So You Think You Know Your MIDTOWN MEN…

• October 24, 2012 • Comments (9)
We are all familiar with the signature  HUGO BOSS look of our beloved MIDTOWN MEN, but how well do you know them in street clothes…or should I say street shoes?

The first person to correctly identify each MAN by his footwear will win a Midtown Men tote!  The second will win a Midtown Club key chain.  (images are a little fuzzy, sorry!)

Image #1 = blue shoes;

Image #2 = red shoes;

Image #3 = boots;

Image #4 = brown shoes

Please click on COMMENTS to post your answers.  Good Luck!!

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9 comments on “So You Think You Know Your MIDTOWN MEN…

  1. Barbara on said:

    1. Michael
    2. JRS
    3. Christian
    4. Daniel

  2. Colleen Koprivnikar on said:

    2. Daniel
    3. Christian
    4. Bobby

  3. Rosemary Caruso on said:

    #1 Daniel
    #2 Michael
    #3 Bobby
    #4 Christian

  4. Stubbleyou on said:

    Blue – Carl Perkins
    Red – Elvis Costello
    Boots – Nancy Sinatra
    Brown – Van Morrison (ok, it’s a stretch)

  5. Tricia Rittereiser on said:

    1. Daniel
    3. Christian
    4. Bobby

  6. Tessa Black on said:

    1- Christian
    2- Michael
    3- Bobby
    4- Daniel

  7. Betsy simek on said:

    Doreen has it right.

  8. doreen capasso on said:


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