Our Midtown Life, Part I

• December 15, 2013 • Comments (3)

Midtown Club Member Betsy Simek shares her Midtown Men story.

Our Midtown love affair began on August 28, 2012 at the New York State Fair in Syracuse.  Since then, we are following the Men whenever we can!

Prior to the 2012 NYSF, my daughter Alicia, her boyfriend Steve and I had seen one of the touring companies of Jersey Boys at Proctors Theater in Schenectady.  After that, we all began watching any videos we could find of the original Broadway cast, and eventually we happened upon “the men“.

When I saw they were going to play at the fair, plans were made.  We did spend some time walking around at the fair, had a few bites to eat, a couple of beers, and we played one game.  There was this large banana with a Rasta colored hat and dreadlocks that my 23 year old “had to have”!!! (Their dog’s name is Rasta, and she and Steve are big Bob Marley fans).  So we played the game and I won.  And that banana ended up being the catalyst of our relationship with the men!

We got really great seats early, on Chevy Court – the three of us, and the banana.   We were there for sound check, and when the show started, we knew it was going to be great, and it was.    It was a blistering day, and those wool suits must have been hot as heck, but the enthusiasm of the men never waivered.  By the time “Oh What a Night” was belted out, we were all on our feet, and the banana was in the air.  It was the first of many great shows, all over the northeast.

As we were standing in line for autographs, we decided to ask the men to sign the banana.  The line was long, it was still 85+ degrees, and the guys were just so accommodating, and patient – a trait we still witness show after show, city after city.     They all signed the banana – we were very close to the end of the line, and Christian asked if we would take a picture of them, with the banana.  He handed Alicia his IPhone, and she snapped a couple for him, and we said good-bye.

After that, we began looking for shows we could attend – a logistical issue for us, because Alicia and Steve live in New Hampshire, and my husband and I live in upstate NY (the real upstate, where the Adirondacks are!) – three and a half hours apart.    In the meantime, we had the banana picture made into T-shirts, with “The Midtown Men” above the photo, and started preparing for our next show!

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Comments (3)

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  1. Rosemary Caruso says:

    The Midtown Men, 4 stars exactly what they are, they shine so bright no matter where they are. From day one on the stage and at the stage door, I knew a connection was made and the circle just goes around. Beautiful, talented heart an soul. There is a light from within that shines like the stars that they are. I love My Midtown Men. Memories that we all hold near and dear to our hearts, are never forgotten. Love my Men xox ~ Rosemary Caruso

  2. Carol says:

    Nice story! I first saw them also at the NYS Fair in 2011 and made sure I was front row (although right side) for the show in 2012. You are absolutely right: both times they put on a fantastic show in spite of the heat and the sunglare right into their eyes! So now I try to find places close enough to see them: did Binghamton in 2012 and Rochester this year. Very sad to have missed the holiday show in Binghamton this week:( But am anxiously scanning their 2014 concert listing! Unfortunately, from what they said in Rochester, they won’t be coming back to Syracuse in the near future. But never say never! They have been very gracious and nice in signing my street crew photos, and in talking to everyone in line.

  3. Steve Marshall says:

    Yup. This is how our love od The Midtown Men began. And it continues!

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