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Great Article on The Midtown Men in The Montclair Times

• June 30, 2011 • Comments (2)

Run, don’t walk, to see the Midtown Men

Thursday June 30, 2011,

The Midtown Men — from left, J. Robert Spencer, Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, and Daniel Reichard — have perfected the 1960s look… and sound.

One sign of a good show is when audiences leave the theater humming.

Four stars from the original cast of “Jersey Boys,” the Tony Award-winning musical about the Four Seasons, are still performing together.

But now they’re the Midtown Men and they’ve branched out: they sing the 1960s.

The Midtown Men — Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard, and J. Robert Spencer — are not affiliated with “Jersey Boys,” but the energy and showmanship they brought to Broadway is now poured into a stage show they’re bringing to Yogi Berra Stadium on July 9 in a family-friendly event with Joe Piscopo as master of ceremonies. Proceeds will benefit the educational programs of the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center.

“Jersey Boys” was built on the Four Seasons’ distinctive sound.  The Midtown Men have taken that sound and “applied it to all the groups and great icons of the 60s,” Hoff said.

The Midtown Men sing it all, or almost all.

“We wanted to pick the most famous memorable iconic songs of the ’60s,” said J. Robert Spencer, who’s known as Bobby, “to put in our act that would allow people to reflect back. … The songs of the 60s are so resonant today,” he said.

Their repertoire includes songs by the Mamas and the Papas, Beach Boys, Neil Sedaka, and the Turtles, among others.  Longoria, a tenor who played both Joe Pesci and Frankie Valli on Broadway, still has plenty of opportunities to sing falsetto.

The group has just recorded an album of their own arrangements of classic songs.

“In the studio we go back and forth on what kind of envelope can we push in terms of new energy and new approaches to the music, and still maintain the integrity of these classic songs,” Hoff said.  “We have a hybrid goal: old music with a new twist and new music with an old twist.”

“Christian always says we’re ambassadors to the ’60s music, doing it for real.  Not just as a cover band but really taking on these songs as if we were there,” Longoria said.  Longoria won’t give his age, but says he’s the baby of the group.  The others are in their early 40s.

“How do we do this and do it justice?” Longoria said.  “That’s what our fans enjoy and we enjoy doing that too.”

On stage, the four performers play themselves.

“We’re realizing that we ourselves are the characters and the story is our own,” said Hoff.  “We’ve grown as four men in ways that you can only do by going through the fire, by really pursuing … the dream, which for us is to sing and tell our story and make people happy.  We’re entertainers,” he said.

“There’s a line in [Jersey Boys] that we live by,” Hoff said.  “You don’t forget where you come from.

“‘Jersey Boys’ transformed our lives, individually and together, and continues to do that,” he said.  “The work that we did in the show — four guys come together to … portray characters that were larger than life but full of humanity, and this great story and this great music combining with that real-life stuff — has carried into our own lives.”

Longoria says every Midtown Men show is different.

“You never know what you’re going to get as far as personality on the stage,” he said.  “We have so many stories that come out of the air.

“You know when someone’s going to go on a tangent or you know when to interrupt them,” he said, laughing.  “It’s like a vaudevillian experience.”

Hoff, Spencer, and Longoria all agree that the Midtown Men genuinely enjoy one another’s company.  That’s a good thing: in addition to arranging, choreographing, rehearsing, and running the business of being the Midtown Men, they traveled to 46 dates in 2010 and are on track to do 70 or more this year.

“I’m in such a good group of guys,” Spencer said.  “We could be doing anything. We choose to sing together because we know this is the time to do it.”

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• June 27, 2011 • Comments (2)

Are The Midtown Men playing a concert in a city near you?  If so, then join The Midtown CLUB “STREET CREW”, and help spread the word.  Each CREW member will receive a STREET PACK, which will include flyers to “paper the town”, stickers and an exclusive STREET CREW key chain.

Send us proof of your hard work, and we’ll set you up with a personal photo opportunity with the MEN after the concert!  (Send pictures to

Join the STREET CREW now, and help spread The Midtown Men love.


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Random Q & A: Christian Hoff, Part I

• June 20, 2011 • Comments (1)

Q: Out of the whole set of songs that you do for The Midtown Men, what are your favorites to perform?…..

A: Christian – My favorite group song to perform is ‘Dawn’. It is such a great storytelling hit, as many of the Four Seasons tunes are, because it has so much heart and conflict in it. The great thing about the 60’s music that we identify with as a group, is that this music is about something: relationships and social and class topics that you don’t really get to sing about as a guy, so that is very cool.

But now, as we’re touring and influenced by other regions and perspectives, I have to admit that the Motown Medley is my new favorite. I love the diversity of our show. These 1960’s songs cover the gamut of musical expression. This is defining The Midtown Men and is becoming a lifestyle for us and for our audiences.

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THE MIDTOWN MEN – NBC Philadelphia – The 10! Show

• June 16, 2011 • Comments (0)

This is a must-see for every Midtown Club member!

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Tickets On Sale Now for The Midtown Men at the Sycuan Casino

• June 13, 2011 • Comments (1)

“The Midtown Men Live & Up Close at Sycuan Casino”

Here’s your chance to get up close and personal with The Midtown Men…when they bring their fabulous 60’s-style music to San Diego!  Tickets are now on sale for the September 3rd Sycuan Casino concerts, with two show times to choose from. Tickets are just $25/$35 for the 6:00 and 8:30 shows, and are available at the box office or online.

The Showcase Theatre at Sycuan Casino bills itself as San Diego’s premiere venue for live entertainment.  Featuring state-of-the-art sound and lighting, excellent acoustics and just 457 plush seats, the audience can get up close and intimate from any seat in the house!

Click here to purchase tickets online.

Additional details:  Box office hours are 11 am to 12 midnight; cocktail service from two full bars located inside the Theatre; all events are for 21 and older; limited wheelchair availability.

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The Midtown Men on SiriusXM Live on Broadway

• June 13, 2011 • Comments (0)

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Random Q&A: Daniel Reichard, Part I

• June 9, 2011 • Comments (2)

Q: Out of the whole set of songs that you do for The Midtown Men, what are your favorites to perform?…..

A:  Daniel – There’s not a single song in our show that I don’t love to sing.  The time when we all sing together, I love to sing ‘You’re All I Need To Get By’, Marvin Gaye.  That is, to me, a total adrenaline rush, when the four of us come together and sing that song.  And the audience can feel it.  And we’ve sung it, you know, in front of a tough audience or two, and you can see their faces change as we sing it, because we just give it all we’ve got. 

As far as the songs that I sing in the show, I love to sing ‘Up on the Roof’, which was a Drifters song, amongst other people.  I love that song so much because in a certain way it’s a meditation for me.  The first couple of times I did it in concert with the guys, I was nervous because it was a new song for us, and I’d think “I hope I do it right, I hope I get all the lyrics right.”  And then I thought to myself after that, if I am ever nervous about singing this song … about peace and relaxing and letting it all go and getting away from the hustle of the world… if I’’m nervous about it, I’m wasting my time.  So now, every time I sing it I let myself feel that release from the world and just enjoy it.  And of course I’m up there with my best friends singing it, so it’s a very warm feeling.

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Next Up: Yogi Berra Museum Benefit, Little Falls, NJ

• June 6, 2011 • Comments (0)

from the Yogi Berra Museum website:

Summer Concert with The Midtown Men, 4 Stars from the original cast of Jersey Boys

A family-friendly summer concert featuring The Midtown Men:  Four Stars from the original cast of Broadway’s smash hit Jersey Boys.  Tony Award winners Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer, who starred together on Great White Way as the iconic rock group The Four Seasons,  bring their signature sound to the hits of the 1960s in a special performance – with master of ceremonies Joe Piscopo – to benefit the Museum’s educational programs.  

Tickets range from $250 VIP (includes pre and post reception at the Yogi Berra Museum, field seating and parking, limited to 150) / $ 75 stadium box seats / $50 stadium reserved seating and stadium box seats behind the net / $25 stadium bench seats / $ 10 obstructed view and can be purchased by calling (973) 655-2378 or e-mailing

**admin note:  No box office here – sales are being run through the museum, so be patient and make your plans now!

•It’s a can’t-miss Jersey experience, so get your tickets now!   Gates open at 5 p.m.- concert from 6-8 p.m.

•All tickets are tax deductible and benefit the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center.    Tickets are non-refundable – rain date July 10th.


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Fan Photos

• June 4, 2011 • Comments (4)

Audrey and some of her Jersey Girls

“Jean and Bobby”

Lulu enjoys a hug from Daniel

Great time with friends after the show: fm L, Tricia, Courtney, Lulu, Audrey, Catherine and Doreen

Fortunately for me, Daniel is a selfie master.

Doreen enjoys some repeat love in Morristown

Robyn and her mom with the Men in Gettysburg

Greg Bell and family pose with the Men in Bel Air. “Great time seeing The Men in Bel Air! Always a fun energetic show. Super proud of my cousin Bobby!”

Peter & Jean Albini saw The Midtown Men at The Palace Theater – they have been following TMM since they first met them in 2005 in NYC.

Doreen had a blast at all three shows – now that’s LOVE!

Street Crew Member Robyn and Heather thoroughly enjoyed The Men’s company in Bel Air

Midtown Club Street Crew member Jeanne Fleck and her son Michael share some hugs with the Men after the show on Saturday night!

Fans gathered to celebrate The Midtown Men’s live concert recording for PBS

Fans at NJPAC for the live taping for PBS

Debbie and Dan Baker in Augusta

Alicia gets a hug from Daniel

Fans LOVE the band!

Fran and her dad chat with the guys after the Greenvale show

Audrey and friends Linda and Dina share some love with the Men after the show in New Brunswick

Caroline drove up from Orlando and was thrilled to be front and center for this amazing show with the Jacksonville Symphony.

Elizabeth and her mom Judy came up from Melbourne (no Bobby, not Australia) to see The Men for the first time.

My mom LOVES the Men and was thrilled to see them for her fourth time, and this time they came to her!

Dana M. thought The Midtown Men was a great way to introduce her daughter Katie to the arts.

Debby and Dan made the trip from LaGrange, GA to see the Men for the fourth time this year!

Meg, Carley, Sam and Jenna loved the view from the front row!

Cathy and Doreen get their Midtown Men fix in Tarrytown!

Mendy and her Midtown Men

Mendy greets Daniel after the show in Costa Mesa, CA

Mendy meets the Men after the show

Doreen and her MEN in Morristown

Catherine and family in Daytona Beach

Patricia’s favorite Midtown Men moment.

Jeanne in Stamford

“Love these guys to pieces!!” Robin Selden

These kids loved the show in Tallahassee, FL, and loved meeting the Men afterwards.

Barbara Gandy makes the most of her Midtown Men visits!

My daughter Alyssa (left) and her friend Erin loved meeting the MEN after the show

Heather (far right) and friends with The Midtown Men

Dave and Donna LOVED their first Midtown Men experience in Portland!

Dee can’t wait for The Men to return to Orono so she can STREET CREW again!

Street Crew Member Dee H. LOVED her first Midtown Men experience in Orono, ME!

Street Crew member Dina and “her MEN”

Caroline and The Men

TMM and Sandra at the Houston Symphony

Taylor, our very first crew member, felt the Midtown love in Fayetville.

Rosemary and “her boys” at the 2011 NY State Fair

Shippensburg fans enjoy meeting the MEN

Michael and Daniel with Mary, Lindsay and friends in Atlanta

Carole and Michael in Atlanta

Marilyn and Christian in Atlanta

Grant, Christian, Robbie and Ted in Charleston

Monica and Tom travel up and down the east coast for their MEN, including all four Carolina shows!

Debbie and Jay Webb

Debbie and Dan share some love at one of three shows in a row.

Robin and I were so happy that we made the trip to Myrtle Beach!

Alyssa gets a hug from Christian

I have made so many fabulous friends through my TMM journey.

So many wonderful fans came out for the NJPAC show!

Howard R. with Daniel and Michael

Howard R. was happy to see TMM for the first time, and meet Christian after the show

Images from a fabulous TMM weekend in NYC

A BB King’s show brought so many friends together

Heather and Michael


Dan and Debby Baker with their favorite MEN in Tallahassee earlier this year.


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Random Q & A – J. Robert Spencer, Part I

• June 3, 2011 • Comments (1)

Q: Out of the whole set of songs that you do for The Midtown Men, what are your favorites to perform?…..

A: Bobby:    It really is hard to say because I love every song we sing in the show.  But I think individually, for me, I love being able to sing ‘California Dreamin’…not just because I get to sing the lead line, but I love that song because all four of us get to sing one of the most beautiful songs of the 60’s, so well crafted and sculpted by the Mamas and the Papas, and that we get to put our brand on that  … that’s exciting to me.  To hear Michael and Christian and Daniel sing those wonderful parts underneath what I get to sing – it’s really an amazing arrangement and I get a thrill out of that song every night. 

I have to say that I love the Motown, but I really enjoy the top of the show, the opener that we have, because I think the thing that we really wanted to focus on was not only paying homage to the 60’s music, but paying homage to the very style of the groups of the sixties.  Like taking the moves that they would do and making it our own, yet being as nostalgic as we could to keep that time warp kind of factor and edge in our show.  And I just love those old groups … when Smokey Robinson would be singing the lead, and then the Miracles would be behind him doing their shinding behind him.  And when we get the opportunity to do that throughout the piece, three guys behind a lead – there’ just something about that I just have so much fun with.

**information taken from one of the many interviews the MEN did prior to the April 9 Queens College concert

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