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  1. JO ANN & JERRY on said:

    We met Christian for the first time when he was with our friend, “the” Tommy DeVito, visiting the town of Belleville NJ to give Christian a little more personal insight into the neighborhood where Tommy grew up and where the 4 Seasons originated (except for Bobby)to help give him more background for the play. Tommy introduced us to Christian and his beautiful wife Melissa. They were so down to earth,warm and friendly, that we will never forget it. (Christian still treats us the same every time we get to see him, it just makes us love him more.) Christian also introduced us to the other three guys when we got to see the play in its Preveiws on Broadway in NYC. He made sure they all signed our Playbills and posed for pictures! We will never forget that night and how special they made US feel. God bless them all 🙂

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