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Fan Pics From NY State Fair

• September 24, 2012 • Comments (3)

The Midtown Men “superfan” Rosemary Caruso shared these great pictures from the 2012 New York State Fair.  Enjoy! 

I edited the slideshow to add more great pictures from Carol Techman – keep ’em coming, fans!

Thank you Rosemary and Carol! If anyone else has pictures to share, please email them to

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It’s Official … The Midtown Men at the NY State Fair’s Chevy Court

• July 6, 2012 • Comments (0)

On March 30th, Betsy posted this comment on the Concert Calendar page:

Are the guys truly playing at the NY State Fair? I keep seeing it as a venue, but fair officials haven’t yet announced it. (They’ve announced just about everything else happening on that stage.)

Well Betsy, finally, officially, here it is:

The New York State Fair has announced five more acts for this year’s Chevy Court, including a Food Network Star, Disney Channel actress, and three rock bands.

“From crooners to rockers and television personalities, Chevy Court has it all this year,” said Dan O’Hara, State Fair director, in a media release. “Our hope is to offer a variety of entertainers so that families can enjoy multiple appearances at the Fair.”Bridgit Mendler will perform Saturday, August 25 at 2 p.m. Three Dog Night will perform Monday, August 27 at 8 p.m. The Midtown Men perform Tuesday, August 28 at 2 p.m. Collective Soul will perform Tuesday, August 28 at 8 p.m. Guy Fieri will perform Wednesday, August 29 at 2 p.m…”

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The Midtown Men in The NY Daily News

• September 22, 2011 • Comments (0)

Midtown Men, who rose to fame in original Broadway ‘Jersey Boys,’ share their love of ’60s music

BY Ira Kantor

Thursday, September 22nd 2011, 4:00 AM

The Midtown Men sound as crisp as their Rat Pack-inspired suits. Their voices blend together so flawlessly on stage, in fact, even music maestro Paul Anka couldn’t believe his ears when he saw them live in Montana.

“He said, ‘So are you guys using Pro Tools?’ I said, ‘No, we’re not using Pro Tools,’ and he goes, ‘You’re not using Pro Tools?’ I said, ‘No, man, that’s all live,'” says group member J. Robert Spencer, 42.

“He was like, ‘You’re kidding.’ I go, ‘No, I’m not kidding, man. That’s live. We’re not going to do that. We sing live … that’s all live.'”

“There are so many bands that go out there with tracks and supporting tracks and with Auto-tuning. You’d be amazed at how many people have grown accustomed to that so it sounds like the record. What we do is we sound real,” adds group member and Christian Hoff, 43.

“That’s what we want. We want to sound like the record because we want to sound real.”

Authenticity is the core of this musical brotherhood, which also features vocalists Michael Longoria and Daniel Reichard. Performing everywhere from state fairs, to performing arts centers, to Katie Couric’s 50th birthday party, these four best friends — who starred in the original production of the Broadway smash “Jersey Boys” — stamp their own imprint on timeless ’60s tunes by such iconic groups as the Beach Boys, Beatles, and the Mamas and the Papas.

Although each member says they’ve thrived artistically from more than 1,000 performances of “Jersey Boys,” they make clear audiences seeing them perform as the Midtown Men will not be seeing a reproduction of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

“It was almost inevitable that we would need to align ourselves once again, not only to get the thrill of what it was we created but to keep that love going, and that’s really what this is about,” said Hoff, who won a Tony for his portrayal of Four Season Tommy DeVito.

“Of four guys absolutely in love with the ’60s, we’ve become ambassadors to an era that … musically is unparalleled. …This music is resonating not only within us and with each other but with audiences that we take it to, and that’s a thrill that is actually eclipsing “Jersey Boys,” if that is possible.”

The Midtown Men are also thrilled to leave their audiences with something even more memorable, their first album. “Sixties Hits” is 32-minutes of enthusiastic and spirited takes of golden oldies, including The Drifters’ “Up on the Roof,” The Turtles’ “Happy Together” and The Zombies’ “Time of the Season.”

Group members say they found their true voices producing and mixing the album themselves over several months in a New York studio.

“We only got better,” said Michael Longoria, 29, who played Joe Pesci and later Frankie Valli in “Jersey Boys.”

“I’ve always pictured myself as somebody who had an old school voice in the contemporary time. So to be able to sing that kind of music again and then to give life to it, it’s special because I’ve always felt, well, I have this old school voice but nobody’s writing this kind of music anymore. But now people want to hear it so I have an opportunity to really utilize what I have.”

“What’s really amazing about it … was we wanted the album to really reflect the kind of love and passion that we feel about this catalogue of music,” said Daniel Reichard, 33, who played Bob Gaudio.

“We wanted to almost control every part of the process artistically so that when it was done and we sell it to people and we give it to our friends and we present it to the industry, we’re saying this is a reflection of who we are and how we feel about this music and how we want us to sound doing this music.”

Retaining their independence, the Midtown Men have official say in everything from choreography to merchandise. Just don’t call this democracy a cover band.

“I’ve been in cover bands. I’ve been to the bars and the basement parties and stuff — that’s a cover band. This just isn’t,” said Spencer, a Tony-nominee for his portrayal of Dan Goodman in “Next to Normal.”

“When we do those songs, they’re our songs. Other people wrote them; other people have had them on vinyl for over 40 years and it belongs to them totally, but when it’s on our stage, it belongs to us. We feel it in our hearts and we really feel it in our souls.”

“When we perform now I get the same thrill, the same rush that I got on Broadway portraying Tommy DeVito,” Hoff said. “That same thrill of that Tony-winning show and my Tony-winning performance is even more exciting now because it’s not a character that I’m playing. I’m myself living the dream.”

A second album is already being discussed, but, the singers say, they won’t measure their success by CD sales.

“We pick some great songs and arrangements and we’ve entertained them all night, and they want to take that home. It’s thrilling,” Spencer said.

“So it’s not about getting on the album charts. If some company wants to come in, listen to our CD, and say, let’s do something with it, that’s awesome. That would be amazing to have that conversation one day. But right now it’s really [about] the fans, giving them what they want. And they want the Midtown Men.”


The Midtown Men perform 8 p.m. Saturday at the Hugh Kirwan Performing Arts Center, 68-02 Metropolitan Ave.,  Middle Village. Tickets are $50 and $55. For more information call (718) 423-8394 or visit

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The Midtown Club Wants to Hear From You

• January 14, 2019 • Comments (12)


People often ask me, “How many times have you seen The Midtown Men?”  And I answer, quite honestly, “I have no idea.”  I am so impressed by the people who know their exact number of shows, especially when that number is something like 44!  I guess I could sit down with pen and paper and try to make a chronological list, and I could probably come up with something close to the number of shows I’ve seen.  Maybe one day I will.  But for now, I just think of each show as a fabulous memory.  The wonderful people I’ve met, the beautiful venues I’ve visited, the friends and family that I have introduced into my TMM world, and the amazing music that I never grow tired of.

Ask me what my first show was, and I’ll tell you a story about my trip to Atlanta to see the Men before they had even named themselves The Midtown Men, when they began what would turn into a decade of touring together.  They were playing the Cobb Energy Center and my best friend and her daughter, my two daughters and I drove up from Florida and made a weekend out of it – which I do quite often.  We went to a huge water park, which the girls loved, and we stayed in an Embassy Suites where we held an impromptu after-show cocktail party!  And I met, for the first time in person, Carolyn Miller and her “crew”, who have come to mean so much to me over the years.  And best of all, we got to spend some time with Christian, Bobby, Daniel and Michael after the show.

It was wonderful to finally meet Carolyn in Atlanta!


My favorite show, you ask?  That is a bit more challenging.  It could be the NJPAC show, when the show was recorded live for PBS.  I organized a large fan gathering before the show and met so many people I had only known through email.  The audience was wild, and it was an amazing experience all the way around.

So many wonderful fans came out for the NJPAC show!

But as great as that show was, it was actually a very close second to the unparalleled concert at the Beacon Theatre.  There was so much excitement leading up to the show, such a phenomenal line-up, the crowd was in a frenzy, and the Men were on fire.  Oh, what a night, indeed!


Fans were treated to an amazing experience at the Beacon Theatre, and afterwards at the Beacon Hotel bar!


I really could go on and on – each show has a fun story; a happy memory.  You see, for me it’s not about the numbers.  It’s about the cities, the theaters, the friends old and new, the music, and the Men that makes each experience special to me.

How about you?  How many times have you seen the Men?  What was your first show?  Your favorite show?  Your best experience?   We want to hear it!  Leave as a comment here, or email me at (along with pictures if you have them) and I will post it.

My next show, along with my dear friend Carolyn, is at The RP Funding Center in Lakeland, FL.  I’m sure there will be some stories to tell!  Where is your next show?

ADDITION, 1/20/19

Thank you Carol S. for sending in your TMM story!

Every time I’ve seen TMM, they always put on a fantastic show! They aren’t around my area all that often, but it’s worth it when they are! I’ve seen them twice at the New York State Fair (which is where I discovered them), at the Forum in Binghamton NY, with the RPO at the prestigious Eastman theater in Rochester NY, drove to Schenectady NY see them, at the Proctor’s theater I believe, and lastly at Del Lago Casino in Waterloo. They’ve caused me to do a fair bit of driving! One of my favorite things they did was at Del Lago, when they performed the Beatles In My Life. Wish they’d come around more often! Attached is a pictures from the NYS Fair.  Carol

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Our Midtown Life, Part I

• December 15, 2013 • Comments (3)

Midtown Club Member Betsy Simek shares her Midtown Men story.

Our Midtown love affair began on August 28, 2012 at the New York State Fair in Syracuse.  Since then, we are following the Men whenever we can!

Prior to the 2012 NYSF, my daughter Alicia, her boyfriend Steve and I had seen one of the touring companies of Jersey Boys at Proctors Theater in Schenectady.  After that, we all began watching any videos we could find of the original Broadway cast, and eventually we happened upon “the men“.

When I saw they were going to play at the fair, plans were made.  We did spend some time walking around at the fair, had a few bites to eat, a couple of beers, and we played one game.  There was this large banana with a Rasta colored hat and dreadlocks that my 23 year old “had to have”!!! (Their dog’s name is Rasta, and she and Steve are big Bob Marley fans).  So we played the game and I won.  And that banana ended up being the catalyst of our relationship with the men!

We got really great seats early, on Chevy Court – the three of us, and the banana.   We were there for sound check, and when the show started, we knew it was going to be great, and it was.    It was a blistering day, and those wool suits must have been hot as heck, but the enthusiasm of the men never waivered.  By the time “Oh What a Night” was belted out, we were all on our feet, and the banana was in the air.  It was the first of many great shows, all over the northeast.

As we were standing in line for autographs, we decided to ask the men to sign the banana.  The line was long, it was still 85+ degrees, and the guys were just so accommodating, and patient – a trait we still witness show after show, city after city.     They all signed the banana – we were very close to the end of the line, and Christian asked if we would take a picture of them, with the banana.  He handed Alicia his IPhone, and she snapped a couple for him, and we said good-bye.

After that, we began looking for shows we could attend – a logistical issue for us, because Alicia and Steve live in New Hampshire, and my husband and I live in upstate NY (the real upstate, where the Adirondacks are!) – three and a half hours apart.    In the meantime, we had the banana picture made into T-shirts, with “The Midtown Men” above the photo, and started preparing for our next show!

Click here to read the second installment of “Our Midtown Life”

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THE MIDTOWN MEN: 2012-2013 Headlining Tour

• July 10, 2012 • Comments (4)

PR Newswire
NEW YORK, July 10, 2012

From ‘Boys To Men’ – THE MIDTOWN MEN



NEW YORK, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — As original cast members of Broadway’s Jersey Boys, they took the world by storm in one of the biggest hits of all-time. Now they are together again becoming rock stars in their own right as THE MIDTOWN MEN. Tony Award winner Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and Tony Award nominee J. Robert Spencer are taking their sensational sound on the road once more, bringing to life their favorite “Sixties Hits” from The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Motown, The Four Seasons and more.

THE MIDTOWN MEN’S 2012-13 US tour – which will cover 77 cities from coast to coast – will officially kick off on August 18 in Asbury Park, NJ at the Paramount Theatre. After that THE MIDTOWN MEN will perform at The New York State Fair on August (28) before performing with an 85-piece orchestra with the esteemed Houston Symphony for three shows over Labor Day Weekend. On September 15th THE MIDTOWN MEN will contribute a special performance at the Robbins Air Force Base near Atlanta, GA as the headlining musical guest alongside The Air Force Band commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the USAF. THE MIDTOWN MEN’S headlining tour will end 2012 with a highly anticipated performance at The Philharmonic Center For The Arts in Naples, Florida on December 29. The group will then continue their tour in 2013 with a combination of shows at performing arts centers and symphony halls.

Formed in 2007, THE MIDTOWN MEN reunites four stars from the Original Cast of Broadway’s Jersey Boys. Following their storied run on Broadway – where these four magnetic artists shared the stage for over a thousand performances and appeared on The Today Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve and The U.S. Open – they have been selling out venues coast to coast living the dream they once portrayed on the stage. THEMIDTOWN MEN is the next chapter for these accomplished entertainers, making them the first vocal group ever formed by the principal cast of a high-profile Broadway show.

The past few years have been a whirlwind for THE MIDTOWN MEN. With each tour their reach has grown, and with this next run, their third headlining tour, they are projected to perform an impressive 140 shows. Not only have they continued to win over audiences of all ages at the performances, their self-titled debut album, THE MIDTOWN MEN: Sixties Hits was met with critical acclaim and garnered 5 star album reviews across iTunes. The album was recorded in New York City and features the group performing such iconic ’60s hits as, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” “Up On The Roof,” “Time Of The Season,” “Candy Girl” and more. It is once again a testament to what THE MIDTOWN MEN do best: helping to keep alive iconic music from the ’60s in the 21st century while giving it a new “twist.”

For more information on The Midtown Men please visit:
The Midtown Men website; The Midtown Men Facebook page

The Following Tour Dates Are Confirmed For 2012:

August 1; Fenwick Island, DE, The Freeman Stage at Bayside

August 10; Green Bay, WI, Oneida Casino

August 18; Asbury Park, NJ, Paramount Theatre

August 25; Lake Ozark, MO, The Lodge of Four Seasons

August 28; Syracuse, NY, New York State Fairgrounds

August 31; Houston, TX, With Houston Symphony @ Jesse H. Jones Hall

September 1; Houston, TX, With Houston Symphony @ Jesse H. Jones Hall

September 2; Houston, TX, With Houston Symphony @ Jesse H. Jones Hall

September 8; Columbus, GA, Bill Heard Theatre,

September 11; Ashland, KY, Paramount Arts Center

September 13; New Wilmington, PA, Orr Auditorium, Westminster College

September 14; Shippensburg, PA, Luhrs Center

September 15; Warner Robins, GA, USAF 65th Anniversary

September 17; Texarkana, TX, Perot Theatre

September 18; Longview, TX, The Belcher Center, Letourneau University

September 20; College Station, TX, Rudder Auditorium, Texas A&M University

September 21; College Station, TX, Rudder Auditorium, Texas A&M University

September 22; Springfield, IL, Sangamon Auditorium, University Of Illinois

October 10; Erie, PA, Warner Theatre

October 11; New Brunswick, NJ, State Theatre

October 13; Utica, NY, Stanley Theatre

October 14; Binghamton, NY, The Forum

November 17, Las Vegas, NV, Cannery Casino

November 23; Brampton, ON, Rose Theatre Brampton

November 24; Brampton, ON, Rose Theatre Brampton

November 26; Baton Rouge, LA, River Center Theatre

November 28; Shreveport, LA, Strand Theatre

November 29; Orange, TX, Lutcher Theatre

November 30; Orange, TX, Lutcher Theatre

December 1; Fort Worth, TX, Bass Performance Hall

December 5; Muncie, IN, Semens Auditorium, Ball State University

December 8; Jersey City, NJ, St. Peter’s Performing Arts Center

December 9; Bloomsburg, PA, Haas Theatre, Bloomsburg University

December 28; Sarasota, FL, Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall

December 29; Naples, FL, Philharmonic Center For The Arts

The Following Tour Dates Are Confirmed For 2013:

January 4; Cedar Rapids, IA, Paramount Theatre

January 11; Joliet, IL, Rialto Square Theatre

January 17; York, PA, The Strand Theatre

January 18; Scranton, PA, Cultural Center

January 19; Scranton, PA, Cultural Center

January 20; Scranton, PA, Cultural Center

January 25; Easton, PA, State Theatre Center For The Arts

January 26; Clinton Township, MI, Macomb Center For The Performing Arts

January 27; Clinton Township, MI, Macomb Center For The Performing Arts

February 6; El Paso, TX, Plaza Theatre

February 8; Cheyenne, WY, Cheyenne Civic Center Performing Arts Theatre

February 13; Orono, ME, Collins Center For The Arts

February 14; Portland, ME, Merrill Auditorium

February 17; Wilmington, DE, The Grand Opera House

February 23; Atlantic City, NJ, Golden Nugget Casino (Kennedy Health Foundation)

February 25; Columbia, SC, Koger Center

February 26; Columbia, SC, Koger Center

February 28; Daytona Beach, FL, Peabody Auditorium

March 1; Springfield, OH, Clark State Performing Arts Center

March 2; Indianapolis, IN, Clowes Memorial Hall Of Butler University

March 8; USAF Academy, CO, Arnold Hall

March 12; Dallas, TX, Music Hall At Fair Park

March 13; Dallas, TX, Music Hall At Fair Park

March 14; Dallas, TX, Music Hall At Fair Park

March 15; Dallas, TX, Music Hall At Fair Park

March 16; Dallas, TX, Music Hall At Fair Park

March 17; Dallas, TX, Music Hall At Fair Park

March 19; Pensacola, FL, Saenger Theatre

March 21; Athens, GA, The Classic Center

March 22; Tallahassee, FL, Tallahassee-Leon County Civic Center

March 25; Pembroke, NC, Givens Performing Arts Center

March 27; Key West, FL, Tennessee Williams Theatre

March 28; Key Largo, FL, Ocean Reef Cultural Center

March 30; Clearwater, FL, Ruth Eckerd Hall

April 18; Atlanta, GA, The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

April 20; Atlanta, GA, The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

April 23; Butte, MT, Mother Lode Theatre

April 25; Fort Collins, CO, Lincoln Center of Fort Collins, CO

April 26; Fort Collins, CO, Lincoln Center of Fort Collins, CO

April 27; Fort Collins, CO, Lincoln Center of Fort Collins, CO

April 28; Pueblo, CO, Sangre de Cristo Art Center Theater

May 17; Stamford, CT, The Palace Theatre

May 18; Princeton, NJ, McCarter Theatre Center

June 1; Omaha, NE, The Omaha Symphony Orchestra

June 2; Omaha, NE, The Omaha Symphony Orchestra

June 7; Morristown, NJ; Mayo Performing Arts Center

June 13; Los Angeles, CA, The Pacific Coast Symphony

June 14; Los Angeles, CA, The Pacific Coast Symphony

June 15; Los Angeles, CA, The Pacific Coast Symphony

(some events are Private)

For More Information Please Contact:

Karen Wiessen, . 646.340.1761

Tara Melega, . 646.340.1765

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The Midtown Men in Sun Valley, ID

• July 14, 2016 • Comments (0)


The guys have been wanting to play Sun Valley, Idaho since their first year of touring. They said it was “another special evening for us together” and well worth the wait. We can see why!








The Midtown Men—’Happy Together’ In The ‘60s

BY KAREN BOSSICK (Eye on Sun Valley)

They started off as actors on Broadway. And they parlayed that into a rock and roll band that has taken them to stages across the country.

The Midtown Men—part of the original cast of the smash hit “Jersey Boys”–will perform at Sun Valley Pavilion at 8 p.m. Sunday, July 3. Tickets start at $35 and are available at or by calling 208-622-2135.

The boys in their Rat Pack-inspired suits will deliver a high-octane blast from the past as they sing their way through a hit parade of songs by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Turtles, Mamas and Papas and Motown.

“I wasn’t even born when these songs came out but I grew up listening to them,” said Midtown Men member Daniel Reichard. “It’s music that’s so appealing, so intoxicating, so energizing. They’re songs you can relate to, songs that light your heart up, songs that make you happy to be alive.”

Reichard a native of Cleveland, Ohio, played Candide for Leonard Bernstein’s “Candide” at the New York City Opera. He was with the original coast of “Forbidden Broadway: 20th Anniversary Celebration.” And he played Emmet in the world premiere of Jim Henson’s “Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas” at the Goodspeed Opera House.

It was the role he created of Four Seasons songwriter Bob Gaudio for “Jersey Boys” that launched him as a rock and roller.

“Bob will go down as one of the 1960s’ greatest songwriters,” Reichard said. “He wrote musically catchy and heartfelt hits like ‘Sherry,’ ‘Big Girls Don’ Cry,’ ‘Walk Like a Man,’ ‘Big Man in Town,’ ‘Rag Doll’ and ‘Dawn Go Away.’ He and Bob Crewe wrote ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.’ Once you get songs like that in your head, they’re always in your head.”

Reichard and his comrades—Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria and J. Robert Spencer—went five seasons starring in a thousand-plus performances as they portrayed the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons in what became one of Broadway’s biggest hits of all time.

Hoff won a Tony Award. Spencer was nominated for one.

Reichard said it was great to tell a story about a group of musicians that wasn’t well known.

“We enjoyed it so much, and then the invitations to perform began pouring in…all of a sudden we realized we had a show by accident,” he said. “We thought: Why not take it on the road and see what it’s like to become a rock and roll band.”

The quartet began singing at casinos and fairs in 2010—they electrified an audience at the Utah State Fair three Septembers ago in pouring rain.

One night at New York City’s Beacon Theater they were even joined on stage by many of the legends of the ‘60s, including Petula Clark, who sang “Downtown,” The Shirelles, who sang “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” and Gene Cornish of The Young Rascals.

Their album “The Midtown Men: Sixties Hits” garnered five-star album reviews from iTunes. And they recorded their first radio single, “All Alone on Christmas,” with members of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

“The idea of concert art appeals to me a lot,” said Reichard. “And who better to base a show around than Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. They have so much soulfulness. They’re macho yet they have  so much emotional vulnerability. They provided four decades of recordings and Frankie’s still performing in concert.”

All of the guys would like to return to their theater roots, Reichard said. But they’d like to keep touring as The Midtown Men, as well.

“I love singing for people who love this music so much. I love singing music that lifts people’s spirits and is so satisfying,” he said. “The best case scenario would be to do both!”



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Fans and Friends Treated to an Amazing Experience with The Midtown Men

• January 13, 2015 • Comments (3)

The Midtown Men invited fans to join them in Midtown Manhattan last night for “an intimate concert/cocktail party celebrating the launch of our new ‘Live In Concert’ album and National Public Television Special.”  Midtown Club Fan Correspondent Heather Powell was thrilled to share the experience with those of us who were unable to attend.

Live In Concert/Launch Party

Sunday, January 11, 2015. Stage 48, NYC


We were invited to “Join the party in New York City” and what a party it was! Part concert, part cocktail party, filled with stars, (Stevie VanZandt, Tommy James, Kate Taylor, La La Brooks and cabaret legend Marilyn Maye), long-time fans, and personal friends of the Men. The venue was intimate, very unlike the larger concert halls and theaters where I had previously seen the Men perform. The energy was palpable from the moment I entered, people buzzing around greeting old friends and meeting new ones. Everyone had a heightened sense of excitement for the evening. But the energy of the pre-show, while crackling with anticipation, could not compare with the explosion that occurred when The Midtown Men ran out onto the stage and told us all to “Get Ready.”

The Midtown Men with special guest and friends, Stevie Van Zandt and Tommy James



You know, I think it’s fair to say that this is a group with consummate professionalism; every show they do is their “A-game.” They have performed at state fairs, small theaters, and the Kennedy Center, and they always treat their audience with the utmost respect. That said, they completely rocked the entire night. They were clearly in their element in Midtown Manhattan, surrounded by friends and friendly faces alike. I really enjoyed seeing them relax a bit and show their fun personalities even more than usual.




During two 30 min sets, they sang a good sampling of the favorites, such as “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Sherry,” “Ain’t That Peculiar,” and “Happy Together.” They also introduced us for the first time to TMM versions of “In My Life” by the Beatles, with a heartfelt introduction and vocals by Bobby, “Good Lovin’” (The Rascals), with Daniel in the lead and some rockin’ new choreography, and “For What It’s Worth” (Buffalo Springfield), with soulful vocals by Christian Hoff. Daniel brought the whole house down with “Cry for Me” without even splitting his pants (as pointed out by Christian afterwards).




My personal favorites from the night were, in no particular order:

1) Michael Longoria’s just completely ridiculous vocals in “Something’s Got a Hold on Me.” I think Etta James would be proud. And maybe a little jealous.

2) The genius arrangement and blending of the guys’ 4 unique vocals/styles in “My Eyes Adored You.”

3) Christian Hoff’s dancing. The man is just smooth.

4) Motown Medley. Enough said.


Another amazing part of the whole night was being able to meet and connect with other TMM fans. This group attracts some quality people, and it was my privilege to get to know a few of them last night. They were equally as excited to be there as I was, and some had comments of their own:

Tricia: “What an amazing night, the room was electric, the guys were on fire, great way to start the new year!”

Pam S.: “It was a thrill to see the guys having as much fun as we were. Also loved the new material, especially ‘In My Life’ and ‘For What It’s Worth.’”

Pam G.: “The audience’s reaction to Daniel Reichard’s ‘Cry For Me’ was epic…the standing ovation was almost deafening!”




Finally, at the end of the evening, the guys were gracious enough to talk with the fans, take pictures, and just generally revel in all the merriment that they helped to create. Making sincere connections with their audience has always been a talent of all four of them and tonight was no different.



It was a really special night, and a great way to launch into 2015 with TMM. Other fans across the country who are reading this already know what I am talking about. And those who have not seen a show yet, get to one ASAP. You won’t regret it.

A huge thank you to Heather for your awesome contribution to the Club. Fans, if you want to share your experience from last night’s festivities, post your comments here and email your photos to

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Selbyville Looking Forward To The Midtown Men

• July 26, 2012 • Comments (0)


The Midtown Men (from left, Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer) performing at the 2011 NY State Fair

Josh Davis recently wrote about upcoming shows at the Freeman Stage for  Go! Magazine.  The following is an excerpt:

 “There are many, many great shows coming up at the Freeman Stage, but if I had to pick one that I’m most looking forward to … it would be The Midtown Men on Aug. 1,” (said marketing and communications manager Doug Phillips.) “I have seen these guys twice at performance showcases in New York City, and both ended with the huge cheers and standing ovations. At the showcase we attended last winter, Tommy James (from Tommy James and the Shondells) was a couple of seats down from me, and he was transfixed on these guys. I figured, if it’s entertaining enough for Tommy James, it’s definitely entertaining enough for our audience.

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The Midtown Men: Five Cities, Seven Shows, Eight Days!

• August 27, 2011 • Comments (0)

There are plenty of opportunities to see The Midtown Men across the country – and that’s just this week alone!  The week begins tonight in Huntingdon, TN and ends in San Diego, CA next Friday, with several stops in between!

There are still a few tickets available for tonight’s (A – Dixie Carter Performing Arts Center) and tomorrow night’s (B – Bologna Performing Arts Center) shows.  The New York (C) and Minnesota (D) State Fair shows are open to the public at no charge.  And the two Sycuan Casino (final stop E) shows are nearly sold out, with about 30 seats available between them.

If you don’t catch a show this week, no worries…there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year.  Check out the concert calendar and start making your plans now.

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