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Broadway World Denver Interviews Christian Hoff

• March 21, 2014 • Comments (0)

“…we know that we wouldn’t exist, either from show to show, or in our (livelihoods) without connecting to the audience and to the material…”


by Michael Mulhern,


Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me and BroadwayWorld today!
It’s my pleasure. Thank you for the support. We appreciate it so much.

Congrats on your newly found success with the stellar male group – The Midtown Men. Tell me a little bit about this group?
I think this is the first time that any group of actors from a Broadway show have taken their relationship and their history with the show to something that is as concrete as this. To take it to a level and really spin off an act, I mean people have done it since we’ve done it from regional productions, and certainly we have a great example of Broadway greats and even contemporaries that do this.

Click here to read interview in its entirety.

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The Midtown Men Bring “Old School Tour” to Colorado

• March 21, 2014 • Comments (0)

“We’re like the Rat Pack meets Bruno Mars,” (Christian) Hoff said in a recent phone interview with Kim Fuller of the Vail Daily.

“The tour is old school — I think that’s the best way to describe it in a phrase,” Hoff said of their traveling music act, which comes to Beaver Creek’s Vilar Center on Friday night.

The Sixties are a decade of music that the Midtown Men have learned to trust, Hoff said, treating it like it is their time, because they are in the moment during every show. He said once the lights go down, it feels like time travel.  (click here to read article in its entirety.)

In addition to tonight’s show in Beaver Creek  (March 21 @ 7:30, Vilar Performing Arts Center – click here for ticket info,)  The Midtown Men will perform at Boettcher Concert Hall with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra tomorrow night (Saturday, March 22 @ 7:30 – click here for ticket info.)

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The Midtown Men Preparing To Hit The Road Hard

• March 9, 2014 • Comments (3)

While The Midtown Men are enjoying a brief lull in their concert schedule, we hope they are resting up for the next couple of months of cross-country gigs – 24 shows in 66 days may not sound like THAT big a deal, until you factor in the miles between shows.  Here’s a visual for you…


Check out the concert calendar to find a show near you!

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