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Concert Photos

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The Crystals' LaLa Brooks performs Da Doo Ron Ron with The Midtown Men at the Beacon Theatre in NYC

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Working My Way Back To You…

• May 29, 2011 • Comments (1)

“Let’s hang on to what we got
Don’t let go, girl, we got a lot
Got a lot of love between us
Hang on, hang on, hang on to what we got…” 

If you’ve seen The Midtown Men in concert, you may recognize those lyrics as the start of the show, the MEN singing  even before they appear on stage.  And the audience goes wild.   Then the men enter, and the song changes…

“Working my way back to you babe
With a burning love inside
Yeah I’m working my way back to you babe
With a happiness that died
I let it get away, paying every day…”

And the crowd goes even more wild.  Those in the audience who aren’t familiar with the MEN from their Jersey Boys days may not get the significance of those songs right away.  But those of us who fell in love with Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer from the first time we laid eyes on them… we know.  And the words excite us, because we understand them.  We understand that the time spent at the August Wilson Theatre meant as much to these MEN as it did to us.  They have said in interviews that they missed performing together, missed making that fabulous music, missed that special time.  And we, the fans, have missed it, too.  And we are so  thrilled that The Midtown Men were able to hang on, and are working their way back to us!

A little over the top, you say?  Perhaps.  But those are the feelings these men inspire in their fans … with a burning love inside … a burning love of their amazing talents, their dedication to their profession, their genuineness with their fans, their love of this infectious 60’s sound, and most of all, the obvious joy they get from performing together.  And they spread that joy so completely to their audiences night after night.

As the last notes of “Bye Bye Baby” are dying away, and the crowd is going wild, The Midtown Men newbies get it.  They get it, and they understand it.  They understand that now, they will be working their way back to see these MEN again and again.

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Christian Hoff of The Midtown Men Interviewed for “The SOPAC Podcast”

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Front Row – The SOPAC Podcast
Hosted by Teisha Bader, Front Row offers an inside perspective on artists appearing at SOPAC.
Isssue #8: Christian Hoff of The Midtown Men


Tony Award winner and South Orange resident Christian Hoff sits down with Teisha Bader to discuss his celebrated career, as well as reuniting with his fellow stars from the original cast of Broadway’s Jersey Boys to perform as The Midtown Men. Hoff also discusses his first acting gigs—voice of Richie Rich, working with Shirley MacLaine—and what audiences can expect to see from The Midtown Men at the SOPAC 2011 Spring Gala.

Don’t miss The Midtown Men at SOPAC on June 4.

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Welcome to the Club!

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Welcome to the fan site for The Midtown Men!  Come on in and have a look around. Visit often for up-to-date info on the MEN – Christian Hoff, Michael Longoria, Daniel Reichard and J. Robert Spencer.  And please share your thoughts – it’s more fun that way!  (Comments are enabled when you click “Read More” or “View Post”.)

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