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What a wonderful year it has been for The Midtown Men and their fans!  Over 50 concerts across the United States and Canada, from New York to Florida, California to Montana and so many points in between.  What a treat for us fans to have the opportunity to go along on this wild ride! 

I feel so fortunate to have seen three TMM concerts in 2011, from Queens College, where the longtime fans made it feel like a homecoming; to the riotous college campus performance in Birmingham, where the “Roll Tide” cheers and a few chords of “Sweet Home Alabama” had  the young crowd in a frenzy; to the black tie gala in Macon, where the cream of society let loose to the nostalgia of the 60’s…all so different, but comfortingly familiar.  The highlight for me, though, has to be seeing my Atlanta friends in Birmingham, with whom I saw my first show the year before, and being able to share that joy once again.


I asked Christian Hoff if he might share some highlights of his year with us, and as is his nature, he came through with not only a reflection, but some of his favorite pictures from the past year:

Some things come to mind reflecting on 2011 with The Midtown Men: patience from Adele taking a break, perspective from Amy Winehouse passing, persistence from Lady Gaga’s defining rise, personal inspiration from The Beatles Album Guide from Rolling Stone. 

Highlights with The Midtown Men tour include the joy of bringing our sound and story to fans across the United States and Canada, the huddle before each show, the ovations during, meeting every fan after, the laughs and time together in the studio, the countless planes, trains and automobiles, the friendly feud between us guys that holds it all together … but the greatest of all has to be coming home to my loving wife and kids, sharing the reward and sacrifice of the road with them.

Here’s to a year ahead filled with growing success and good times. We look forward to sharing it with you, our fans and friends – thanks for joining us! From Jersey Boys to The Midtown Men and beyond…the journey continues…

God Bless.

– Christian



I’m looking so forward to what I know will be a spectacular year ahead for the Men!  I already have plans for the March 7 show in Lakeland.  Happy New Year to all the fans, and to you, Christian, Michael, Daniel and Bobby.  Thank you for continuing to share your immense talents and charming selves with us!

What are your favorite TMM memories from the past year?  Please share!!

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3 comments on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  1. I just love Christian Hoff. He is such a sweetheart and apparently a dedicated family man.

    One of the high lights of my year was seeing the Midtown Men in Ft. Collins, CO. The show was so fantastic and the men were so very friendly and funny. I can’t wait for another opportunity to see them again.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Carolyn on said:

    I look forward to another year of fun with friends and family…following “The Men” and catching a concert or two. An experience I could do over and over…

  3. Christian Hoff on said:

    Thanks Catherine, for sharing my reflections on the past year with the guys. I reflected a bit further back and put some vintage videos on my page… check ’em out at the Christian Hoff page if you dare…


    Happy New Year Everybody!

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