience, and to chat with other members of the CREW.


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  1. Cookie Bowler says:

    I am anxiously awaiting your arrival in Texas and would love to joint your Crew!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I’d love to join the crew! I spend all my time telling everyone about TMM anyway! 🙂

  3. Maureen Kuter says:

    I would LOVE to be on the street crew for the upcoming Golden Nugget Las Vegas concert, and any future Las Vegas concerts. I’ve already been pushing them like crazy on my FB page, LOL!
    I am retired, so I have plenty of time to spread the word!

  4. Paige says:

    I would love to be apart of the Midtown Men street team!:)

  5. Janice says:

    Would enjoy doing this when come back through Oklahoma again!!
    Thank you

  6. Denise Stacy says:

    would like to join TMM club and be a street crew member. Please contact me. Thanks

  7. Margie Housey says:

    I’m in!!!! Love these guys!

  8. Nancy Morrissey says:

    I saw them on PBS LA, a few weeks ago and I went to the concert today In Cerritos. It was fantastic. I was not fortunate enough to see JBs in New York, but I have watched the whole show on Utube several times. I am a real fan of the guys and their music. I would love to be a member of the Street Crew.


  9. Maureen says:

    PS: I’m also retired on disability, so I’ve definitely got plenty of time!

  10. Sara R. Rice says:

    Would love to join the street crew! Saw Midtown Men in Cerritos this afternoon and had an fantastic time. Definitely recommend the show and definitely want to see them again!

  11. Maureen says:

    I’m here in Vegas, TMM will be here this week, Valentine’s Day at UNLV. Please sign me up! I’m more than willing to promote this fine group of artists! I got to see them last time at the Eastside Cannery. Thanks!

  12. Chris says:

    The Midtown Men are going to be in Springfield, MA on 9/19/14. I have been spreading the word about how great they are and it is a show not to be missed! I hope to hear back from you before the show.

  13. Alyssa Goldman says:

    I just got my tickets to see The Midtown Men in Louisville in January! I am so excited!! I know it is a little early, but I would love to join the street crew and help spread the word about this amazing group.

  14. Carolyn P. says:

    The Midtown Men are coming to Bel Air, Maryland in September! SO EXCITED. Please count me in as a Street Club Member.

  15. Robyn Colossa says:

    Hi! I’m a huge fan of TMM! Saw them in Jersey Boys then a couple times back when they were known as The Boys. As TMM, I’ve seen them a few times as well. I live in Gettysburg PA and I know they’re headed here in the fall and I would love to join the street crew! Plus, I work with and know a lot of people in the theater community and could promote like crazy to them and everyone else. Let me know and thank you!!!!

  16. Cathy Cole says:

    Hi Catherine, We have shows coming up in our area. Would Love to spread the word! Philly, PA is close as well as Newark,NJ. Feel to send anything in our area! I will definitely spread the word! Thanks Cathy Cole

  17. Olivia says:

    Hi, Catherine! I am not sure if you got my other message, but I would LOVE to be a Street Crew member for the show in Providence, RI on February 12!!

  18. Mary says:

    How do I become a member of the Street Crew? We already have our tickets for your 2/21 show in Las Cruces, NM.

  19. Jeanne Fleck says:

    Hello Catherine- For Xmas my son is going to take me to the Washington, DC show in June. He lives in DC and would happily be “Street Crew” and pass the word. So, even though it’s too early I wanted to give you his info. But would rather do it in an email. My email is
    Thanks! Jeanne

  20. cathy cole says:

    Hi Catherine,, Once again we are off to see those talented Midtownmen.. I can spread the word around for both Tarrytown, NY and West Point shows. My home address is 9 park pl. , Dover NJ 07801-4623 Thank You, Cathy Cole

  21. Betsy Simek says:

    Be happy to paper Albany, (Palace Theater, Oct. 3) and any points inbetween. I sent you a message already, so just let me know! (I’ll probably have a little help from a couple of friends as well!)

  22. Kristy says:

    I would LOVE to be a part of the Street Crew! I am going to the Sept. 27th show at the Lynn Auditorium and live in the next town, sign me up!

  23. Samantha Savelo says:

    This is so cool and such a fun idea. I would love to be a part of this. So happy they are coming to my home town. I have wanted to see them forever and now I can 🙂

  24. Tricia Bryan says:

    If you ever make it to London, England, I will street crew for you. I am a good friend of Sandy hicks.

  25. Tim Fitzgerald says:

    I just saw them recently in Sarasota and got the CD’s and love the guys! Would love to Street Crew the next time they are in town!!

    • Catherine says:

      .How about the Clearwater show?? Let me know if you’re close enough to help out there.

      • Kristina says:

        I would live to take part in this! I am attending the Clearwater show, but it’s probably too late to join, right? Plus it’s 2 hours away from me..=\

  26. Lee Antunes says:

    I am really excited about becoming a street crew member. Can’t wait to get involved spreading the word about the MTM’s concert.

  27. Heather Powell says:

    This is an awesome concept and I’m excited to see there is so much interest in helping spread the word about these great guys’ fabulous show. Saw them in Jersey Boys, just saw them at MM in York, PA, and am hoping to see them in Wilmington in Feb. I live in Baltimore, so not sure I would be valued as an actual crew member but wanted to put it out there in case 1) you want to advertise an hour away from the show, or 2) book a date in Baltimore anytime in the future. 🙂

    • Catherine says:

      Heather – it’s great to have you aboard! I absolutely think we should advertise an hour away. The worst thing we can hear is “Oh, they were so close and I didn’t even know about it!”

      Look for an email from and we’ll get you set up for Wilmington! Thank you!!

  28. Debby Baker says:

    Absolutely thrilled to be able to help share the news about the MM. My husband and I have become Georgia groupies. Saw them first in Columbus last year, will be in Athens for the March show and Atlanta for the April show (front row!) We love these guys.

  29. Mary Honis says:

    I received my Street Crew packet for the Scranton shows! 🙂 The flyers look amazing and the packet did have the stickers and the keychain but not the Street Crew photo. (I am thinking of having the guys sign my stickers lol) I just wanted to say thanks again to Catherine for the show tix…you are awesome! I am heading out soon to start papering the town!!

    • Catherine says:

      Awesome!! The picture went in the mail today!

      • Doreen Capasso says:

        Hi Catherine, I don’t know if I am leaving this comment in the right place, but you I am a big fan (Thanks for the tote bag) and we follow TMM EVERYWHERE!! Well in June, they are going to be right near our house in Morristown NJ!! Frank, anthony and I would love to be street crew members for this show. I am very familiar with the are and can definately paper the town! There are many supermarkets and stores in the area where I can get posters hung up–OH and two major colleges, my son went to one for Theater arts and he can get the poster hung up inside the theater department! Contact me!!

  30. Delores Hancock says:

    already have tickets for your Orono Maine show and would love to join and to spread the word 🙂

  31. Caroline Robelen says:

    I would love, love, LOVE to join the Street Crew but there aren’t any shows that’ll be playing near me anytime soon. 🙁 The most recent one was when I was out at school in Muncie, IN and I don’t think they’ll be returning but I wish they would!!! I’d love to have another show, even if it was just for me. 😉

    • Catherine says:

      Caroline, where do you live? I’ll keep an eye out for a show in your area! And thanks for sending in the picture of you and The Men – it’s fabulous!

  32. cathy cole says:

    Would love to join the Street Crew. We go to every performance within two hours from our home town of Dover, NJ. We have been spreading the Midtown mens name all over. Even brought tickets for Sarasota, FL show for my sister to attend, she lives there, and enjoy the shows as much as we do.

  33. Hi! I’d love to join the Midtown Men Street Team!!! They’re coming to Scranton soon and I can’t wait!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Awesome, Katie Louise! Glad to have you. I have the Scranton flyers in the works and will send them out to you next week!

  34. Chris Robert Hansen says:

    Enjoyed a wonderful Men performance in Cedar Falls, Iowa, earlier this year. I’d like to be part of your northeast Iowa Street Crew, and help spread the good news about this talented quartet.

  35. Barbara says:

    Catherine–still waiting on the information for the Baton Rouge concert on Monday. Is it too late?

  36. Hi Street crews, I am a member, but have not received the packet to spread the word, The Midtown Men are coming to Daytona Beach, Fla Feb 28, 2013 is it to early yet?

  37. Lulu says:

    Just received the fliers. I will be posting them with Audrey Rockman tomorrow. Hopefully we can help make this a sold-out concert. The Midtown Men in New Brunswick Thursday night!

  38. Barbara says:

    I’m In-!!!! I have already started to spread the word for the Baton Rouge, LA and Naples FL shows in November and December. Plane and show tickets for the Naples FL show have already been purchased and taking 5 friends. I am patiently waiting for the Baton Rouge tickets to go on sale.

    I was already a fan of the Midtown Men, then I saw the show in Biloxi, MS in March and was blown away. Videos DO NOT do the show justice-you must experience it in person. You guys are awesome!!!!

  39. Catherine says:

    That’s great Lee – Thanks! I’ll be in touch closer to that time and we’ll make a plan. Do you know that the Men will also be in Pensacola at that time? I hope to attend both shows!!

  40. Lee Antunes says:

    I would love to help to spread the word here in Tallahassee, FL, even though its not till next year. Just ask me to do whatever….I am so ready for them!

  41. Rosemary Caruso says:

    ahh…I just can’t wait..The Midtown Men will be strutting their stuff in my hometown..Utica, NY in the fall….gonna be a good are selling..word is spreading..gonna be a good good time…♥…I love the MIDTOWN MEN..

  42. Catherine says:

    Thanks Mary Beth, I’ll do that. Are you seeing the show in Worester? Are you interested in being a part of the Street Crew? I could get some flyers in the mail to you tomorrow!?!

  43. marybeth crowley says:

    You should contact boston events insider johnny at eventsinsider do com
    He has a fantastic listing of events in the boston area and he works with the hanover theater to promote..Please tell him that Mary Beth Crowley sent you 🙂

  44. RoseMary says:

    How do I get to be part of this crew? Going to the show on Staten Island on April 1

    • Catherine says:

      Fantastic RoseMary! Just by expressing interest, you are officially a STREET CREW member! I’ll e-mail you the particulars.

  45. audrey says:

    I’d like to do this for the March 3 appearance at McCarter Theater in Princeton. Just let me know how.

  46. kbain says:

    I’ll be a street crew member for November 13, 2011 in Joliet, IL

  47. Judi Wheeler says:

    Sign me up! Can’t wait to see the Midtown men in Dallas (Richardson) and help spread the word!

    My history w/J. Robert Spencer – when he was in Dallas (years ago) for Heartland I was his driver – ie. picking him up at the airport and to some local interviews. WOW! Loved it when I saw him in Jersey Boys!!

  48. Christian Hoff says:

    Hey Street Gang!! Tonight is the first time we get to “roll” together!!

    Looking forward to rockin’ with you here in Fayetteville.

    Thanks Richy and Taylor!!

    ~ Christian

  49. Taylor Westbrook says:

    Sign me up! Let’s paper town for Midtown Men in Fayetteville, AR!!

  50. richy mc cusker says:

    these guys re coming to fayetteville, ar…
    looking forward to a good show

  51. Donna Galante says:

    I would love to be part of the crew. What ever I can do to help, Count me in.

  52. sharon W says:

    Seeing the Midtown Men this fall in Easton, Pa

  53. Cynthia Bambace says:

    Whenever they are in NY, Westchester or Connecticut, count me in.

  54. Audrey Rockman says:

    Sounds like a really fun idea. Sign me up! I’m looking forward to your performance in Montclair.

  55. Dina Chirico says:

    Yes, I would love to join the CREW! I’ve seen the Men twice and have more opportunities this year (Red Bank, NJ and Easton, PA). I will indeed continue to spread the word for such an amazing group of guys and performers!

  56. Judi Wheeler says:

    I’m so excited that the Midtown Men will be coming to the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and more than happy to spread the word!

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