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Yuletide Carols, Sung By The Fire…

Catherine • December 18, 2013 • Comments (5)

Most everyone has a favorite “yuletide carol” … whether it be a song that brings back a fond Christmas memory or a newer holiday hit that just makes you want to sing along (insert “All Alone On Christmas.”)

Since I was a child, my favorite Christmas song has always been “The Little Drummer Boy.”  A small child, so humble and poor, offering his gift of music to the newborn King.  Such a beautiful message for us all.

What is your favorite holiday song?
Anyone who shares will have a chance to win The Midtown Men’s “All Alone On Christmas” CD.

And just for fun, guess which Midtown Man’s favorite Christmas song is “Silent Night.”

I found this incredible version of Little Drummer boy on youtube.  Hope you enjoy!

Category: Prize Posts

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