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• June 4, 2011 • Comments (4)

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4 comments on “Fan Photos

  1. Mary Ellen Sanchez on said:

    I thought they were awesome in Macon – guess my pictures didn’t turn out – and they were a lot of fun at the very cool reception afterwards. This event was a fund raiser at the Grand Opera House which was magnificent. At the reception – you have never seen such roses, plus the guys were very cute and very friendly and appreciative of their fans. Thanks, Cath, for taking me with you!!

  2. Carolyn on said:

    Ah…what a fun evening in Atlanta!

    • Catherine on said:

      Yes it was! FANTASTIC show, the MEN were so gracious afterwards – as usual, and GREAT friends! Let’s do it again!!!

  3. Carley on said:

    i love these pictures! my favorite is the one with Michael! nice pose. and the the picture with that cute girl with that cool looking man.

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