Random Q & A: Michael Longoria, Part I

• July 12, 2011 • Comments (0)

Q: Out of the whole set of songs that you do for The Midtown Men, what are your favorites to perform?…..

A:  Michael – I love it when we tell the audience that we’re going to do our version of Motown, and then we bust out with the moves of the Jackson 5. I just like that when we sing it, I feel like we’re kind of bringing Michael Jackson and all that sound back. And even though we don’t sound exactly like them, and we’re doing it our own way, it‘s beautiful because when Michael Jackson was a child, the entire nation identified with this kid and fell in love with this kid. And I grew up seeing his journey, so to kind of bring it back to that pure and innocent time in his life is so special for me, for us to do. As a group, I love that song.

And you know, I don’t’ know why I love this song so much, but I just love “Bye, Bye Baby”. But then you listen to the lyrics and it’s so shady and sad….he’s talking about this girl he can’t be with because he has somebody already … but I love singing it. It’s something about where it fits in all of our voices, and where it is in the show, it’s just a really cool song.

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