The Midtown Men have kicked off their 10th Touring Season!

This Special Edition of The Midtown Club blog is dedicated to celebrating The Midtown Men’s Tenth Anniversary Tour, which they kicked off recently in Hammonton, NJ!

Heather and I were on hand for the first weekend of the 2019 tour, along with Super-fans Monica and Tom M. We made quite a celebration of it – beginning our weekend with a visit to a local winery in Hammonton, NJ.

Heather P., Monica M. and Catherine enjoying a taste at White Horse Winery

We saw so many familiar faces at the Meet and Greet before the show at the very unique Kathedral Event Center. If you were there, and would like us to add your picture to this post, please email it to And please add your comments here and share your weekend experience!

Photo op before another fantastic Midtown Men concert at Kathedral Event Center

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  1. Congrats on 10 years! You guys just keep on getting better! Every time I see you perform, it’s a joy! Not to mention the odd places I have to go to see you! Hope you tour for many years to come!

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