Fan Shares from JB 10th Anniversary

• November 22, 2015 • Comments (2)

There were so many fantastic memories from the Nov 6th -8th JB Anniversary weekend!  Here are some great photo shares from some who were there.


A huge Thank You goes out to Audrey Rockman, who organized a group of 60+ tickets for Friday night’s show.  Audrey, you rock!

Audrey (center) and some of her Jersey Girls


Lulu Thompson took a little bit of the party back to the room with her!  (And no, she did not steal them, my hand to God!)


Thank you Peter and Jean Albini for sharing these great pictures!

"Peter and Chris"

"Jean and Bobby"

Have something to share?  email pics and thoughts to!

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Comments (2)

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  1. Christian says:

    The night was electric for sure and what a way to celebrate an anniversary! Thanks Audrey for the poetic recap. Love to all our JB family everywhere. Only the beginning…

  2. Audrey says:

    Lots of highlights on November 8 – starting with the morning and an impromptu, veranda birthday gathering with Catherine (and gift-bearer Lulu) at the Novotel. Seeing Daniel with his ever-sharper charisma and style, hearing Christian’s voice float from the cosmos when he called to me as I dashed down the steps and Bobby with his young, young (tall!) son. Wait, wasn’t he just born? And Michael’s special appearance – just off his recent attendance at the Drama League’s Centennial Celebration at the Plaza. No favorites of course (or should I say ALL favorites), but I have to admit there was a sizzling electricity around Christian during that final curtain call. Maybe it was an ethereal bow to the patriarch of the Four Seasons or the channeling of the Tony’s which the show garnered, but it took me back to a time which will never die. Thanks guys, for bringing your incomparable aura to this special event!

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