Imagining The Midtown Men Performing A Favorite

• May 16, 2012 • Comments (5)

The Midtown Men made American musical theater history in the Original Broadway Cast Of Jersey Boys, and midtown man Christian Hoff charted the course with fellow stars-on-the-rise Alice Ripley, Michael Cerveris and Norm Lewis in Broadway’s The Who’s TOMMY

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Donnie Kehr and Christian Hoff, 'Pinball Wizard'

‘Pinball Wizard’ has been on my mind recently after hearing it several times  on the radio in the last week.  Each time I hear it, I am transported back to the August Wilson Theatre, December, 2008.  No, not Jersey Boys, but my “other” top Broadway experience – Christian Hoff and Donnie Kehr (along with the entire original cast) seriously rocking that song and blowing away every person in that packed house during Rockers on Broadway’s  The Who’s TOMMY reunion concert.  What an unbelievable experience that show was!

I’ve been imagining Christian Hoff rocking out ‘Pinball Wizard’ once again, only this time accompanied by Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer.  How cool would that be?!?

Have you been imagining The Midtown Men performing a favorite song of yours as well? If so, let’s hear about it.  I’ll send a Midtown Club souvenir to the people who post the songs and/or stories I like best!

‘Pinball Wizard’ was performed on Glee recently – click to listen.

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Comments (5)

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  1. Barbara says:

    I think Christian would sound great singing Dock of the Bay and/or Under the Boardwalk. Mustange Sally and My girl would also bewonderful song to hear. Great Motown music is hard to beat when done right–Heard it through the grape vine would be a great song.

    I saw the performance in Biloxi and loved the Daydream Beliver tribute to Davy Jones they need to leave it in the show. Moma and the Papas are always great–Dedicated to the one I love . California Dreaming is one of my favorites on the MTM CD. I love the whole CD and look foward to the next one.

  2. Howard says:

    Ever since the start of TMM, I’ve wanted to hear Michael Longoria performing “Hey There Lonely Girl”…and while Eddie Holman had the big 1970 hit, Ruby and the Romantics entered the Billboard chart on 8/10/63 with “Hey There Lonely Boy” and peaked at #27.

    Also want to hear “Mr. Bass Man”….with Daniel Reichard in the Johnny Cymbal part and Bobby Spencer as Mr. Bass Man (the Ronnie Bright Part). This is sort of the 60’s version of “Blue Moon”, but nobody plays it anymore.

    Finally, I think Christian would knock it out of the park on “I Will Follow Her”, the male version of Peggy March’s megahit. I also think Teddy Randazzo’s “Big Wide World” would be a perfect fit for Christian. Or since he does voices and accents so well, how about Rolf Harris’s “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport”?

    All of the above songs are from the innocent year of 1963, before we lost our innocence in the JFK tragedy and before our friends came over from across the pond and by far my favorite year in music. (Honorable mentions: Skeeter Davis’s “The End of the World”, Bill Anderson’s “Still”).

  3. Christian says:

    I performed Mustang Sally with my band in So. Cal last year. Love it! It didn’t make the album Turnstyles but it was a favorite to play Staci!

    Magic is such a feel good tune…that would be a blast to get the audience going…Thanks for the idea Carolyn!

    Keep ’em coming guys…


  4. Carolyn says:

    Do You Believe In Magic?

  5. Staci says:

    I’m imagining a little Wilson Pickett…Mustang Sally or In the Midnight Hour. That would be very nice.

    (and love that pic of Christian and Donnie Kehr!)

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