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One Fan’s Thoughts On The Year Past And The Year Ahead

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Norene Howard submitted this comment on the December 31st “Happy New Year” post. It struck such a familiar chord with me, as I believe it will with many fans, that I wanted to be sure it was enjoyed by all. Thank you, Norene, for your kind words and continued support of The Midtown CLUB and for your and John’s unwaivering dedication to The Midtown Men.



I want to express a special thank you to you for all the time and effort you devote to making The Midtown Club site available for all of us to enjoy. It is undoubtedly a laborious task – a labor of love. Your work is very much appreciated.

Thanks to Christian for sharing his thoughts, memories and photos of the past year. We, just a mere two of thousands of fans, look forward to another fruitful season.

John and I have been very fortunate to have seen The Midtown Men 8 times this year. Thank goodness we are no longer fans of flying for it would be very difficult not to attend so many more. I must confess, however, that scheduling to see them has become a “job”…. a good job, that is. With all the shows we planned on attending, I found it best to set up a file to keep track of where and when we were going, seat assignments, driving directions, area parking and hotel accommodations. As soon as their concerts were posted I was either on-line or on the phone to get our orchestra seats; several times we became members of the theater as to be one of the first patrons to reserve our tickets. That being said it was all worth it.

I know we all agree that TMM have chosen a fantastic selection of 1960’s songs to perform. The songs are all enhanced by their arrangement, their harmony and choreography. The icing on the cake is that Michael, Christian, Daniel, and J. Robert CAN and DO let their personalities show through. On several occasions we have witnessed how they are all so quick witted to respond to what is occurring with their audience; they are truly funny.
We are so thankful to TMM for sharing their amazing talents and their generous spirit with all of us. From the multitude of postings to their Facebook page one can see how they are drawing in so many new fans with each concert. I hope they enjoy seeing all of our familiar faces in the audience and know that we are all there to support them and that they make us feel part of their “family”.

Norene and John Howard
Followers of the Arts… Fine Art

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The Midtown Men are Turning Heads in Midtown!

• January 9, 2012 • Comments (1)

This would definitely make you stop in your tracks and TAKE NOTICE!  This bus was spotted all over Midtown Manhattan recently – did you see it?

Bobby Spencer and the "Midtown" bus

I would LOVE to go sightseeing on this bus!

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