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• May 25, 2013 • Comments (21)

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UPDATE:  5/25/13  3:40 pm

Patricia's favorite Midtown Men moment.











UPDATE:  6/6/13 10:16 pm


This past February, The Midtown Men played a show in Daytona Beach, FL.  Finally, a show close enough to share with my friends and family!  I gathered a group and we headed down from Jacksonville to make a night of it – three of my sisters, a sister-in-law, three girlfriends, my parents, my father’s brother and sister, her husband and even her grandson and his girlfriend.


We ranged in age from 19 to 80+, and we all had a blast!  Everyone loved the show, and especially loved chatting with The Men afterward.  We closed down the hotel bar sharing memories of the night and of our lives together.  And at breakfast, I remember my aunt saying “I’m so glad we did this, we never get a chance to be together like this.”


We had a little technical difficulty with one of our "photographers." This must have been taken about the time one of the MEN asked "Whose idea was it to let the drunk chick take the picture?"


I’ll always remember her saying that, and remember how good I felt about getting us all together.  I’ll always remember, because that was the last “good” weekend my dad had.  He got sick that very weekend and was in and out of the hospital for two  months.  He is now, as Hospice calls it, “on his journey.”

I don’t dwell on what is to come, but on what has been.  And I will always be thankful for that weekend, for The Midtown Men, who bring so much joy into so many lives, who brought such joy to us that weekend, and who gave me a memory to last a lifetime.


UPDATE:  6/16/13

My father passed away on June 8th.  His life was full of love and laughter, and he will always be remembered for his love of family and his unwavering faith.  He was proud of the work I do for The Midtown Men, and  always eager to hear TMM news.  He was looking forward to October 18 and 19, when we will introduce The Men to Jacksonville, and although he won’t be there in person, I know he will be there in spirit.


“Don Barton, creator of cult classic ‘Zaat,’ dies at 83”

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Comments (21)

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  1. Theresa Zeniecki says:

    Elderly 90’s

  2. Carolyn says:

    I was supposed to be there and am so very sad I didn’t make it. I truly wish I had the chance to meet this very special man. It does bring me joy to read your article and to know what a fun time you all did have together. We all love you Carherine and are here for you during this difficult time and always!

  3. Paula says:

    Posted on behalf of a friend:

    Catherine, I wanted to thank you again for including us on the Daytona trip. It will always be a special time for me because I spent some quality time with your Dad and Mom walking back to the hotel after the show. He was healthy, funny and charming as ever that night.

  4. Kristin Peake says:

    I just saw The Midtown Men for the first time in Midland, MI. I didn’t know about them, but it was the most fun concert! The music is before my time, but it is so classic, it is fun. We really enjoyed the personal stories sprinkled throughout the show along with the songs that seemed to go with them. What a well done, well choreographed show. I thought it was fun to see the same moves… done 4 ways. Each man’s personality shines through!

  5. Heidi Sisco says:

    I just wanted to say THANKS to TMM for being a part of a successful Mother/Daughter outing. We saw you in Fort Collins, CO in April at The Lincoln Center and the music you perform is from my Mom’s era (she graduated from high school in the 60’s). She thought you guys were great: very talented and authentic. Thanks for helping us have a great outing together. We would not miss your show if you return to Fort Collins in the future. Best of luck and continued success!

  6. Kristina Park says:

    The Midtown Men are absolutely amazing! They are truly talented and very charismatic. My friend and I saw them in February and fell in love with them! So, we quickly found another show in Florida and had to go. We made them a cake to show our appreciation and they were very nice about everything. They really love their fans and make an effort to talk to each one of them after the show.

    My 2 year old even loves them! He calls them “his” Midtown Men and makes sure we listen to them every time we get in the car!

  7. Carol says:

    First time I saw TMM,I had no idea who they were. I may be one of the few people who had never heard of Jersey Boys. But the show sounded I interesting, so I went. Just hearing the sound check, I was so impressed. In spite of the sun and heat, they put on a show that was so much fun! Their music has brought so much joy and fun, especially during times of stress; they are great to sing along with in the car! Thanks for bringing back the wonder and fun of live vocal music!

  8. Cynthia Bambace says:

    The MTM were playing a charity concert at Port Chester High School in Port Chester, NY. In the middle of the concert, the fire alarm went off and we all had to vacate the school and go outside. The guys chatted with everyone outside and then we were told it was all clear to go back inside. They picked up the concert without missing a beat!!! So classy and so professional!! Love them!

  9. Linda Cosby says:

    This was my third time to see the Men in person and they were great as usual. Favorite moment would have to be my 4-year-old granddaughter at their Atlanta show in April with the Symphony Orchestra. She danced, she clapped, she sang along to her favorite song (Big Girls Don’t Cry) and was totally mesmerized for the entire show. Afterwards, at the autograph signing, Bobby talked to her and told her he saw her in the audience. She was too shy for a picture, but loved the Men. The next evening I told her they were doing the same show all over again and her comment was: “Why are we not there!” Thanks for taking the time to make a little one feel special.

  10. Joan Farraday Stuetz says:

    Oh,that’s easy!!….my 2nd concert in 6 months, sitting 1st row balcony at the McCarter Theater Gala Concert, looking down at all the dancing folks in black tie attire with the glow sticks! Amazing nite, amazing entertainment!!!

  11. Lee Antunes says:

    My favorite moment was when the guys came to Tallahassee-Leon Civic Center in March. After the show they were sitting in the front signing autographs and when I got to Michael he saw my “crew club” sticker on my and jumped up and hugged me. He is just so sweet and friendly. All of the guys were so appreciative of their fans. Great group of people.

  12. Donna Galante says:

    I take care of my sick mother, so every show I can get to is very special to me. My favorite so far was St. Peter’s PAC in Jersey City in the church. They are all wonderful guys, I got to know them from Jersey Boys.

  13. Carol VanSalisbury says:

    every time I see the MM is so very special, they make me feel alive all over again. Love the meet and great, love there stories during the show, they just crack me up. They do such a great job making older people feel young again, and treat there fans each and everyone of them special. They are a very special group. I just Love My Christian, I feel like I know each one as a special friend. Thanks guys. hurry back to Daytona.
    We need more good Music here.

  14. Theresa Zeniecki says:

    My favorite MM moment was at the Houston concert with the symphony. There was an elderly gentleman in front of us that could not stay still in his seat. He had a huge smile on his face tbe entire time. It was so obvious he was having the time of his life. Aside from the fact that the MM always leave me wanting the show to never end seeing what gift they gave to him is a moment we will never forget. Thank you MM for giving that to him.

  15. Kyle Cotton says:

    I had taken my grandmother to the show in Brampton, ON. The look on her gave the entire show made me happy that she was able to have this experience. To top if off, when we were in the elevator on our way downstairs, TMM happened to get on the elevator with us! This helped make her night one of the best!

  16. Caroline Robelen says:

    Any time I listen to their beautiful voices is a great moment! But probably my favorite moment would be when I went to see the Men on December 5th. I had a lot of fun dancing around in the audience and afterwards at the meet and greet, they told me how much they enjoyed seeing me dance. And then they were kind enough to stay for pictures in front of a Christmas tree! I hope to see them again very soon.

  17. Tricia Rittereiser says:

    My favorite MM moment was in NewBrunswick at the State. Theater last September when they debuted “All Alone on Christmas” with Maureen Van Zandt in the house! Fun night!!!

  18. Bev Muzilla says:

    I loved seeing The Midtown Men at their first OHIO concert in Springfield. Afterwards, they were kind enough to pose for pictures and sign my Jersey Boys Book!

  19. Lois Blansfield says:

    The Meet and Greet that was held for the Midtown Men in Wilmington, DE at the Grand Opera House. Such pleasant and friendly guys; not a phony trait among them!

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