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Celebrate Cyber Monday with TMM

• November 30, 2015 • Comments (0)

It’s Cyber Monday – Celebrate Midtown Men style!


The Midtown Men have just launched a merchandise store – for all your TMM fan needs. Check it out.

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The Midtown Men – “A Class Act Through and Through”

• November 24, 2015 • Comments (0)

Hutch crowd captivated by Midtown Men’s ’60s magic

LYDIA LOWE, The Hutchinson News

The 1960s were alive and well this past Thursday night when the Midtown Men made a stop at the Fox Theatre in Hutchinson.

The Midtown Men, from left -Michael Longoria, Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer - sing for an audience at Hutchinson's Historic Fox Theatre on Nov. 19. Photo Courtesy of Bob Hunter

There was a lot of interest in this show from the time it was announced as part of the regular 2015/2016 season. This show did not disappoint. Opening to a sold-out audience, the Midtown Men wowed everyone with classic ’60s songs that appeared fresh and new, even though everyone in the audience knew all the words. Singing along was expected and encouraged.

I enjoyed the backdrops on the stage and the layout of the guitars, drums, brass instruments and keyboard. The outfits were vintage 1960s, complete with skinny ties. It was a class act through and through, as much fun to watch as to listen to.

A video screen at the back of the stage played a variety of vintage black-and-white video of various groups whose songs were being sung on stage as well as video of the Midtown Men at photo ops and on the streets of New York, which lent an air of fantasy and a Broadway feel to the overall production. Truly the audience was no longer in Kansas anymore.

When the music started back up after the break, people left whatever line they were in, be it concessions or bathrooms, to return to the auditorium and their seats. No one wanted to miss a single note that was played or sung on the stage. The Midtown Men had captivated the crowd.

At the end of the evening, the Midtown Men exited to the lobby to sign autographs, meet and greet the patrons, and take photos with anyone who requested one. Even with an early departure time the following day, the group stayed until the last person left the lobby.

The Midtown Men have several private performances lined up after their show at the Fox Theatre. The next performance planned for general audiences is on Dec. 15 in Avon Park, Florida.

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Fan Shares from JB 10th Anniversary

• November 22, 2015 • Comments (2)

There were so many fantastic memories from the Nov 6th -8th JB Anniversary weekend!  Here are some great photo shares from some who were there.


A huge Thank You goes out to Audrey Rockman, who organized a group of 60+ tickets for Friday night’s show.  Audrey, you rock!

Audrey (center) and some of her Jersey Girls


Lulu Thompson took a little bit of the party back to the room with her!  (And no, she did not steal them, my hand to God!)


Thank you Peter and Jean Albini for sharing these great pictures!

"Peter and Chris"

"Jean and Bobby"

Have something to share?  email pics and thoughts to!

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“Under The Mistletoe” With Daniel Reichard

• November 19, 2015 • Comments (2)

It’s that time of year again – time for Daniel’s annual Holiday Concert! Who wouldn’t want to be under the mistletoe with these two handsome gentlemen?

Broadway veteran Daniel Reichard will offer two performances of his annual Christmas show at Birdland Jazz Club. (© Dirty Sugar LLC)


Daniel Reichard, veteran of Broadway’s Jersey Boys, returns to Birdland Jazz Club at 6pm on December 13 and 20 for his eighth New York City holiday concert, Daniel Reichard’s Under the Mistletoe! Featuring an eight-piece band, the concert will include holiday favorites originally popularized by artists like Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett, and Johnny Mathis, along with Christmas stories and unexpected guest stars and surprises.

All of the proceeds from the show will go to Broadway Barks, an organization founded 17 years ago by Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore, which helps New York City’s shelter animals find permanent homes. Every year, Broadway Barks hosts a star-studded dog and cat adoption event in Shubert Alley, which is produced by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

“My holiday show is a very special tradition,” says Reichard, “because not only is it entertaining for audiences, but it involves everyone in the spirit of giving at Christmastime. Having happily participated at the Broadway Barks adoption event in the past, I am so proud to further support this important organization. My dog has changed my life for the better. So many helpless dogs and cats need homes, and Broadway Barks reminds us that we need to take care of them. Our animals give us so much back in return.”

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Photo Coverage of JB 10th Anniversary Celebration

• November 18, 2015 • Comments (3)

November 8th was a banner day in Midtown Manhattan when Jersey Boys celebrated 10 years on Broadway – the 12th longest running show in Broadway history!  And our Midtown Men were there – for the celebration, yes, but they were also there 10 years ago, when it was all still ahead of them…

Fans were thrilled to see them get the recognition and love they so deserve!

10 years worth of JB cast members, past and present.

Can you spot The Midtown Men?

Check out some of the amazing photo coverage of the day and night:;;;

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Des McAnuff introduces the original Tommy DeVito.

And the original Nick Massi...

...and the original Bob Gaudio...

...and the original Joe Pesci!

What a thrill it was to run into these gentlemen in the lobby of the August Wilson before the show!

Bobby's son was a natural - shaking hands and greeting fans.

The energy and excitement from the stage permeated the theater and continued down the street to a star-studded party at the beautiful Novotel Hotel.

Carolyn and I took advantage of Daniel's mad selfie skills.

The girls and I enjoyed meeting Joe Hutcheson and JB Alum Charl Brown.

If you have any pictures or stories you would like to share about the JB weekend, please leave a comment here or email your pictures to

And did I mention it was my birthday?




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Daniel Reichard Talks About The Journey from Gaudio to Midtown Men

• November 14, 2015 • Comments (0)

We want people to laugh and smile and feel wonderful emotions in an experience of an era of music. DR


The Midtown Men play Milwaukee’s Marcus Center this Friday night.  In anticipation of the event, Daniel Reichard shared what it was like being the first to play Bob Gaudio on Broadway and how the four men have come to tour as The Midtown Men.  Following is an excerpt from the Examiner.  Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

EC: I don’t even know how to begin asking about originating a role on Broadway, but what was it like being the first to play Bob Gaudio on Broadway and how has that changed your life?

DR: It’s incredible … you just feel lucky. But then to do what we’ve done as far as creating Midtown Men- I’m even more proud of doing Midtown Men than I am of doing “Jersey Boys” and it’s because it’s something that we’ve created from our own experiences- we choreographed it together, we produced it together, we’ve directed it together, we picked our own suits together, we’ve overseen every creative decision surrounding this and it really is a reflection of who we are as a quartet…. So we took this little dream and we ran with it.

EC: What do you hope audiences get from seeing The Midtown Men?

DR: I hope that people truly get an evening of their lives when they come see us where they get to turn of the screens on their iPhones, turn off the TVs and enjoy live music. Whether they grew up to these songs or they’re young people hearing these songs for the first time, they get to forget all of the things going on outside- all the chaos of our world. We want people to laugh and smile and feel wonderful emotions in a experience of an era of music.

The Midtown Men perform one night only at Milwaukee’s Marcus Center on Friday, November 20 at 8 pm. Tickets are available online or by calling 414-273-7206.

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Jersey Boys (and Girls) Past and Present Join In the 10th Anniversary Celebration on Broadway

• November 11, 2015 • Comments (0)

Huge Congratulations to all current and former cast members of this incredible show – most especially our Midtown Men, Christian, Daniel, J. Robert and Michael!!


Oh What A Night Indeed!

Original Jersey Boys cast members J. Robert Spencer, Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria and Daniel Reichard with Jujamcyn's Jordan Roth

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JB Reflections

• November 5, 2015 • Comments (0)

Fran Gatto shared her favorite Jersey Boys pictures:




Peter Albini shared his “Pictures taken and memorabilia collected over the years. Signed by OBC and Frankie Valli.” Thanks for sharing, Peter!


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‘Jersey Boys’ Celebrating 10 Years on Broadway

• November 4, 2015 • Comments (2)

Congratulations to Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard, J. Robert Spencer and Michael Longoria as they prepare to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Jersey Boys on Broadway! JB joins an elite group of shows that made it 10 years on the Great White Way, including Phantom of the Opera, Chorus Line and Wicked!  And we all know that if you can make it 10 years there, you can make it 10 years anywhere, right Midtown Men?

Actors, Writers, Directors, Producers and Fans will gather this weekend to pay tribute to this amazing show that gave birth to our beloved Midtown Men.  Many of us “Midtown Clubbers” have a story from the early days, when it was all still ahead of them, and us.  If you have a story, please share it here in comments, and if you have a picture to go with that story, email it to me at and I will share it here on the Club site.

The cast and crew of Jersey Boys from left are: actor J. Robert Spencer, director Des McAnuff, actor Christian Hoff, co-writer Rick Elice, actor John Lloyd Young, co-writer Marshall Brickman, and actor Daniel Reichard stand in front of the Virginia Theatre and pose for a photo on August 30, 2005 in New York City. . Jersey Boys won big at the 2006 Tony Awards, taking home Best Musical, Best Actor and Best Featured Actor.

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