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Christmas Memories

• December 27, 2013 • Comments (6)

The Midtown Men share some fond Christmas memories

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays and the joy that the Christmas season brings. And through all of the hustle and bustle, parties and merriment, I hope you will take the time to share fond memories, and make great memories for the future.

The Midtown Men have been gracious enough to share some fond Christmas memories of their own with their fans, and since everyone seems to love a good contest with the Men, we’ll make this another one. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out which is which and whose is whose…have fun, and feel free to share some memories of your own!

“Watching holiday home movies back in the day and how it was the perfect opportunity to make fun of your family, including yourself. For instance watching my gullible face immersed in conversation with Santa Claus, (my grandpa) eyes wide open, jaw dropped and dumbstruck. Parents can be so darn mean!”

“My fond memory is living in Minnetonka Minnesota and coming downstairs around 5 am on Christmas morning. No one was awake and I began to sneak down the stairs before anyone in my family was awake to see what Santa had brought. As I tiptoed down the stairs I STOPPED! A shadow was cast on the wall from the fire in the fireplace, and I could hear someone moving around in the living room. It must be Santa! I did not look, I panicked and quickly ran back up the stairs back into my bedroom and sprang back under my covers and played like I was asleep. I prayed that Santa wouldn’t hear me. A little while later we were all awake, dressed, and celebrating Christmas morning. And all these years later, I am still certain, that the shadow on the wall was St. Nick.”

“My most treasured Christmas memories involve waiting at the top of the stairs with my brothers and sisters until my parents gave us permission to come downstairs and it would be a very noisy yearly processional to the tree!”

“Grandma making Tamales…it’s been a tradition for years.”

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Our Midtown Life, Part III

• December 21, 2013 • Comments (3)

Midtown Club Member Betsy Simek shares her Midtown Men story.

(Click here to read Part I)  (Click here to read Part II)


A dozen shows, and we just don’t ever get tired of watching and hearing these gentlemen perform.

Betsy's daughter Alicia gets a hug from Daniel

Driving from Atlantic City back to Nashua was quite a haul. You’re basically driving across the entire state of Connecticut, and we still had an hour from Nashua to Concord once we got back. The Concord show was Alicia’s friend Bernadette’s first TMM experience, and the Men welcomed her into the fold as they graciously do with everyone. She had a great time, and believe it or not, it was her first concert – EVER. She couldn’t have picked a better group to initiate her!


Our gift to the MEN this show was a replica of my TMM FAN license plate (which I had given myself for Mother’s Day!) We made theirs on foam board, about the same dimensions as an actual plate, with the banana picture in the background, a Jersey Boys reference, and a picture from one of our other shows.

We decided to extend our road trip and took a train to NYC to see Jersey Boys again. It was on this occasion that the infamous picture of John Lloyd Young and me, wearing my Midtown Men T-Shirt, was taken! (All four of us wore them that night.)

Next up would be Lynn, MA on September 27. Again, the three and a half hour drive to Nashua, and another amazing show. The gift this time was another foam board, slightly larger than a coaster, with the MM on it, which Alicia painstakingly bedazzled in contrasting colors. It’s been used on their FB page, and in a couple of videos, and we’re very pleased that it was well received!

Six days later, Alicia and Steve would be driving up to NY again and we would be departing for Rochester NY for two more shows. That’s a four hour drive from home! These would mark shows 10 and 11 for us, and our first time seeing the Men with an orchestra…also our first time in the front row, an experience I highly recommend!

We stayed at the same hotel as the Men, and ran into them here and there around the hotel. They all put in appearances in the hotel bar after the shows, taking the time to chat and take pictures. Daniel introduced us to Maestro Ron Spigelman, who stayed to chat for close to an hour. Small world – Maestro Ron also conducts the Sinfonietta in Lake Placid, NY – 10 miles from where my youngest goes to college. I personally love multiple shows in the same city, but regardless, we have wonderful times wherever we go, and some great memories as well. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Our next show was the holiday show at the Tilles Center in Greenvale, Long Island. The audience was as enthusiastic as the performers, and it was great to hear some familiar tunes, and some great holiday tunes as well. Michael’s rendition of “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” along with the ensuing bit of comedy, was wonderful, as was hearing “All Alone On Christmas” live for the first time.

As I write this, we have a show in Binghamton, NY tomorrow (Dec. 12), which will bring the total miles logged to 1,855. It’s been such a great experience for all of us, and it could be for you too. Their schedules thus far make it pretty simple to find shows and venues that are relatively close in proximity. Anyone who can, could live the “Midtown Life” – and believe me, it’s worth it! A dozen shows, and we just don’t ever get tired of watching and hearing these gentlemen perform.

As for 2014 – we have two shows in February and two shows in April – so far. We’ll see what happens after that!

In closing, wherever we attend shows, I still buy a couple of CD’s, have them signed, and give them away. We had a really remarkable taxi driver in Rochester who gave us a free ride our last night, so I gave him a CD. We took a limo to Greenvale in Long Island, and gave our driver one along with his tip. Three of our friends have become fans and attended shows after hearing the CD, so it’s a practice we plan to continue. It’s great PR! Also, we never hesitate to tell people in line for autographs how many times we’ve seen the show, and how much we love the Men, and that we plan to continue our ‘Midtown Life’ as long as we can!

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Favorite Christmas Songs

• December 20, 2013 • Comments (8)

The Midtown Club asked you to share your favorite Christmas songs, and we received several great responses. Thanks for sharing!

We also asked you to guess which Midtown Man’s favorite Christmas song was ‘Silent Night.’ Most everyone guessed Daniel Reichard…interesting, but incorrect. The correct answer is…J. Robert Spencer.

See how you can do with the rest of the Men’s favorites:

‘You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch’
‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’
Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’

There’s a prize in it for anyone who gets this right!

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Yuletide Carols, Sung By The Fire…

• December 18, 2013 • Comments (5)

Most everyone has a favorite “yuletide carol” … whether it be a song that brings back a fond Christmas memory or a newer holiday hit that just makes you want to sing along (insert “All Alone On Christmas.”)

Since I was a child, my favorite Christmas song has always been “The Little Drummer Boy.”  A small child, so humble and poor, offering his gift of music to the newborn King.  Such a beautiful message for us all.

What is your favorite holiday song?
Anyone who shares will have a chance to win The Midtown Men’s “All Alone On Christmas” CD.

And just for fun, guess which Midtown Man’s favorite Christmas song is “Silent Night.”

I found this incredible version of Little Drummer boy on youtube.  Hope you enjoy!

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Our Midtown Life, Part II

• December 17, 2013 • Comments (1)

Midtown Club Member Betsy Simek shares her Midtown Men story
(click here to read Part I)

With our “Midtown Men Rasta Banana” T-shirts at the ready, we began preparing for our next show!

In October (2012), there were two shows – October 12 in Lowell Mass, which is about 30 minutes from Steve and Alicia; and October 13 in Utica NY, which is about 90 minutes from me. So, on October 11, I drove the three and a half hours to join Alicia and Steve for another wonderful show in Lowell. We heard a few songs we hadn’t heard at the fair, and we were just as impressed as ever! We were in line for autographs, and when the guys saw our shirts, they asked us to wait, so we could take a photo. We gladly obliged!

The next day we left Nashua caravan style to return to NY for the show in Utica. Three and a half hours back to Gloversville, a little down time, and then 90 minutes to Utica. Another great show, and another picture to add to the collection!

After that, we concentrated on the 2013 concert calendar, and figured out where our next show would be. The Men were playing several shows in Scranton PA on January 18 and 19 (a six hour drive) and we decided we would do one evening show and one afternoon show. We busied ourselves having “Rasta Banana” shirts made to give to the guys at the show. That started our tradition of bringing a little something to each show that we hoped would show our appreciation for the wonderful entertainment the Men provide, each and every show.

Next up was an early summer road trip – June 7 in Morristown NJ, June 8 in Atlantic City, and June 9 in Concord NH! This trip, my dear friend Kathy would be with us for the NJ shows, and one of Alicia’s friends would join us in Concord. This was also a trip where we finally met up with some other fans, Doreen in NJ, and Dee, who drove down from Maine to attend the show in Concord.

Morristown is a great town, small and quaint, and the theater was beautiful. And the show was nothing short of fantastic. Off to Atlantic City, but not before getting gas and enjoying our first experience with cicadas – they were jumping everywhere – Kathy’s IPad, Alicia’s shoulder – there was some screaming and a lot of laughter!

The show in Atlantic City included a meet and greet in one of the casino restaurants, which was a nice perk! They guys breezed in, had ample time to chat and take pictures with the fans, we met some other die-hard fans, and we had some nibbles and cocktails. The show was fabulous, as usual. We gambled a little, had a nice chat with Christian as we were entering the bar and he was exiting with a large bottle of water – gotta stay hydrated! It’s pretty great that they take the time to chat after singing their hearts out for 90 minutes, and it’s one of the many things we love about all of them.



Atlantic City was also the spot where we got to meet some of the wonderful musicians that back ‘our Men’, and back them so incredibly well. We shared a couple of hours of conversation and drinks with Jay, Paul, and later on Adam. Just as nice and personable as the Men are. It was a memorable time – we ventured back to our room at 4am!


Click here to read the third installment of “Our Midtown Life.”

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Our Midtown Life, Part I

• December 15, 2013 • Comments (3)

Midtown Club Member Betsy Simek shares her Midtown Men story.

Our Midtown love affair began on August 28, 2012 at the New York State Fair in Syracuse.  Since then, we are following the Men whenever we can!

Prior to the 2012 NYSF, my daughter Alicia, her boyfriend Steve and I had seen one of the touring companies of Jersey Boys at Proctors Theater in Schenectady.  After that, we all began watching any videos we could find of the original Broadway cast, and eventually we happened upon “the men“.

When I saw they were going to play at the fair, plans were made.  We did spend some time walking around at the fair, had a few bites to eat, a couple of beers, and we played one game.  There was this large banana with a Rasta colored hat and dreadlocks that my 23 year old “had to have”!!! (Their dog’s name is Rasta, and she and Steve are big Bob Marley fans).  So we played the game and I won.  And that banana ended up being the catalyst of our relationship with the men!

We got really great seats early, on Chevy Court – the three of us, and the banana.   We were there for sound check, and when the show started, we knew it was going to be great, and it was.    It was a blistering day, and those wool suits must have been hot as heck, but the enthusiasm of the men never waivered.  By the time “Oh What a Night” was belted out, we were all on our feet, and the banana was in the air.  It was the first of many great shows, all over the northeast.

As we were standing in line for autographs, we decided to ask the men to sign the banana.  The line was long, it was still 85+ degrees, and the guys were just so accommodating, and patient – a trait we still witness show after show, city after city.     They all signed the banana – we were very close to the end of the line, and Christian asked if we would take a picture of them, with the banana.  He handed Alicia his IPhone, and she snapped a couple for him, and we said good-bye.

After that, we began looking for shows we could attend – a logistical issue for us, because Alicia and Steve live in New Hampshire, and my husband and I live in upstate NY (the real upstate, where the Adirondacks are!) – three and a half hours apart.    In the meantime, we had the banana picture made into T-shirts, with “The Midtown Men” above the photo, and started preparing for our next show!

Click here to read the second installment of “Our Midtown Life”

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Holiday Show “a full-course musical meal”

• December 13, 2013 • Comments (2)

Midtown Men share the harmonies of Christmas with John Paul Jones Arena audience

Posted: Friday, December 13, 2013 6:00 am
David A. Maurer, The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, VA


David Maurer, of the Charlottesville Daily Progress, wrote a great article on The Midtown Men and their upcoming show in Charlottesville.

Click here to read the article on The Daily Progress website.

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The Midtown Club Street Crew Rocks!

• December 11, 2013 • Comments (1)

The Midtown Club Street Crew was out in full force for last week’s New Brunswick and Greenvale shows.  Thank you Audrey and Fran for your awesome work!


Audrey and friends Linda and Dina share some love with the Men after the show in New Brunswick

Fran and her dad chat with the guys after the Greenvale show

If The Midtown Men are coming to your area and you would like to join the Street Crew, send me an email and let me know –

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Get Into The Christmas Spirit With Daniel Reichard

• December 10, 2013 • Comments (0)

Click here for tickets.

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Correction to Holiday Hits Concert Calendar

• December 9, 2013 • Comments (0)

There was an error on my previous post of the Holiday Hits concert calendar.  There is only ONE show on December 14th at the Dupont Theatre in Wilmington, DE.  Sorry if this caused any confusion!

Click here to visit the updated calendar.

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