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Sold-Out Mohegan Sun Crowd Welcomes The Midtown Men

• July 26, 2015 • Comments (0)

Last night, Saturday, July 25th, The Midtown Men took a break from their summer vacation to play to a “sold-out and enthusiastic audience” at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino. Pat Abdalla was on hand and had this to say about the show:

Midtown men take sold-out casino crowd back to the ’60s

by PAT ABDALLA,, Published: July 26, 2015 (excerpts – click here to read story in its entirety)

J. Robert Spencer sat on a stool and, introducing the song he was about to sing, explained he’d heard the Beatles’ classic “In My Life” in a new way recently. He talked about how people move into and out of our lives, and he appreciated that fact in a new way as a husband and father, which gave the song a deeper meaning to him.

Then Spencer, who came to fame singing classic songs in the Broadway hit “Jersey Boys” and currently as a member of the Midtown Men, leaned back and sang the opening lyrics, “There are places I remember …”


Spencer and his bandmates — Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria and Daniel Reichard — brought the sold-out and enthusiastic audience back to the places of their childhood on a tour through the ’60s on Saturday at Mohegan Sun Pocono.


The Midtown Men hit all the right notes, from the pop hits of bands like The Mamas & the Papas to the protest songs of groups like Buffalo Springfield to some of Motown’s biggest classics……

…Throughout the show, they took turns introducing each other to the audience, talked about touring the country and their love of ’60s music.

Longoria, who bounds about the stage like a mix of Valli and Bruno Mars, was self-deprecating.

“I can fit in your purse,” the diminutive singer said.

Reichard, who is sporting a new beard, stole the show with a rousing and heart-felt rendition of “Cry For Me” and a rollicking “Good Lovin.’” Both got audience members heads bobbing and received a loud ovation.

Hoff’s rendition of “For What It’s Worth” was powerful.

Spencer’s soulful baritone also connected with the crowd, particularly on “In My Life” and “California Dreamin.’” …

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Beacon Round-Up – Midtown Men Fans Are The Best!

• July 3, 2015 • Comments (1)

It goes without saying that the “night at the Beacon” (as many will fondly remember it) was a truly magical night – The Men so at home in New York City, the amazing special guests, the adoring audience…and for me, the very special added bonus of seeing so many cherished friends, some I have known for years, dating back to the early JB days, some coming to me through this website and TMM shows, and even a few newly made friendships that I hope will last a lifetime!

The Midtown Men are truly blessed with so many amazing fans all over the country. What a blast when a whole bunch of these fans converge! I feel so fortunate for the times I am able to join them – most recently for two once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (or would that be twice-in-a-lifetime? Anyway, you know what I mean) such as the NJPAC show filmed for PBS and the NYC homecoming show at the Beacon. Midtown Men fans are the absolute best! How wonderful to have a community of people who not only share our stories with each other, but who share a passion that few understand – a passion and love for these ridiculously talented, incredibly sweet, truly amazing men.

Thank you friends and fans for helping to feed the fire, stoke the flames, and spread the word of the Midtown Men experience. And thank you Christian, Michael, Daniel and Bobby for continuing to bring us all together!

Great time with friends after the show: fm L, Tricia, Courtney, Lulu, Audrey, Catherine and Doreen

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Another Fabulous Performance From The Beacon Theatre

• July 1, 2015 • Comments (2)

1996 Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer Shirley Alston Reeves, former Lead Singer of the Shirelles, was one of The Midtown Men’s special guest stars at the recent Beacon Theatre concert. The crowd went wild when she declared “Tonight, I’m gonna be a Midtown Woman!”

What a thrill to be in the audience and experience Ms. Alston Reeves perform the Shirelles’ first #1 hit, “Will You Love Me Tomorrow.”


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Gene Cornish Joins TMM For Some “Good Lovin'”

• June 28, 2015 • Comments (4)

The Rascals’ Gene Cornish is no stranger to The Midtown Men stage. He showed off his amazing harmonica skills last year at NJPAC when he joined the Men for a little “Groovin’.” So it came as no surprise when Gene joined the Men once again at the Beacon Theatre on Saturday, June 20th. What was a surprise, though, was that this time he was jamming on his guitar to the Men’s pumped up version of “Good Lovin'” – an unforgettable performance all around!

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Looking FORWARD to the Beacon Takes Me BACK…

• June 13, 2015 • Comments (6)

The Historic Beacon Theatre will come alive on Saturday, June 20th, when fans old and new come together for the much anticipated New York City homecoming of The Midtown Men!  Preparations are being made…flight booked, reservations at the famed Beacon Hotel made, outfit arranged…well, I do have another week to figure that out.

In all the excitement of looking forward to next Saturday night, my thoughts go back to the beginning.  Back to that night in February of 2007 when I saw these guys, and Jersey Boys, for the first time.  Back to the excited frenzy of the Jersey Boys blog and the welcoming, avid fans, many of whom I look forward to seeing next week.  And back to the joy I felt when I learned that we would all have a chance to enjoy these four men’s talents on the same stage once again.

While reminiscing, I looked back to the beginning of this website, to the very first article I wrote, and I realized that the elation I felt back then is still the same every time I see a Midtown Men show.  So I would like to share that feeling with all of you – new fans, old fans, family and friends – and take you back to the beginning.


Originally posted by Catherine, May 20, 2011

Working My Way Back To You…

“Let’s hang on to what we got
Don’t let go, girl, we got a lot
Got a lot of love between us
Hang on, hang on, hang on to what we got…”

If you’ve seen The Midtown Men in concert, you may recognize those lyrics as the start of the show, the MEN singing  even before they appear on stage.  And the audience goes wild.   Then the men enter, and the song changes…

“Working my way back to you babe
With a burning love inside
Yeah I’m working my way back to you babe
With a happiness that died
I let it get away, paying every day…”

And the crowd goes even more wild.  Those in the audience who aren’t familiar with the MEN from their Jersey Boys days may not get the significance of those songs right away.  But those of us who fell in love with Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer from the first time we laid eyes on them… we know.  And the words excite us, because we understand them.  We understand that the time spent at the August Wilson Theatre meant as much to these MEN as it did to us.  They have said in interviews that they missed performing together, missed making that fabulous music, missed that special time.  And we, the fans, have missed it, too.  And we are so  thrilled that The Midtown Men were able to hang on, and are working their way back to us!

A little over the top, you say?  Perhaps.  But those are the feelings these men inspire in their fans … with a burning love inside … a burning love of their amazing talents, their dedication to their profession, their genuineness with their fans, their love of this infectious 60’s sound, and most of all, the obvious joy they get from performing together.  And they spread that joy so completely to their audiences night after night.

As the last notes of “Bye Bye Baby” are dying away, and the crowd is going wild, The Midtown Men newbies get it.  They get it, and they understand it.  They understand that now, they will be working their way back to see these MEN again and again.


Work YOUR way BACK to The Midtown Men next Saturday, June 20th, at the Beacon Theatre!

(click here for tickets)

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Exciting News for Midtown Men Fans

• May 23, 2015 • Comments (11)

The Midtown Club will be taking to the Streets and Avenues of Manhattan to spread the word of The Midtown Men’s long awaited New York City Homecoming concert at the famed Beacon Theatre!


The gorgeous Beacon Theatre, 2124 Broadway, NYC


The Men recently announced that a few 60’s music icons will be special guest stars for this one night only concert!

If you would like to get involved in this exciting event, please leave a comment here on the Club site or email Catherine at Volunteers will receive some cool TMM prizes, including an opportunity to win two tickets to see the show!

What: The Midtown Men at The Beacon Theatre
When: Saturday, June 20th @ 8:00 pm
Where: 2124 Broadway, NYC
How: Click here for ticket info

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See TMM at Florida Theatre for $30 with GROUPON!

• February 13, 2015 • Comments (0)

What a great opportunity to see The Midtown Men from the balcony of the historic Florida Theatre in Jacksonville, Florida.  Click here to find out how you can obtain $30 tickets for TMM’s February 25th show through Groupon.



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Street Crew Member Captures TMMs Fifth Show in Biloxi

• February 8, 2015 • Comments (4)

The Midtown Men recently played their fifth show in Biloxi, MS, and long-time Street Crew Member and TMM fan Barbara Gandy was on hand to capture the night in pictures. Thank you Barbara for your continued support of The Midtown Men and contributions to The Midtown Club!

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‘Midtown Men Live In Concert’ Begins Airing Tonight

• November 29, 2014 • Comments (8)

The moment we’ve all been waiting for!!  The Midtown Men make their broadcast television debut this weekend with their May 28 NJPAC concert  taped live for PBS.

Airing begins tonight with shows on local PBS stations in New York, New Jersey and Atlanta.  Check out air dates throughout the country on the calendar below (listed in no partcicular order.)  And keep checking your local PBS stations for air dates near you, or for changes in the schedules.

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Sold Out Crowd at Hawaii Theatre “certainly got its money’s worth”

• November 23, 2014 • Comments (0)

Several numbers stood out:
» Reichard evoking memories of Johnnie Ray as he worked the mic stand at the front of the stage during his dramatic rendition of “I Cried For You.”
» Longoria ripping it up as a powerhouse song stylist with “Something Got A Hold On Me.”
» Spencer connecting with a surprise reworking of “Build Me Up Buttercup” and an winning rendition of “Ain’t That Peculiar.”
» Hoff delivering a charming take on “Happy Together.”


Review: Midtown Men at Hawaii Theatre


The Midtown Men on stage at the Hawaii Theatre on Saturday. PHOTO BY BRUCE ASATO

National touring company productions of hit Broadway shows come through Honolulu from time to time, but seeing the touring company is not the same as seeing the stars of the Broadway production.

That inescapable fact makes the Midtown Men — four original members of the cast of “Jersey Boys” — the closest Honolulu is likely to get to seeing the stars of single Broadway hit performing together here.

Christian Hoff originated the role of Tommy DeVito and won a Tony Award for his performance. Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer originated the roles of Bob Gaudio and Nick Massi respectively. Michael Longoria originated the role of Joe Pesci, a close friend of the Four Seasons, and then moved up to the role of the group’s lead vocalist, Frankie Valli; he played Valli alongside Hoff, Reichard and Spencer for two years.

When the Midtown Men sing Four Seasons hits — “Dawn (Go Away),” “Sherry” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” to name three — they are singing songs that they sang together on Broadway. Hawaii can’t get closer to a Broadway cast than that.

But — and this is important — the Midtown Men are also more than that. They’re not doing excerpts from “Jersey Boys.” They aren’t a tribute act impersonation of the Four Seasons either. What Hawaii saw at the Hawaii Theatre on Saturday was bigger, better and more imaginative than either a greatest hits show or a tribute act production. Four charismatic vocalists/dancers did an eclectic assortment of classic oldies from the 1960s along with one from 1975 that fit in perfectly.

The seven musicians who backed them were excellent as well.

The Hawaii Theatre was sold out Saturday and the crowd certainly got its money’s worth. The quartet performed for more than 90 minutes.

Almost everything was either uptempo or emotionally uplifting or both. Nothing in the show felt like filler. Every song fit. The jokes and stories and back-and-forth introductions added entertainment value rather than simply stretching the running time.

And, unlike the Four Seasons, all four Midtown Men sing lead — sometimes trading off in the middle of a song.  Spirited choreography worked especially well when they were doing vintage soul hits.

Several numbers stood out:
» Reichard evoking memories of Johnnie Ray as he worked the mic stand at the front of the stage during his dramatic rendition of “I Cried For You.”
» Longoria ripping it up as a powerhouse song stylist with “Something Got A Hold On Me.”
» Spencer connecting with a surprise reworking of “Build Me Up Buttercup” and an winning rendition of “Ain’t That Peculiar.”
» Hoff delivering a charming take on “Happy Together.”

Two surprises in terms of their distance from the Four Seasons’ discography were “Time Of The Season” and “Never My Love” — both also featuring Hoff.  There was also a high-energy arrangement of arrangement of “River Deep-Mountain High” that captured the power and emotional intensity of the original Phil Special/Ike and Tina Turner production remarkably well.

Photo by Bruce Asato

A Motown medley displayed the quartet’s talents as lead vocalists, backing vocalists, dancers and arrangers in full measure. Although all the arrangements in the show are original, the Motown medley showed that the quartet can do justice to songs that are almost impossible to improve on.

And — no surprise — Longoria did a stellar job on all the Frankie Valli material.

A 15-minute intermission gave many in the house time to visit the restrooms. Others made use of the break to pick up a copy of the group’s newly released CD, “The Midtown Men Live In Concert!” — a preview of a PBS concert scheduled for broadcast later this year.

On a personal note, the guys made it clear they’d been here long enough to soak up some basic Hawaiiana. Their heart-felt “Mahalos” and“Alooooooooooooo-has!” were well received by the audience. So were their brief comments about their experiences here.

It was notable that they never had to cue the audience to “put your hands together” or “give it up for…” The crowd spontaneously clapped along in rhythm as the mood hit them from the quartet’s opener, “Get Ready,” through the encore performance of “Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye).”

Burton White, left, Artistic Director & General Manager of the Hawaii Theatre, celebrated backstage with the Midtown Men — Christian Hoff, J. Robert Spencer, Daniel Reichard and Michael Longoria — after their sold-out opening night performance. PHOTO BY JOHN BERGER

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