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  1. Joyce says:

    I saw midtown men in Baton Rouge,La it was a wonderful show I enjoyed every minute of the show.
    Will see you over and over again whenever I can.

  2. Melanie says:

    I’m an 18 year old who just recently saw their show at Mohegan Sun and it was amazing. I was the youngest person there but I didn’t really care because I love 60s music and theatre, (I am a theatre major after all). It was surreal to see how far they have gotten in their careers and it gives me hope for my future. I wish I could have gotten the chance to meet them, but I needed to get home to sleep. But I would have loved to just talk Broadway and just everything with them. And no I don’t think they are an older version of One Direction.

    • Catherine says:

      Melanie, the Men love to know how their music touches people of all ages! When they come to your area again you MUST stay and meet them – they are as amazing in person as they are on stage! Thank your for sharing.

  3. George says:

    Great show at the Morrison center last night. Hope to
    See them this summer in Sun Valley, ID.

  4. Peter and Jean Albini says:

    Enjoyed the 10 year Celebration of “Jersey Boys” at the August Wilson Theater. Great to see all the Original Cast Members including The Midtown Men, Christian, Bobby, Daniel and Michael

  5. sara comer says:

    You guys were outstanding last night, as are you ALWAYS! Thank you for the ‘shout-out’ about our engagement. You four are truly the essence of class and sophistication! You do that era proud! oxoxoxoxoxoxox Sid&Sara

  6. JT says:

    One last thing-I was feeling a little badly about not hanging out for the meet & greet after the show & after reading these comments I’m really upset that we didn’t stay. I hope to see the show again one of these days & will definitely hang out afterwards to express my thanks in person.

    • Catherine says:

      So great to hear from you! Glad you enjoyed your birthday celebration, and yes, next time you MUST stay for the meet and greet – you think you’re in love now 😉

      I will surely keep you in mind for the STREET CREW next time the Men are in your area..Thank you!

  7. JT says:

    Just saw TMM on 9/19/14 in Springfield, MA. (Hubby took me for my B-Day 9/17/75.) Had not heard of them before, but LOVED Jersey Boys! Grew up on The Four Seasons as they were my parents favorite band-took them to Jersey Boys the second time we went. You guys rock!! CH & JRS–so suave, such charisma, those smiles…..I think I’m in love! 🙂 DR–didn’t expect you to move like that & ML–amazingly perfect voice. Wish I knew about the street crew ahead of time, but have already started spreading the word to everyone I’ve seen about you guys & this show. Can’t wait to see you again. Have a fantastic 2014 tour & thank you for a wonderful night out. PS-next time you are in SPFLD, MA check out Luxe Burger Bar across the highway from Symphony Hall, it’s superb. (I have no affiliation.) PPS-CH, are you really old enough for Richie Rich??

  8. Francesca says:

    I am an Australian fan and I want to start a campaign to bring the boys to Australia. Where do I start

  9. Tommy Hebert says:

    I made the concert at the Paragon in Louisiana. I made a lot of concerts at the Paragon and by far the midtownmen or #1 in my book I enjoy them so much. just hope they make more CD’S I have the one from the concert. I just need more.
    Thanks A millon

  10. Carol says:

    Awesome video on Facebook (which I am not a member of, so I can’t comment there) of Bobby wishing his father a happy birthday at their last concert. Great job!!! Enjoy your parents while they are still there and appreciate them!That was a wonderful tribute, kudos to you for doing it!

  11. Caroline Robelen says:

    I was at their show on Friday, October 18th in Jacksonville and it was probably one of the best concerts/evenings I’ve ever had. I’d seen the Midtown Men once before in December of 2012 and they were just as amazing and talented as always on Friday. Their energy and audience interaction always puts a giant smile on my face. I’d have to say the highlight of the evening was after the show when they were done signing autographs they came around for pictures and Daniel and Christian gave me a big hug! And one of them even knew my name! It was an AWESOME night and it was really hard to go to work the next day…even if work consists of hanging out with Winnie the Pooh and his friends. 🙂

  12. Donna St. Jacques says:

    I have seen TMM 6 times. I really enjoy their show. I always look forward to after the show also. That’s where you get to meet them. What a great group of guys! Keep up the good work!

  13. Barbara Langnehs says:

    saw the midtown men in tallahassee being an advid fan of Frankie Valli…. wow these guys were exceptionally great

  14. Lnza4 says:

    Paramont Theatre,New Jersey gr8 show. Wonderful cause Big Brother Big Sister. Looking forward to seeing you guys again in Naples, Florida….Couldn’t help myself from singing along with ya’s.

  15. Audrey says:

    Last October, I saw TMM in concert in Troy, NY. I invited a childhood friend who lived in the area and she loved it – just lamented that her husband wasn’t there, too. She emailed me today that she finally saw JB last evening. TMM are great PR for the show. I trust the folks at JB are grateful for their talent when appearing IN the show, as well as their continuing supportive words ABOUT the show.

  16. Cyndi says:

    I attended the show at the Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville AR…and it was EXCELLENT…beautiful harmony and you could tell the “Men” enjoyed what they were doing! It was also obvious that was the event to attend.

  17. Taylor Westbrook says:

    From Jersey Boys on Broadway to The Midtown Men on tour, you cant go wrong with this group of talented performers. Michael Longoria, Christian Hoff, J. Robert Spencer and Daniel Reichard put on a show that takes you back in time. The music is flawless, and seamless as they sing everything from Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons to The Beatles. The chemistry that these gentlemen have on stage is engaging and the audience is all smiles on this musical tour of the 1960’s. It’s upbeat, it’s up-tempo and it is an experience that will leave you nostalgic and wanting more.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to see The Midtown Men in concert. They will awaken your musical palette.

  18. Norene & John says:

    J. Robert Spencer exclaimed “SOPAC was So Packed” the night of South Orange Performing Arts Center’s Spring Gala, June 4th. We felt the evening was “So Packed” with the electrifying, energetic and amazing talent of The Midtown Men. To date we have seen TMM in concert five times and can say “they keep on getting better and better”. However, reflecting on that statement, how can that be possible? How can they get better than perfection? The answer is that each time we see them we witness how they give more and more of themselves, well surpassing 100% at every performance. The Midtown Men continue to add new songs, new harmony and new choreography to an already thoroughly dynamic performance.

    Unlike when they portrayed their characters in Jersey Boys and had to adhere to the script, as the The Midtown Men they are able to be themselves and interact with the audience, which heightens the experience of seeing them perform.

    At SOPAC we were a mere four rows from the stage… smack dab in the center and we could feel how their talent, energy and enthusiasm enveloped the audience. It was soooo impossible to sit still and not sing along with them. {Oh, that I could be on stage with them :-)}

    Not only do they give of themselves while on stage, but they continue to be generous to their fans after their show. We constantly witness the growing number of people that are drawn to TMM and enjoy meeting and having their photographs taken with them. We now have to share them with this growing population of fans. Be that as it may, they still appreciate and have a warm spot for those of us who have been there from the early days of the JB’s.

    Our plans currently are to see them 6 more times this year, unless more Northeast engagements pop up between now and year end. Our friends have referred to us as TMM groupies or even stalkers, to which we reply “No, we are simply Followers of the Arts…FINE ART!!!!”

    Norene and John

    • Ann says:

      6 more times this year? Wow! You should get a frequent viewer discount! I’m sure the guys really appreciate your dedication.

      thank you for sharing!

  19. Shirley says:

    I saw them in Charleston. I don’t know of any concert that has been more fun.
    The “men” make you feel you’re part of the show. And I agree, they are very personable and attentive after the show and make you feel special. I hope to see them many more times and
    the sooner the better.

  20. Carolyn says:

    Howard, thanks for always keeping us up to date and making us feel a part of the energy. You always give such great details and you definitely do not miss a beat! One of these days…we need to try and all be at the same venue…like old times!

  21. Howard says:

    What a wonderful nite at the SOPAC venue in South Orange, NJ. The Men received standing ovation after standing ovation and the crowd was thrilled. Each performer took care to spot many of us from the stage and we were all pinged during the performance. It’s the fifth time I’ve seen the Midtown Men and they give a wonderful variety by changing the songs each time. If it’s even possible, they get better and better, and I dare say, equal to their performances in “Jersey Boys”. Best of all, perhaps, following in their wonderful appreciation of the fans on Broadway, Christian, Michael, Daniel, and Bobby all stayed until the last fan received his or her chat, picture, and autograph. It was a wonderful evening that we won’t soon forget! As they echo Michael Jackson, “I want you back!!” Thanks to the Midtown Men.

  22. Catherine says:

    I’m going to go ahead and start this SHARE thing off….

    I’ve seen the MEN three times now – in Atlanta last summer, in Charleston at Christmas, and most recently in NY at Queens College. At the first two shows, I noticed a lot of people in the lobby before the show seemed to be season ticket holders for that venue, some not even sure of what to expect from the show, not being familiar with The Midtown Men. But it was a totally different story afterwards. Families came out laughing and singing, 80 year old ladies were standing in line for an autograph, smiles plastered on their faces. The common denominator in all the shows is that PEOPLE LOVE IT – THEY LOVE THE MUSIC, THEY LOVE THE ENERGY, THEY LOVE THE MEN. Bottom line…you don’t have to love 60’s music, you don’t have to love Jersey Boys, you don’t even have to know who these guys are – but in the end, you’re going to LOVE them!

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