McCarter Theatre Celebrates Gala With The Midtown Men

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”We want to make everybody really live in the moment and celebrate this great music whether in their seats or on their feet” (Daniel Reichard)


The Midtown Men (l to r) J. Robert Spencer, Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria and Daniel Reichard

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… McCarter Theatre … ready for … big night

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By Keith Loria

Saturday, May 18, McCarter Theatre will be holding its annual gala with special guests, The Midtown Men, in a night labeled, Oh What a Night!    Comprising four of the original Jersey Boys from Broadway — Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard, and J. Robert Spencer — The Midtown Men perform hits from the ‘60s era, including tunes by the Beatles, The Beach Boys, Motown, The Four Seasons, and more.

”For us, these concerts in New Jersey are like coming home and singing for your family,” Mr. Reichard says.  “When we opened on Broadway, New Jersey was such a full force of making ‘Jersey Boys’ the blockbuster that it was.  The people there have always been so connected to Broadway but when ‘Jersey Boys’ opened, it became the crown jewel of the community and gave them some serious Jersey pride.”

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…The main force of a Midtown Men show is music of the great groups of the 1960s.  Rather than just sing the Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons songs that made them such a draw on Broadway, the guys decided to reach much further in the generation of songs.

”We loved singing that music but the bigger interest for us was the music of the 1960s as a whole,” Mr. Reichard says.  “We found that we had so many favorite groups and so many songs that we loved, we decided to do all of them.”

No show is ever the same and the guys make sure to personalize every concert to where they are and those who are coming to see it, and Mr. Reichard says the gala crowd is in for a special night.

”We are so happy to get to see all these people who saw us on Broadway and many more who didn’t get to see us, so they are some really feel-good concerts,” he says.  “McCarter is such a beautiful theater and we will definitely be celebrating the importance of that institution.  Our show is a lot about laughs, having a good time and offering up some great live entertainment.”

What binds the show together are the stories the singers share about their experiences together the past four years.  Mr. Reichard and his fellow singers say they don’t want people to think the show is all about nostalgia; it is more about enjoying the music in the present.

”We want to make everybody really live in the moment and celebrate this great music whether in their seats or on their feet,” he says.  “There’s a very free and spontaneous element to the show that allows us to share whatever it is we’re feeling and by the end of the show they feel they really know us and the special relationship between four hardworking guys.”


State Theatre’s Gala concert tickets range from $37-$127, while full benefit gala tickets cost $650. For information, call 908-322-1100. For information on the McCarter Theatre Gala, visit

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