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Street Crew Members Share Their Experience

• September 29, 2013 • Comments (2)

Midtown Men Super Fans Norene and John have been following these guys since Jersey Boys, and they never miss an opportunity to spread the word about TMM concerts.  They recently volunteered to Street Crew for today’s West Point, NY show and would like to share their Street Crew experience with us.


FINALLY!!!!!!  After seeing Michael, Christian, Daniel and J. Robert perform 21 times in Jersey Boys and now our 20th time to see The Midtown Men on Sunday, September 29th at Eisenhower Hall at West Point, NY we were able to be THE MIDTOWN MEN’S STREET CREW for our area.  We are lucky to live in a town that has a main street and took full advantage of that.  With The Midtown Men Posters and a roll of tape in hand John and I made our way through town, which is just a short distance from West Point. We proudly displayed TMM announcements in local windows of our Insurance Agent, Italian restaurant, Italian Specialty Market, Wine Store, Barber shop (yes, like in Mayberry), Hairdresser and of course in our car windows.

Our unofficial announcement began soon after we learned that TMM would be performing at Eisenhower Hall.  We want others to experience the amazing talent of The Midtown Men that we have come to know over the past several years, so emails were sent, along with their website address and their promotional video, to friends, business associates and local businesses with whom we deal.  EVERYONE SHOULD SEE THE MIDTOWN MEN CONCERTS!!!!!!, but only after we have secured our upfront seats.

Having just seen their amazing talent, energy and wit in Tarrytown, NY this past Thursday, we are sooooo hyped for another dose of THE MIDTOWN MEN!!!!!!!

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A Midtown Men Fan Is Born

• September 28, 2013 • Comments (1)

In response to a recent post here on the Club site, “SHARE YOUR FAN PICS”, Mendy MacDonald sent in her favorite pictures, along with her Midtown Men story.

Mendy first experienced The Midtown Men when she attended a Thanksgiving Doctors Fundraiser at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach.  Mendy was at the front of the stage, enjoying the show and taking pictures, when the audience crowded the dance floor.  She was thrilled to get a picture with the Men after the show, and a FAN was born!

When the men came to Costa Mesa to play with the Pacific Symphony in June, you had better believe that Mendy was in the audience.  And you’d better also believe that she was in line after the show to greet “Her Midtown Men.”  In Mendy’s words, “They are awesome!”

Now, if you’re anything like me, when you see an announcement of a Private Event concert on the Men’s calendar, you groan and think “but what about the fans?”  Well, after hearing Mendy’s story, I think you’ll agree that those Private events are just as important as public concerts, as they introduce the Men to people like Mendy who might otherwise never have the pleasure of  The Midtown Men experience.  And what a shame that would be!

The Midtown Men take the stage at a Private Event in Newport Beach





The Island Hotel crowd is on its feet!

And a FAN is born!

Mendy greets the MEN after a show in Costa Mesa, CA.

Mendy and her Midtown Men

Thank you so much, Mendy, for sharing your Fan Experience! If anyone else would like to share, please email your pics and/or story to

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SHARE Your Fan Pics

• September 24, 2013 • Comments (0)

Barbara Gandy shared some of her favorite pictures from The Midtown Men’s recent show in Biloxi.  Email YOUR fan pics to, and let’s share them with the world!





















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TMM Fan Shares Her Experience

• September 22, 2013 • Comments (0)

TMM SuperFan Barbara Gandy never misses an opportunity to share her love of The Midtown Men.  She has served on the Street Crew multiple times, spreading the word of shows from Florida to Louisiana, and most recently, Biloxi Mississippi.  But Barbara’s work doesn’t end when the show is over – no, she continues to use every avenue available to get the word out there that this show is A MUST SEE!

Thank you, Barbara, for sharing with us your TICKETMASTER review of the recent show in Biloxi:


Oh what a night in Biloxi. Great music rocked the newly renovated Golden Nugget. This show was phenomenal!  These men and their show are first class.  I have seen the Midtown Men five times and the talent that Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard, Christian Hoff and J. Robert Spencer have is extraordinary, and the band is incredible! They are as smart and witty as they are musically talented; they kept the audience entertained with classic songs from the 60’s, and stories from Broadway.  A well rounded show that never gets old showcasing a range of 60’s hits that includes music from Motown, Beatles, Monkeys, Mamas and the Papas, Tina Turner, and the 4 Seasons – as well as many others.  The songs The Men choose to showcase their individual strengths and talents are perfect.  From the Hugo Boss clothes to the songs they sing, everything they do is choreographed to match the 60’s.  You can tell the love their fans have for them, and after the show The Midtown Men come out to take photos and sign autographs.

This was a terrific evening and a wonderful show for all ages, and I can’t wait to see them again!!!!!!


Don’t over look YOUR opportunities to spread the word about The Midtown Men!!

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The Midtown Men And “CREW” Kick Off A New Season Of Great Music And Fun

• September 17, 2013 • Comments (0)

The Midtown Men kicked off the new tour season last weekend with their fourth visit to Biloxi, MS! Yes, the South does it again…and again!  According to Daniel Reichard, “It’s amazing coming back to these audiences that come to see us every time we are in town.”

One of those return fans is Barbara Gandy, who volunteers for Street Crew duty any time The Men are in her neck of the woods, and she’s not afraid to traverse the southern states tacking up flyers wherever she sees an open space!  Thank you so much, Barbara, for your continued support and  loyalty to The Midtown Men and The Midtown Club – we couldn’t do it without people like you!!

The Men are heading North next, giving all you NY area fans and Street “Crewers”  another chance to join in the fun:   Sept. 26 in Tarrytown, NY; Sept. 27 in Lynn, MA (thanks to Street Crewers Judy, Kristy and Scott!); Sept. 29 in West Point, NY (thanks to Street Crewers Norene and John!); Oct. 3 in Albany, NY (thanks to Street Crewer Betsy!); and Oct. 4 & 5 in Rochester, NY (thanks to Street Crewer Carol!)  Visit the concert calendar for ticket information.



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The Midtown Men Entertain In High Style

• September 10, 2013 • Comments (0)

The Midtown Men had the pleasure, recently, of performing with some pretty hot pop stars – and at a Birthday Party nonetheless!  Here are a few pictures from what they describe as “an amazing night” with Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz.

The Midtown Men take the stage at a Private event near San Francisco








The Men enjoy a refreshment after a great set.









Daniel enjoys the view from backstage as Bruno Mars takes the stage.











That's right, I said Bruno Mars...and his amazing band.











They can't take it any longer - they have to get out there with the party - JRS and band members "Checkin' out Bruno Mars"

Congratulations, guys!  You are certainly kicking off the season in high style!  Can’t wait to see to what heights this tour season takes you.

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