Fan Q & A: Part 1

• September 2, 2011 • Comments (5)

It’s  Fan Q & A, where you pose the questions to The Men.

Q:  Congratulations Men, on the release of your CD.  We all look forward  to finally bringing your sound home.  Now that the CD is available, is  there a chance we will be able to hear any of the songs on the radio?  Is there a way the fans can initiate airtime, by putting in a song  request at the radio stations?  Is there a particular song that is a  favorite, that you would like to see stand out as a single hit?   (from Carolyn)

A:  Having a song from one of our albums on the radio will be amazing. For this album, we set out to capture the energy and flow of the live show.  That plan didn’t include a targeted radio single.  But you never know what can happen with this incredible ride we’re on.  We are so proud of our collaboration and growth in the studio.  None of us had ever produced a record and it was a blast.  We know how we would attack the next one.

Is there a particular track from The Midtown Men: Sixties Hits you’re all diggin’?  Tell us and absolutely tell your favorite station, deejay and music editor.

Are the times of making something great happen yourself, a thing of the past?…evidently not! Enjoy the music, spread the love!


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Comments (5)

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Since “The Men” broke out as “The Boys”, my hope had always been that they would take their talents from private events and public shows to the next level. When they performed on The Today Show in the past, they were absolutely adored by everyone. Now that these men have evolved into something so much better, The Today Show would be the perfect start to launch this new era in their careers. If Michael Buble and Harry Connick Jr can pull it off with “crooner” cover songs, then why not revive the 60’s? The Men have brought back this wonderful sound and deserve the opportunity for something great to happen. Spread the word!

  2. Catherine says:

    Hmmm…”is there a particular track…you’re diggin’?” Absolutely! I’m diggin Can’t Buy Me Love…no, wait, my favorite is Happy Together…no, I mean, Time of the Season…hell, I can’t pick one. This album is off the charts good – and I can definitely imagine hearing several of the tracks on the radio. Now it’s time for US to get to work!

  3. Christian says:

    After four years and over 1500 performances as my pal Tommy DeVito, I moved on to star in a Broadway revival. I left early and dodged a bullet. Broadway beckons every year. It is an amazing and exciting world to be a part of. From The Who’s Tommy to Jersey Boys…wonder what’s next? I am making music history with my pals and bringing it to people everywhere. Amazing journey. See you in Easton, where you can meet us and get your CD!!

  4. Anon says:

    **Are the times of making something great happen yourself, a thing of the past?…evidently not!**

    I love that attitude! Now, I really think you guys could make an appearance on the Today show happen yourselves. After all, Bobby did it for himself while promoting ‘Farm Girl’. How great would that be?

  5. sharon says:

    Hope its ok to ask….why did ya all leave Jersey Boys??
    Really looking forward to seeing you perform in Easton Pa this october! Will the cd be available at your performances?

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